Scouting Report: Sam McGuffie, WR, Rice

By: Pete Davidson : April 17, 2013 1:06am

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After a few days watching Rice RB/WR Sam McGuffie on film, I have to say that I am pretty impressed. This guy really needs a nickname. If it wasn’t for Johnny Manziel, I’d call him Sammy Football. He’s that much of a natural football player. McGuffie is from Texas and his versatility reminds me of Randall Cobb. Maybe I could call him Randall “Tex” Cobb.

Seriously though, he’s Manziel Light in the open field and he has Randall Cobb-like potential as a hybrid tailback/slot receiver.

McGuffie is electric with the rock in his hands and he is bigger than he looks, tipping the scales at about 200 pounds. At 5’10” and change he may be best suited to play in the slot at the next level, but we would not discount his potential to play outside as well. This guy can jump through the ceiling which gives him a chance--even at 5’10”.

The only real concern we have with McGuffie is his concussion history. He had three in one season at Michigan back in 2009 and while that was a while ago, and, while he has played well the last few years at Rice, it’s a red flag that can’t be brushed aside. This is especially true when you consider McGuffie’s reckless style of play.

Red flags aside, it amazes me that virtually nobody is talking about this player. He is brimming with talent and he has the kind of multi-threat ability that the NFL currently craves. I doubt that the smarter NFL teams are sleeping on him. Based on scheme, here are the five teams we see as McGuffie’s most likely destinations.

  • Patriots
  • Saints
  • Packers
  • 49ers
  • Eagles

This kid is just a pure football player. He is fearless with the ball in his hands and we like his potential to stay healthy a lot better as a receiver than as a tailback. If you look at the the second video, you will see how quickly he’s made the transition to receiver. He’s still a work in progress, but the skills are there. Check out the adjustment to the football and the quick feet. If a team drafts him and can get him the ball in space, they could have a very good player on your hands.

Things we like about Sammy Football....

  • Quickness. Just watch this kid’s feet. He’s a blur.
  • Jumping ability. This kid has wings--jumping 40.5 inches at the regional combine.
  • Vision. Look at the Michigan highlights. He sees the field very well.
  • Speed. It’s right there on film, but any doubters were put to rest at the combine, where he ran a 4.37 forty. Though some had it timed even faster.
  • After-the-catch ability from the slot.
  • Great open field ability both from scrimmage and in the return game.

Here is some footage from his days in Michigan as a tailback....

This clip shows McGuffie’s final game versus Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl.

We are very interested to see where McGuffie lands next week. We think he gets drafted late, but if he doesn’t, he should be a high priority UDFA for somebody.

I’ll be back with another player tomorrow. 

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