The Jon Baldwin for A.J. Jenkins Swap

By: Pete Davidson : August 21, 2013 3:11pm

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The 49ers and Chiefs just completed a trade that makes a ton of sense for the Chiefs and plenty for Frisco as well. The teams swapped two former first rounder receivers both in need of a fresh situation.

The Chiefs get A.J. Jenkins, taken 30th in the 2012 draft, a player who has clearly been slow to develop for a deep San Francisco team. Jenkins now gets to play for Andy Reid, who is probably a better fit for the mild mannered receiver who reminds me a little of Eddie Kennison in both a good way and a bad way. Jenkins needs time and reps and the 49ers weren’t in a positions to give him either. In K.C., he will be brought along with the rest of a developing team. It’s a good fit for him all around.

We didn’t have a first round grade on Jenkins, but we liked him plenty.

“He has great speed and solid size to go with it. We like his hands and leaping ability. Needs to get stronger to deal with the jam and the NFL grind.”

We still think that’a pretty much the case. Jenkins needs to develop and learn to deal with the physicality of the NFL.

For the 49ers, this gives them a big red zone option that they have sort of lacked. Vernon Davis is a speed tight end and most of their receivers are in the six foot range. That might help them justify keeping Baldwin around for the time being in hopes that he will respond to the 49ers’ team environment and coaching staff.

Baldwin is player, unlike Jenkins, that we really liked a lot. We definitely had a round one grade on him and we’ve always been a bit puzzled by his low production. Obviously, there was the broken hand that derailed his rookie season and there was some very poor quarterback play in K.C., but he’s just never gotten it going.

In my opinion, both players get a solid value bump. Baldwin’s a better talent, so he intrigues me more and he obviously gets a real-deal QB for the first time as a professional. The downside is that he now has a lot of good players to compete with for snaps and for a roster spot. 

Unlike the rest of the planet, I still think both of these players are worth monitoring for more than just comic relief. The media and the talking heads that don't even qualify as media, have short attention spans and like immediate gratification.  Nobody wants to hear about 3-year curves for receivers.  That might keep them from using the "bust" word and everyone in the media loves saying "bust."  

I’d also like to see my team, the Jets, pick up either one of these guys in the event they get cut in the coming weeks. With the roster crunch in Frisco, Baldwin would seem more likely to be let go though I doubt he will.  

We’ll be watching.

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