Scouting Report:  Colby Cameron, QB, Louisiana Tech

By: Pete Davidson : March 16, 2013 5:15pm

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If Rotobahn was running an NFL team and we wanted to use a late pick on a quarterback, we’d be looking to draft Colby Cameron. Yes, Cameron lacks prototypical size and arm strength, but we think both issues, though legitimate, are somewhat overstated. His size coming out is 6’2” 212 lbs. That is far from too small in our view. Of course, we said Russell Wilson, at 5’11” was the steal of the 2012 draft before he was even named starter in Seattle. We don’t care how small you are if you can really play.

Cameron may not be Russell Wilson. No, let’s be fair here. He’s clearly not Russell Wilson. That being said, you don’t need to use a 3rd rounder to get Cameron if you are an NFL team. In dynasty leagues, you might be able to land him with your last pick and we like the move if he lands in a good situation.

Why do we like him?

  • General smarts
  • Ability to read the defense and do it quickly
  • Quick release
  • Accuracy
  • Timing on the deep ball
  • Natural athleticism ... he moves very well
  • Played in a pass-first offense and excelled

For a team like the Jets, Cardinals, Chiefs or Raiders, Cameron could be a steal. My guess right now, is that he is drafted or signed by the Saints as a replacement for Chase Daniel. Cameron would thrive in an offense like Sean Payton’s.

There was a guy a lot like Colby Cameron in the 2012 draft class. His name was Kellen Moore. Moore is currently a backup for the Lions. We hope he gets a chance to show what he can do at some point. If you own Matt Stafford in a dynasty league, then adding Moore for nothing is not a bad move. If Stafford was to go down for an extended period, we think Moore could end up starting and really doing well in that offense. Kellen Moore almost never gets caught holding the ball. We think he has NFL chops.

Back to Cameron. From the neck up, Colby is as good as any player in the 2013 draft class. Of this we have little doubt. Here’s some criticism from that caught my eye.

“Many of his reads were pre-determined and included easy completions.”

From the same report...

“Throws a tight spiral, and has some surprising velocity on outside and intermediate patterns.”

Then they go on to say this....

“Arm strength is lacking. Will struggle to fit the ball into tight windows or to drive the ball downfield.”

Obviously there is some contradiction there. It’s true that Cameron does not posses a huge arm like Tyler Bray or Landry Jones, but a smart quarterback can make up for that with accuracy and anticipation. We feel that Cameron has a chance to be very good in those areas.

As for the criticism on reads.... Seriously, Making pre-snap reads is huge at the next level. How that is a knock on a young QB is beyond our collective understanding at Rotobahn. We think Cameron shows outstanding decision-making on film.

Cameron is a serious long shot to have any value in redraft leagues as a rookie. He’s just a name to know. If he does get into a position to help you, you can rest assured that we’ll be blowing our whistle as we always do. For those in dynasty and certain long term formats, Cameron could be a wise addition in the later rounds as a low risk addition with nice upside.

If you've never seen Cameron play, here's a chance. 

This video gives you a look at all the offensive snaps when Cameron went up against Johnny Football and Texas A&M.  You'll see some of Cameron's relative weak points, but we love the way he sticks with the plan and begins to really get it going in the second half.  And yes, we love Quinton Patton.  He is going to be a good pro, and, unlike Cameron, Patton could have redraft value in 2013 if he lands in a good situation.  Patton's report will be posted before the draft.  We liken him to a young Anquan Boldin.

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