Scouting Report: Terrell Sinkfield, WR, Northern Iowa

By: Pete Davidson : May 15, 2013 11:23pm

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Terrell Sinkfield is a player that the entire Rotobahn staff loves. I wanted to give him some more pub before the draft but every time I searched for embeddable footage, it was sorely lacking. Now that I can show you some of what we saw from him last season, I wanted to get him up here.

Sinkfield is yet another one of our small school guys. Yes, we do have a slight fixation, but you can’t knock our results can you? We like being the tip of the spear when it comes to the more obscure or tough-to-evaluate talent. We feel it gives our readers an edge.

First of all, don’t worry about the small school. They know how to coach football at UNI. There’s plenty of precedence for UNI players making on the NFL level. Kurt Warner is the most obvious, but perhaps you’ve heard of Dedric Ward ... or Bryce Paup. You Raiders fans out there may remember a guy named Kenny Shedd. Fans of the Cowboys, Colts and Raiders might rmember Steve Wright. Survivor fans may remember Wright too.

UNI has produced more than twenty five NFL players over the years. Sinkfield, in our view, is the next, and he won’t be the last.

Those who do know of Sinkfield probably saw his blazing time in the forty, which has been unfairly attacked. Just go to the game film and it’s easy to see that this guy can run like the wind. Is he 4.21, 4.35 or somewhere in between? Does it matter if he can play? No, not much.

So, the real question about Terrell Sinkfield is, can he play? Rotobahn says yes.

Why do we like him?

  • Speed. You can’t teach it and he’s got it. And, it’s functional speed that shows up big-time with pads on.
  • Competitiveness. If there is one thing that I really like about Sinkfield, it’s the way he plays the game. He fights for the football.
  • Playing the ball. He has played with mostly mediocre QB talent and has been able to make plays on poorly thrown balls.
  • Hands. Sinkfield can make the tough catches. He shows solid hands on film.
  • Routes. As I said, Sinkfield has been well coached and his routes are not going to be a problem as they often are with small school guys and speed merchants. This guy is a football player first.

He landed with a team that will afford him a chance. In Ryan Tannehill, Miami has a QB that can throw the deep ball. The depth chart in Miami is not scary apart from Mike Wallace, who should draw the double-teams and make things easier for players like Sinkfield. They also have a bourgeoning ground game in South Beach with our guy Lamar Miller.

Here's the best footage available on Terrell Sinkfield.

So, why waste time with a guy like Sinkfield? Simple. Though he may not be a factor anytime soon, we see real talent and we understand that he’s been well coached. The point of telling our readers about him is to make sure you know that he’s a legit talent. That way, if and when he gets a chance, you will be adding him ahead of the pack. In long term and dynasty, you can add him when it makes sense in your format. In deeper dynasty formats, we’d go after him this year as a late sleeper.


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