Scouting Report: Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook

By: Pete Davidson : April 20, 2013 8:06pm

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Miguel Maysonet, yet another small school gem, is one of our favorite players in the 2013 draft class. It’s hard to watch this kid run and not root for him. He is a talented and relentless running back with a serious motor. Miguel does not take plays off and fights for every yard almost to a fault.

Maysonet’s story is as original as it is impressive. The pride of Stony Brook started off his college career at Hofstra in 2009. As some of you may know, that was the last year that they played football at Hofstra. Because the program was discontinued, Maysonet was able to transfer to Stony Brook without penalty and was able to play in 2010. From that point forward, Maysonet got better and better, culminating in a monster year in 2012.

On tape, what you see with Maysonet is repetition... consistency. He’s not fancy and he plays every play the same way--all out. Don’t misunderstand me. This is not a Rudy story. This kid can play the game and he looks like an NFL back to us--maybe even a starter. If he lands with a decent team and is being disrespected in dynasty drafts, you could have a mid-round steal on your hands.

Let’s look at the things we like on tape....

  • Powerful. He gets behind his pads and hits the hole with gusto--using every one of his 210 pounds.
  • Efficiency. He’s a north/south runner and wastes little time running laterally.
  • Decisiveness and vision. Not only is he a get upfield kind of guy, but he makes good choices and makes them quickly.
  • Quickness. He’s got excellent feet and gets into lanes quickly.
  • Speed. Though he ran a few slow times and did not run at the combine due to a hamstring, Maysonet ran very well at his pro day.

There are a few questions about Stony Brook’s pride and joy. Though he was a capable receiver for scouts at his pro day, there is scant footage of his receiving skills as Stony Brook did not throw to their backs very much at all. This is something that NFL teams will certainly check into.

The bottom line for Rotobahn readers is that Maysonet is a player to know about. If he lands on the right team, he could be a solid dynasty add and could have redraft value someday too.

I’ll be back with another player later on today. Please excuse the lack of a report yesterday. The flu is making the rounds in the Davidson household.

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