Dynasty Update: Jared Cook, TE, Rams

By: Pete Davidson : May 24, 2013 5:00pm

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The move from Tennessee to St. Louis has to be seen as a positive for tight end Jared Cook, who was left out of the game plan far too often as a Titan. It’s hard to fathom that the same fate will befall him in his new digs. There are a few very clear things working in Cook’s favor for 2013.

  • Money. The Rams paid too much for this guy to not use him.
  • Amendola is gone. Yes yes, they replaced him with Tavon Austin, but Austin will not be the target hound that Amendola was when healthy. Austin is a big-play guy--not a volume guy. He leaves plenty of fantasy oxygen for others, in fact, he opens up areas of the field as he will require extra attention from that vast majority of defenses. The combination of Cook and Austin, on the field together, will put serious stress on defenses. Pick your poison. Choose the form of the destructor.
  • Sam Bradford has no go-to receiver, unless Austin shines right out of the box. The young QB will be looking for Cook as an always open option. He’s easy to find at six foot five.
  • In addition to being tall, Cook possesses freakish speed for a man his size.  He ran a 4.50 forty at the combine.
  • Now that he is no longer a teammate of Kenny Britt’s, he is the top red zone option for his team.
  • While I’m not in love with Sam Bradford’s ball placement, he represents a huge step up from Jake Locker, whose inaccuracy is the stuff of legend.

For these reasons, we firmly believe, and we are not alone, that Cook will finally play a major role on offense rather than just a bit part. The big tight end’s dynasty value definitely gets a bump going from Tennessee to St. Louis, but, as I indicated, also going from Locker to Bradford. Bradford, after having so few places to throw the ball in 2012, will love having Cook around.

To date, I have usually been able to draft Cook in the 11th round of 12-team drafts. While that may not last and while Cook may move up a round or so, he is looking like a solid draft day value due to his upside.

Cook’s ADP is currently 131 for 2013 based on the numbers we get over at Fantasy Football Calculator.

How much that number changes between now and draft day will have a lot to do with others at his position, training camp buzz and preseason games. We anticipate a very nice season for Cook, as long as he stays healthy. Having said that, if you fail to land Cook, don’t fret. The tight end position is loaded with quality sleeper options. You won’t get shut out. I’ll be covering more tight end sleepers in the coming weeks.

Here's a quick look at Jared Cook....


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