Dynasty Update: John Griffin, RB, Jets

By: Pete Davidson : July 09, 2013 6:29pm

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File this scouting report under “expect the unexpected.” A few years ago, we recommended drafting a player with perhaps the most famous acronym in NFL history ... BJGE.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis was a player that a lot of people knew about, but he was being summarily dismissed in 2010 because he was an undrafted free agent ... the football equivalent of a mutt. At Rotobahn, we have an appreciation for mutts. What’s more, in the case of Green-Ellis, we understood that Bill Belichick also has a thing for them. We all know the names. We saw the Law Firm’s chance to start before it happened. We simply did the math on Fred Taylor’s wheels and Sammy Morris’ penchant for missing time and we flat out knew that our guy would get a chance. He ended up going over a thousand yards on the season and scoring 13 times. If you listened to us, you got a very good starter for basically nothing.

Now for John Griffin--another mutt, who currently plays for the Jets. Now, while I don’t quite see BJGE upside here, mostly because you score a lot more when you are a Patriot versus when you play for Gang Green, some of the other components for sneaky value are in place. There are reasons that any generic back looking for a job would want to be a Jet this season....

  • The Jets block reasonably well.
  • The new Jets offense led by Marty Morhinweg should run smoother than the Tony Sparano’s mess from 2012. Actually, most any offense can.
  • The depth chart. This is where the Green-Ellis comparison fits well. The Jets do not have a feature back unless you are betting on Chris Ivory. As much as I like Ivory, and I do, his injury history says he will miss time. A lot of time. The rest of the depth chart is unimpressive. Mike Goodson is injury-prone and has major legal woes. Bilal Powell has some potential but has no more ability than does Griffin. Joe McKnight has been a mental disaster from scrimmage--unable to use his speed and athleticism to his advantage due to poor instincts.

So there are some external positives working for Griffin, and for Bilal Powell too, but we’ve already done one of these for Bilal.

Let’s look at John Griffin.

  • Signed with the Bengals as a UDFA in 2011 but was released before Week 1.
  • Signed with the Jets in 2012 and was released but then re-signed and ended up on the practice squad. In December, the Jets added him to the active roster.
  • Griffin is about 210 pounds and is 5’11”.
  • Griffin is not fast, but he plays faster than his timed speed of 4.57.
  • Griffin is a patient runner with good vision who follows his blocks well and makes quality cuts.
  • He has a good feel for the game and doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses.

This is a player that could impress the coaches and surprise a lot of people if things break well for him. If you are buying into Chris Ivory in dynasty, then keep your eyes on Griffin, because he might be the guy to add for insurance purposes if he makes the team.

The bottom line is this. Keep an eye on both Griffin and Powell, because the guys the Jets have brought in, Ivory and Goodson, have problematic floors that could collapse at any time. If either Griffin or Bilal Powell is having a good training camp, that is a player to own in big formats and deeper long term formats. Griffin is a deep sleeper, but we’ve seen practice squad guys make if before.

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