Trade Deadline

By: Pete Davidson : November 15, 2012 3:28am

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In all of the leagues I participate in, the trade deadline is this weekend. That means intensified trade talks and probably a flurry of dealing. I’m posting on the blog to give all of you folks a place to put your questions and to add your trade ideas as well.

Let’s get some dialougue going. I want to hear from you. I will be checking in here a few times a day and will try to respond to any questions you may have. This is the last chance we have, apart from the waiver wire, to set ourselves up for the rest of the season. So, whether you are just trying to stay alive or whether you are trying to put the finishing touches on a championship run, we are here to help.

Do you have some ideas for trade targets that I may have missed? Put it out there! If it’s a good idea, I’ll add it to the list. And, as I mentioned in the article, I will be adding more players. I’ll definitely add a few more receivers tomorrow. Lastly, Jim Hackett and I talked about the dealing on today’s podcast. You can hear it here.

Let's talk trade, people.

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