Dynasty Update: Aldrick Robinson, WR, Redskins

By: Pete Davidson : June 07, 2013 6:30pm

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A few years ago we told you we liked Aldrick Robinson for the long term.

“He’s got speed and he’s a big leaper who could do some nice things in Shanahan’s system. We like him in long term formats and he could have 2011 value if he starts somehow. If he doesn’t blow by his defender, he can out-jump him for the ball. The knock on him is that he’s unfocused with small hands, but we like his ability. He’s a guy to watch.”

Well, the long term may finally be arriving in 2013. According to HC Mike Shanahan, Robinson is having “one heck of camp.” That’s good news for a player who clearly has the ability to be a nice fantasy option in the ‘Skins’ offense and with RGIII tossing him the rock. A quick glance at Robinson’s stats from 2012 show a player with serious big-play ability but not much week-to-week consistency. Looking at the film shows a player that was decoyed a lot and who could have had as many as six scores if he’d just held on to the football better. Robinson definitely suffered from drops though a few were on spectacular efforts and we have a feeling that he may hand onto a few of those this season.

So, why the pimp job on a player taken in the 6th round, placed on the practice squad in 2011 and who has caught only eleven balls in two seasons?


Look at Washington’s depth chart.

Pierre Garcon is the clear number one, but even Garcon is no lock to stay healthy at this point. Then you have Santana Moss, who is now clearly a role player best used in the slot in obvious passing situations. Moss played less than half of the offensive snaps in 2012 and that number will drop even farther if the rest of the receivers stay healthy.

So, with Garcon established as the “x” receiver in Shanahan’s offense and Moss locked-in as the slot guy, you have an opening on the outside at the “z” position. There we have Robinson competing with Josh Morgan and Leonard Hankerson.

If either Hankeson or Robinson can win that job, you will have an interesting fantasy option. Based on RGIII’s skill set, we are more intrigued with Robinson, who does not require play-action to blow the top off of the defense. Robinson, in concert with Garcon and the Shanahan ground game, could be a very effective big play receiver. Keep an eye on him in all formats and league sizes. Adding him in deeper long term formats has merit and considerable upside.

Here’s some footage from Aldrick’s SMU days.

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