Postseason Cheatsheets

Postseason Cheatsheets

Cheatsheets for postseason drafts
By: Pete Davidson : January 06, 2017 2:43pm

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Happy New Year, everybody. Sorry for the delay and the skimpy output but I went down hard with flu a few days ago and … it’s rather mutant and tenacious. Here are some cheat sheets for those of you doing post season leagues. These types of leagues are a lot of fun and they give you something to root for over the next month.

Check out my article on post-season draft strategy that I posted over at WEEI this morning. There are a few minor changes in the rankings, like sliding down LaDarius Green due to his questionable status.

These rankings are very loose because once you get into a draft, you are actually stocking players on teams versus being a slave to your rankings.

Remember, there will be players to avoid once you plant your team’s flag in the early rounds of a draft. Yes, you want players from the teams you’ve committed to (your QB’s receivers and so forth), but you also want to avoid adding high-priced players who are scheduled to play your other big names. It’s very much about keeping as many active players as possible. So avoid doing things like having Matt Stafford at QB when you already drafted Doug Baldwin or Jimmy graham or something like that.

The sheets are available (at bottom of the page)  in Numbers, Excel and PDF formats. The spreadsheets are good if you want to edit my rankings a bit and the PDF is best if you are going to print-and-go. 

Here are the projections for games played by team. This is just my guess at how the brackets play out.  I try to explain my confidence level for each team in The Skinny.  The number in the "projection" column is the projected games played for each team.

1 Patriots 3 I see them winning it all and I feel strongly that they play three times.
2 Cowboys 3 My best guess has them losing to the Patriots in the SB, but there’s also a solid chance they could lose to Green Bay in the Div round.
3 Seahawks 3 I think they win this week and I feel like they are a more complete team than Atlanta. I think they have a slightly better than 50% chance to get to Dallas (assuming they beat the Lions) and could even win there. If that happens they are a four game team, so their players are worth quite a bit to me.
4 Steelers 3 I think they make it to NE, but lose in the AFC Championship game. There’s a decent chance they lose in Kansas City and then would be a 2 gamer team. I really don’t see them losing to Miami in round one, so two games feels like their floor.
5 Packers 2 I see a win versus the Giants and a slightly less than 50 percent chance of winning the next week in Dallas.
6 Falcons 1 Yes, I have them losing right off the bat, but they also have solid three game potential so easily have the most value of my 1 win projected teams.
7 Giants 1 I value them over the Texans because they have enough talent to make a run if they can get by the Packers.
8 Texans 2 I think they win round one, but no way they do much after that.
9 Chiefs 1 Could beat my projected first round opponent for them (Pitt), but I don’t see any more than two games and I am projecting a Div round loss.
10 Lions 1 One and done.
11 Dolphins 1 One and one without much upside.
12 Raiders 1 One and done without much upside.