Cam Newton’s Bare Cupboard

Cam Newton’s Bare Cupboard

Reason to panic?
By: Pete Davidson : March 16, 2014 11:59am

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I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter and I’ve noticed a good deal of people panicking about Carolina’s receiving group after losing all of their receivers to free agency. Yes, pretty much all of them. So, I can understand the initial reaction, but it’s not like the old group was getting it done. In fact, they were holding the offense back for the most part.

I’d say you have addition by subtraction so far.  I’ll also point out that there’s more time left on the clock, and included in that time is one of the deepest drafts I’ve ever seen at the receiver position. There is no doubt that Carolina can draft a starter at 28 overall with their first pick. I think it’s pretty obvious that this is their intention.  And what about free agency?  I think James Jones would look damn good catching balls from Cam Newton. He’ll be cost-friendly too as would a guy like Jerricho Cotchery, who could work as a trusted 3rd down stick mover and crafty red zone option.

If the Panthers added just Jones and Cotchery and then tapped a guy like Allen Robinson or Marqise Lee in the first round, you would have a significant improvement over last year’s receivers. Now throw in the possibility of drafting a guy like Matavius Bryant, Robert Herron or L’Damian Washington in the middle rounds and you can see that there’s no reason at all to panic in Carolina. Actually, I’d say there’s reason to get excited.

What if the Panther receivers looked like this going into June?

From where I sit, that’s a huge upgrade and they could easily get something done along these lines with what’s left of the market and in the draft. They still have to go out and do it, but the Panthers are in very good position to totally reface their receiving corp.

Don’t go selling Cam Newton just yet.