Why the Jets Should Release Percy Harvin Early

By: Pete Davidson : March 07, 2015 2:31pm

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I am sure somebody will bark at me about how the Jets owe Percy Harvin nothing and that they should explore recouping some value in a trade, but hear me out on this. First of all, no way do they get anything in a deal, when Harvin will cost 10.5 million this year. Any realistic person knows this. Second, while they may not owe Harvin anything, they owe themselves plenty and the Jets would benefit from releasing Harvin as soon as possible.

Harvin is going to be released. It’s reality. The acquisition of Brandon Marshall all but assures this.

If the Jets want to be viewed as player-friendly, they should consider releasing Harvin so that he can compete in the early market where the money is best. This would not be pointless charity, as players will see a material benefit when a team shows they can act reasonably in such situations.

There’s another reason the Jets should want Harvin out there now versus later. He could serve to suck up some cap space from a competitor. That could conceivably help the Jets. Those of you who participate in fantasy auctions are probably nodding their heads. You never know which dollar may end up being a crucial dollar.  If the Jets hang onto Harvin until the 19th, as they can, they could end up saving some OTHER team money.  That's bad business.

So, keeping Harvin until the 19th has virtually no benefit while letting him go early may have some benefit. It’s also the decent thing to do. Decency being an underrated thing these days. 

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