Scouting Report: Latavius Murray, RB, Central Florida

By: Pete Davidson : April 27, 2013 11:38pm

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If you’ve even heard of RB Latavius Murray, give yourself a pat on the back.  He’s a huge hulking back out of Central Florida and is now a 6th round pick of the Oakland Raiders.  Murray, one of our late round sleepers, is a quirky runner with a narrow base that gets him into trouble at times, but if you watch him run and break tackles and get downhill, you might start to think big thoughts.  The Raiders obviously did.

Murray is a project, but he flashed enough of his speed and athleticism at his pro day to get noticed.   His size, speed and agility could make him a very interesting chess piece in the Oakland offense.

The skinny on Latavius Murray...

  • 6’2” and he weighs about 225 pounds.
  • Runs a sub 4.40 forty.
  • Has the athleticism to play more than one position.
  • Has good enough hands to play some receiver.
  • Has moves you would not expect for a man his size.

Oakland already has a crowded backfield and we are very interested to see how they plan on using him.  

Here’s some footage from one of Murray’s better college performances.

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