Scouting Report: Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M

By: Pete Davidson : April 19, 2013 2:30am

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Texas A&M’s Christine Michael is quite possibly the best back in the 2013 draft class. I’m probably not the first person to say it, but it’s an important point to make with Michael, who possesses many special traits that often translate to success at the next level.  He's often dominant on film and that's against solid SEC competition.

For those of you who’ve been reading up on our underrated players, Michael may seem out of place. He DOES get a fair amount of respect in some corners, but we want to impress upon our readers just how much upside this player has. This is not a back that needs to be in the right system. If he is healthy, he can play anywhere. Michael should be a priority in dynasty leagues, because his upside is huge.

This is a player with few physical weaknesses. He has the ability to do just about anything at the next level. The issue with Michael is primarily health. The other issue is the mental aspect of being a high-level athlete.

The health part is easy. Though healthy now, Michael missed large portions of his collegiate career to injuries. A broken right leg derailed his 2010 season and an ACL injury to his left knee wrecked his 2011 season.

The mental part of the equation is tougher to figure. He did not click with the new coaching staff at A&M in 2012. That may or may not mean he is a problem guy. He was coming off of a major injury, so it’s quite possible that they did not want to over-use him early on after a very limited Spring and then got caught up in the Johnny Football-led offense. Michael also missed a few meetings with NFL teams at the combine.

These things are certainly not the end of the world, but there’s some smoke here and some teams will certainly see risk with Michael and that’s very understandable. It’s also their problem. By the time you are drafting for fantasy, Michael will be an easier call. As always, we’ll be there to evaluate him for you in both long term and redraft formats.

Things I like about Christine Michael....

  • Size/speed combo. He’s a 4.5 guy at 220 pounds and looks even faster on film.
  • Quickness. He has suddenness to his movements which is rare with 220 pounders.
  • Strength. He was one of the strongest backs at the combine and it shows on game film.
  • Overall athleticism. We hear the term “freak” a lot these days and this dude qualifies. On top of the speed, agility and quickness, he posted a 43 inch vertical jump and a 125 inch broad jump. That is indeed freakish.
  • Goal line ability. With good size and freakish athletic ability, Michael has a chance to be a dominant goal line back, and that could make him a fantasy force.

The main point is this, Christine Michael is talented enough where, if he lands a starting gig, he has a real shot at success. This is a player to know about for fantasy footballers. You can get a decent look at Michael’s various skills in this video.

I’ll be back with another player tomorrow. 

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