Travis Kelce is back!

By: Pete Davidson : August 08, 2014 2:24pm

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If there was one performance that really stood out Thursady night, it was Travis Kelce's. It’s not that we didn't know the Chiefs' young tight end was capable of big plays, but the speed he showed on his touchdown has us thinking that his micro fracture was a big success and that he may be ready to play a big role in 2014.

Here’s what we said before Kelce was shelved in 2013….

Travis Kelce, Chiefs, 6’5”, 255, 4.62

“Kelce has risk due to some character concerns and injury issues, but his upside in Andy Reid’s offense with no established 2nd option after Dwayne Bowe is sky high. Kelce is NFL-ready or close to it and could contribute significantly as a rookie. He displays toughness to spare and is very competitive, but he’s also a talented football player with top-notch ball skills and big play ability. He’s not a body-catcher and has soft hands. He’s got more than adequate speed for the position. He lacks the quickness of a guy like Jordan Reed, but he’s got 20 pounds on the Florida product. When compared against TEs of his size, I think Kelce’s agility is more than good enough. The doubts we have are really about his suspension in college with one NFL exec calling him a “trainwreck character-wise.” The bottom line is that Kelce has the look and feel of a potential impact player from an offensive standpoint. If you need a tight end to make a quick impact, this could be your guy.”

So all of that upside is now back on the table. This is exactly the kind of talent that K.C. is desperate for. His injury history may be a red flag, but when you factor in the upside and his fit with a quarterback like Alex Smith, it’s hard to not target him in the middle rounds as a high-end TE2 who has TE1 upside.  I know that’s what I’ll be doing if he can stay healthy.

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