Jordan Reed, TE, Redskins

By: Pete Davidson : September 12, 2013 12:53am

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Jordan Reed out of Florida was a tight end that really impressed us on film this offseason.  I was obviously further intrigued when he landed with RGIII and Mike Shanahan in D.C.  Then came news of a very odd knee/thigh injury that had a somewhat open-ended if not nebulous rehab and recovery.  Still, if you read our rookie rankings this year, you know that Rotobahn had high hopes for Reed.  Fast forward to Week 1 and Redskins vs. Eagles.  While it was a mediocre day for the Redskins and RGIII, it was a coming out party for Reed.  I know, he just caught a few balls, but if you told me that he'd be heavily involved in his first game, you can bet I'd have had him ranked higher.  The good news is that nobody is picking up on this kid and you can still add him in a lot of long term formats.

Here's what we said about him a few months ago....

Jordan Reed, Redskins, 6’2”, 236, 4.72

A very interesting player. He switched positions several times at Florida, and, now that he’s a tight end, there are on-field comparisons to Aaron Hernandez. I can see it too, especially after the catch. Reed timed poorly at the combine in that I think he plays even faster. The poor time could be related to a thigh injury. More on that later. Reed makes outstanding cuts for a tight end and he could prove to be a lethal toy for RGIII as they can create matchup havoc for teams without depth and speed in the back seven. This guy was not drafted to block. The concerns with Reed are not minor ones. The first would be his lack of experience at the position. To me, this is no big deal and the least of his problems. Issue two would be his attitude, which got him yanked from his final college game, which happened to be the Sugar Bowl. No assumptions, but let’s give benefit of the doubt that the Redskins did their homework on that front. He is a competitive kid. That much is evident if you watch him play. The last thing is the big one. Reed has an odd injury to his thigh (near the knee) that kept him out through the offseason--costing him both OTAs and minicamp. Our inclination is to bank on him getting better, but this definitely has the feel of an injury that is somewhat open-ended. A lost rookie season seems possible though not probable. His rookie development has definitely been hurt to this point. Without the injury, I am really liking this kid in the Washington offense. If you can afford to take a TE and wait a bit for the payoff, this kid could be nice value in the middle rounds of a rookie draft. He’s a play-maker on a team that is salivating for play-makers. He’d be ranked higher most years, but this is a really good crop of rookie tight ends, especially at the top.

Just watch the film and consider what this kind of athlete could do with RGIII.

I am adding Jordan Reed in all my leagues where I might be able to keep him and in deeper redraft formats too.  He's not on the 10-team radar yet and he's not playable in 12-team leagues yet, but this is a kid to keep an eye on.

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#1 from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on September 21, 2013

As we head into Week 3, Reed is now playable in 12-team leagues, especially if Fred Davis is out.  This looks like a changing of the guard.  This is a player to add right now in leagues with 12 teams or more and I love him for dynasty.

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