Thursday Night Football Week 7

By: Pete Davidson : October 19, 2012 1:38am

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Tonight's matchup between the Seahawks and 49ers is one of those games were you really want to see your opponent's players active. Thursday Night Football has proven to be that way in general in 2012, but this game has defensive struggle written all over it. Lots of running and lots running clock.

Nothing is ever certain in the NFL these days, but though we have two very good teams playing tonight, we also have two very conservative teams that both lean heavily on their defense and their ground games. As far as the outcome of the game goes, we think it could come down to the quarterbacks and whether or not Russell Wilson can outplay Alex Smith the way he outplayed Tom Brady in Week 6. Smith could be threatened in the near future by his backup Colin Kaepernick. He cannot afford many more poor outings and this week's game against Seattle could get ugly if he is playing at the level we've seen in recent weeks. Kaepernick leads a list of potentially valuable backup QBs.

  • Colin Kaepernick, 49ers
  • Tim Tebow, Jets
  • Nick Foles, Eagles

All three of these guys could be starting options in fantasy if the guys in front of them struggle much longer. Smith will have his work cut out for him tonight as Seattle has been very tough to run on and has become an elite overall unit. It's hard to imagine San Francisco winning without some big plays from Smith. Right now, the only good plays we see for the 49ers are the DST and Vernon Davis, whom we think is most likely to make the big play that Frisco is going to need to win. Michael Crabtree is an option with so many quality guys on the bye, but he is risky for sure. Frank Gore is startable, but this is not likely to be one of his better weeks and he will really have to earn it down on the goal line.

For the Seahawks, there is even less in terms of desirable options. Obviously, you start the Seattle DST. It's not an easy matchup, but Smith looks shaky and he does take sacks. You should be ok with them. You need to start Marshawn Lynch, but you should be happy if he can get you ten points. Russell Wilson is a player we really like, but this will be a much tougher matchup on the road than than he saw at home vs. New England. None of the receivers are good plays in 12-team performance scoring, but if we had to pick one it would be Sidney Rice. The good news is that we see better days ahead for this receiving group, just not tonight--on a short week in such a hostile environment.

It’s a huge game. If the Seahawks win, you really have a wild race going forward in the NFC West Division, where the quality of football has been very good so far.

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