Scouting Report: Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas

By: Pete Davidson : April 26, 2013 11:41pm

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With all the deserved draft buzz around Tavon Austin, we thought it would be good to highlight Texas’ Marquise Goodwin, who though lesser known, is just as fast as the zephyr from West Virginia.  Actually, if you go by the combine numbers, he's faster.

Goodwin, in some corners, is being sold as just a speed guy, but we see the potential for more. It will be interesting to see where he’s drafted, but the bigger concern for us at Rotobahn is which NFL team he lands with. Goodwin has the kind of ability that could make him a star in a season or two. He could be off the board in the early rounds in dynasty leagues if he lands in a good offense.

As I said, he is more than a straight speed guy. He has some quickness too and he can change direction, albeit, not quite like Tavon Austin can. Goodwin will break tackles more than a lot of guys his size. He’ll give you a spin move here and there. Goodwin has the talent to be a serious threat at the next level.


  • Goodwin catches the ball pretty well and is not a body-catcher like a lot of track guys often are. He uses his hands confidently.
  • Goodwin is pretty good when the ball in the air. He can track it and he’ll go up and fight for it.
  • He’s tough for a 180 pounder. He’ll break some arm tackles without losing stride.
  • Though not as pronounced as Austin, Goodwin has some cutting ability.
  • Has the required quickness and athleticism to beat the jam at the LOS.

All these factors makes his totally legit speed that much more effective.

Here’s a breakdown of Goodwin’s final game as a collegian.

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