Buy Low Sell High 10/17

Buy Low Sell High 10/17

Some trade targets
By: Pete Davidson : October 17, 2013 5:16pm

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Good morning, folks. I’m getting slow in my old age and this is a day late because of that. The Watch List took a little longer than expected and I had more e-mail questions than usual. For those who sent e-mails yesterday and on Tuesday, please consider taking part in the Free Agent Chat (4-8 pm on Tuesday), which I will set up again next week. No reason to not let others in on the discussion.

I’ll be back later will all the preliminary rankings for Week 7 with write-ups for tonight’s players and perhaps a few others.

Buy Low

Robert Griffin III, Redskins

I liked the way he was moving after his Week 5 bye and with the news that he may start running more, I am bullish on RGIII the rest of the way. If you need a jolt at the position, and if the RGIII owner in your league has a 2nd option, then this is a move to consider.

Eddie Lacy, Packers

The stats do not tell the whole story with Lacy. He’s missed some time with an injury that is now a non-factor and he has already passed his bye week. This guy may be near impossible to land in a few weeks, but he’s still trading at medium RB2 value for now. Lacy is a serious talent and he’ll be leaned on while Randall Cobb is out.

Doug Martin, Buccaneers

Martin is going to finish the season better than what we've seen so far. It may not be like what he did in 2012, but he’ll have some very good games and he’ll give you a RB1 option in your lineup. If his owner is putting him out there, I’d talk trade. Martin is a solid back and he’s past his bye week. The time to move is right now, but you should get a discount and not pay round one prices.

Chris Johnson, Titans

It’s been a brutal run for CJ owners. I tried to tell folks about Johnson’s predictable 2013 arc back in August. The good news, for those who listened, is that he is now available on the cheap as his owners stare down a Week 7 matchup with the 49ers. Go get CJ now and take the bad matchup and his Week 8 bye. You’ll get a very solid RB2/Flex the rest of the way. The time is now ... or perhaps next week. He's only got 327 yards rushing so far. He’ll end up over a thousand and he’ll catch more passes too compared to what he’s done.

Ray Rice, Ravens

This is a player that I really believe in. Just don’t overpay as he does have a tough schedule. Rice should be able to deliver consistent RB2 numbers with a few big games mixed in. Kick the tires and see what the cost it. He’s going to be the central cog in that offense and he is past his hip injury. The touches are going to be there.  He does have a Week 8 bye, so be mindful of that.

Le’Veon Bell, Steelers

I think his down week against the Jets gives you some opportunity. Bell has an excellent chance to do good things the rest of the way and Pittsburgh’s offense is coming around with Bell’s return and also with Heath Miller’s. In 12-team leagues, get in now on Bell at low-end RB2 or even flex rates and you should do well over the course of the year. He has RB1 upside. Seriously.

Lamar Miller, Miami

This is a pretty easy one. Daniel Thomas just hasn’t gotten it done as an offensive option and it’s hard to imagine Miller’s role not growing a bit as we move through the last ten weeks of the fantasy season. He’s already had some good weeks and we think the bad ones will be fewer and further between. He should be a nice option down the stretch and you might be able to get him cheap.

Victor Cruz, Giants

He’s going to start going off and if you get him soon, you might be able to really cash in. Try to get him at WR2 prices and hope for a WR1 payoff. That is a very realistic approach. Give it a shot.

Hakeem Nicks, Giants

He is going to play hard all year because 2013 is a contract year for him. He also has the a chance to get dealt to a playoff team or a team in the playoff chase and that could energize the talented receiver. I am all for adding Nicks at WR3 prices, because he has WR1 upside.

Tom Brady, Patriots

Brady could go BOOM soon. And, there are a few new factors here. Yes, Gronkowski’s eventual return will be a jolt to Brady’s value, and Shane Vereen will provide another boost in Week 11. At that point, all the current guys become more peripheral and that actually makes them more effective. Now consider the losses of defensive stalwarts Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo. The Patriots will need more points to win going forward. That raises to bar for Brady and I think he’ll respond like ... Tom Brady.

Pierre Garcon, Redskins

He’s been very active and as the team gets the offense together, as they very likely will, Garcon will make more plays downfield and he’ll get freed up after the catch more too. The time to move for Pierre is now. He’s better better than the stats indicate and he is past his bye week.

Aaron Dobson, Patriots

I like him as a trade target right now because he can be had cheaply and he has serious upside due to his ability against man coverage. I see Dobson getting a whole lot of that once Rob Gronkowski returns. I’m targeting Dobson as a throw-in guy in larger deals.

Jermichael Finley, Packers

This is a move to try if you need help at tight end. If Finley’s owner is not particularly savvy, you might be able to pry him loose. Finley is almost guaranteed to see an increase in targets with Randall Cobb going down for the next six week or more. He should be a fantasy asset down the stretch.

Jordan Reed, Redskins

Like with Dobson, I love his upside and I see his numbers getting better down the stretch. Like with Lacy, you’d be getting a player who is past his bye week. Reed could score a lot of touchdowns if the Redskins start moving the football. He’s a very underrated player.

Sell High

Knowshon Moreno, Broncos

Do not give him away, obviously, because he is worth a whole lot on a week-to-week basis. However, if you can get players with more stable long term value, that is a good move, because Moreno is getting enough touches where you’d be crazy NOT to worry about his injury history, which is thick and rich. Knowshon hasn’t completed a full season since his rookie year. I would be willing to bet against him lasting if they use him as a 20-touch player. It’s a bit counter-intuitive to move a player as hot as Moreno, but if you get the right players in return, you could set yourself up for a title run. The only reason to not at least explore trading Moreno, is that you think he will last sixteen weeks. He’s not even half way there. Lastly, this is a move for teams out in front. If you are in a must win situation, you can’t afford to move a hot player unless he is on a bye or something.

Brandon Jacobs, Giants

This is a simple one. Jacobs looks good but we all know it won’t last more than a few weeks. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a desperate team in your league willing to roll the dice. Put him on the block and see what happens.

Matt Ryan, Falcons

This may be tough to pull off, but Ryan has his hardcore fans and if there’s one in your league, you might be able to work a deal. Julio Jones is gone and he took Ryan’s ceiling with him.

Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers

If you are a good team, you may want to move Sanders, who is a free agent this offseason, could get phased out towards the end of the year in favor of rookie Markus Wheaton. Wheaton will not play this week with an injured pinkie finger, but he’ll be back soon. Moving Sanders in the next few weeks could yield a decent return and you will likely win the deal in the long run.

Pierre Thomas, Saints

He’s coming off his two best weeks of the year, but you have to be concerned by the Saints use of Khiry Robinson and Travaris Cadet. PT has a low ceiling and you might get something for him right now with the deep byes staring us all in the face. Thomas is off this week, but he’s around when the big byes hit in weeks 8-10.

DeAngelo Williams, Panthers

I fear that Carolina is going to end up in an ugly committee with the returns of both Jonathan Stewart and rookie Kenjon Barner. Maybe I am wrong, but you won’t have to worry about if you can deal Williams for a more secure asset now, while he still has the air of RB2 value in 12-team leagues.

Anquan Boldin, 49ers

He has name value but those who have him rostered know how inconsistent he’s been on a fantasy level. With people getting healthier in San Francisco, the time to get solid WR3 value for Anquan is now.

Reggie Wayne, Colts

He’s not a guy to give away, especially in PPR, but when you look at his age and his closing schedule, you’d be wise to cash him in for a WR2 with more upside. Reggie has big name value, so you never know what kind of goodies might be offered up if you put him on the block.