Dynasty Update: Dwayne Allen, TE, Colts

By: Pete Davidson : May 18, 2013 4:53pm

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Dwayne Allen is a player that lacks any sort of fantasy buzz, and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. I understand that Coby Fleener is also in Indy and I further understand that, as an offensive-minded tight end, Fleener has a longer NFL growth curve than does Allen, who is most often used in-line and is a fine blocker. So, perhaps folks are looking down the road, expecting Fleener to take more of the targets at tight end. After all, Fleener was a favored target of Luck’s during their college years.

The way I see it, a QB like Luck will allow both players to thrive if their individual play merits it. As we told you a few years back with New England’s tight ends, don’t use a market share paradigm when it comes to these two players. They have different roles that do not necessarily overlap all that much. Both can thrive if they continue to develop.

And, though we love Allen’s ability as a blocker, don’t think he’s being pigeon-holed by new OC Pep Hamilton, who had this to say about Allen back in February....

“I think if you just look at the versatility of Dwayne Allen and his ability to line up in the backfield and lead block, or detach and line up in the slot and win the one-on-one matchup, that’s a tremendous weapon that you want to have in any offense.”

The NFL, as we all know, is becoming more and more a throwing league and I seriously doubt that a team led by Andrew Luck will buck that trend. Allen’s blocking keeps him on the field and that makes him a very useful player in a varied passing scheme. They can pop him out whenever they need him without telegraphing it. Indeed, Allen’s best days came against tougher competition.

With a full offseason under his belt, we expect his relationship with Luck to only get better. And, since he caught 45 balls for 521 yards and 3 scores as a rookiebetter puts him squarely on the fantasy radar. A sophomore campaign of 67 grabs for 800 yards and 6 scores seems very reasonable.

Is he a starter in 12-team redrafts? He might be, but he’s a TE2 for now. It’s dynasty and long terms formats where we really like the idea of nabbing Allen, who could turn into a perennial TE1 in the next season or so.

Reggie Wayne will not dominate the ball forever and his physical decline could begin in 2013 if it hasn’t already. Not to take anything away from Wayne’s brilliant 2012, but you can’t fight the clock forever. Reggie will turn 35 this upcoming season. That’s just reality.

Dwayne Allen might be the most solid long term talent that the Colts have apart from Luck. He’s a damn good fundamentally sound football player. He is one of the tight ends we’ll be telling you to target in deeper leagues if you fail to land a stud at the position.

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