Scouting Report:  Jeff Tuel, QB, Washington State

By: Pete Davidson : April 11, 2013 11:07pm

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I’m back with another underrated player. Washington State’s Jeff Tuel is a quarterback that we like a whole lot. I have to say, we are amazed that some people aren’t even talking about this guy. The fact that he failed to get a combine invite was equally puzzling.

After watching a lot of game film, we feel that Tuel could be a very solid starter in the NFL. We don’t even think it will take that much time if he lands with a decent team. Tuel is close to being game-ready right now. The big key for him, as we see it, is his health and durability. Tuel took a lot of hits in his time as a Cougar had a rough time with a clavicle injury in 2011. He came back too soon only to re-injure it and end up out for the season.

Here are the positive things that show up consistently on film...

  • Good mechanics and a good arm. No worries about making the throws at the next level.
  • Excellent mobility for a pocket passer. He can buy time and pick up extra yardage at times.
  • Has an accurate arm on the intermediate and deep balls.
  • Has a good feel for the position. Uses touch when needed but can fire the ball in there too. He throws a beautiful fade ball in the red zone.
  • He’s relaxed in the pocket and sees the field well.
  • Keeps his eyes downfield even when his protections breaks down, which it often did. This will serve him well as a pro.
  • Has a good quick release and can set up and throw when on the run.

We have no doubt that this kid can play in the NFL if he stays healthy. As I said earlier, if he lands in a good situation, he could excel by his second season. We think his upside compares quite favorably to Matt Schaub and Tuel has better mobility than the Texans’ starter. If we were running an NFL team, we doubt Tuel would make it to the 5th round, which is earlier than we’ve seen him projected anywhere.

In a draft that lacks a lock stud QB, we’d rather draft Jeff Tuel in round five than any other QB in round one or two. The more we watch this year's group of QBs, the more we think the way to win this draft is to wait and get great value. It’s going to be very interesting to see where Tuel lands. The Patriots have had him in for a visit. He’d be a very good fit for their offense.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another player who should be getting more respect. Here’s a look at Jeff Tuel. It’s from Washington State’s Crimson and Gray Game, but it’s good quality footage.


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