Kerwynn Williams, RB, Colts

By: Pete Davidson : September 13, 2013 8:06pm

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Williams is a smallish rookie tailback out of Utah State and he is now a player to monitor with the season-ending injury to Vick Ballard. Ahmad Bradshaw is going to the starter, but we all know about Bradshaw’s trouble with staying healthy. Williams is now close to having some value in deeper formats and his dynasty value is up for sure.  The Colts play a pretty rough schedule as does the rest of their division.  If they are out of the playoff picture earlier than expected, they could give Williams extra snaps to build for the future.

Here’s what I said about Kerwynn in our initial rookie rankings....

Kerwynn Williams, Colts 5’8”, 195, 4.48, 7th round (230 overall)

Williams is an outstanding sleeper. He was taken by the perfect team. Kerwynn is multi-skilled and will give Andrew Luck a quality outlet option once he is up to speed in the offense and in pass protection specifically. The addition of Ahmad Bradshaw should pretty much kill Williams’ rookie value unless there are injuries, but Bradshaw is likely a one-and-done player in Indy. In dynasty, Kerwynn is a savvy pick once the studs are gone. He’s not as exciting as some runners and he’s less than ideal size-wise at 195 pounds, but he fits Indy’s offense very, very well with his speed and ability in the passing game. When you consider the rest of the competition in Indy, Williams is a player to own. I’d take him over any rookie QB.

Here’s a look at William’s highlight reel from Utah State....

You don’t see enough of his hands in this video, but if you watch him game-to-game, you’ll see a pretty good 2-way back that can run some routes and that could lead to value playing with Andrew Luck. If they can get his pass blocking up to snuff, this is a player capable of making big plays on the turf in Indy. He’s in the game now--off the practice squad. He’s a player to watch in most formats and I’d add him now in leagues that feature 14 or more teams.

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