Quarterback Rankings Week 1

Quarterback Rankings Week 1

Ranking the QBs with DK pricing (updated)
By: Pete Davidson : September 07, 2017 3:07pm

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Welcome back to football, Rotobahners! After six straight days of drafting teams, I am back on the ball and working on the Week 1 rankings. I will return later on with the backs, receivers and tight ends. As usual, those will be bare bones takes, just to give you a feel for where i am at with Week 1. I will dig in deeper--adding more comments on Friday and Saturday as I have time.

This week’s QBs are pretty easy to reconcile in terms of seasonal play. Y’all know who your starters are for the most part, unless of course you have Jameis as your starter. These rankings should provide some guidance if you need to stream a QB this week. For DFS, I was on Cutler and his low price tag, but those lineups are being reworked. My other QB for Week 1 is Russell Wilson, who has a nice discount that I would not get used to. He should break out all of his best stuff to try and win in Green Bay this week. It’s a tone setter for both teams. Wilson will run to win this one, in my opinion. I love his ceiling.

Programming note: The Fantasy Football Hour has been moved to Saturday afternoon this week and it will be a two hour show. Jim and I are pumped, so tune in from 3-5pm if you are in our broadcasting area. I’ll also tweet a link to the show once it’s posted on

1 Russell Wilson SEA 6900 SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 18.257 Love him on the road against a high scoring offense. Wilson is the offense now. They will throw here and he is ready to run again with his healthy wheels. Stack with any of his big four targets based on which salary you can fit into your lineup. They all have a good ceiling. In order of projected points, I’d go Baldwin, Graham, Lockett and Baldwin—the last two being a very close call. The bottom line is they all have the ability to post multi-score games in a matchup like this.
2 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 7300 PIT@CLE 01:00PM ET 18.98 It’s hard to see him having a bad day. The Steelers are going to score points here. Unless you get very unlucky, Big Ben should have a solid day and a monster game is possible.
3 Matt Ryan ATL 6900 ATL@CHI 01:00PM ET 24.759 No reason to doubt him here though the Bears can play some defense. Healthy weapons all around him and he knows how to use them.
4 Aaron Rodgers GB 7000 SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 26.073 He’ll get the ball out early and throw away from Richard Sherman. Probably not an epic day, but you do not bench Aaron offing Rodgers. Expect QB1 digits.
5 Marcus Mariota TEN 6800 OAK@TEN 01:00PM ET 18.463 He’s got enough healthy weapons to excel in this matchup. I’m stacking Delanie Walker.
6 Carson Palmer ARI 6000 ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 18.608 Love this matchup for him, and he plays best when he’s fresh. Love the stack with Fitz and DJ.
7 Sam Bradford MIN 5900 NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 15.859 Love him here. The game should have some scoring and he’s home against a relatively weak defense. Stacking with Thielen, Rudolph or Diggs—probably two out of the three in most cases.
8 Drew Brees NO 7200 NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 23.833 Could be a tough matchup but he should give you solid to good results. Not playing him much in daily at his price.
9 Cam Newton CAR 7100 CAR@SF 04:25PM ET 18.617 Liking him here as the 49ers are transitioning. Granted, the Panthers are too, but they are doing to take advantage of some amazing new toys.
10 Derek Carr OAK 6700 OAK@TEN 01:00PM ET 19.299 It’s an average matchup and Carr should be just fine.
11 Kirk Cousins WAS 6400 PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 21.018 Love the way the scheme offense, but are they ready? They looked a bit rushed and out of synch during preseason. They replaced the talent that left in D-Jax and Garcon, but the continuity can’t be replaced as quickly. Doctson’s inability to stay on the field is a concern. Cousins is playable, but I wish I felt better about the current state of affairs. My gut says that this offense gets better as the year progresses.
12 Dak Prescott DAL 6300 NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 19.427 He’s a solid play because Zeke’s there to keep the pass rush honest, but the Giants play very good defense, so some concern.
13 Matthew Stafford DET 6100 ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 18.44 Tough matchup, but he’s at home and you KNOW Arizona is scoring points on the Lions D. Stafford will have to throw for four quarters and that should at least provide a decent floor. Sneaky stack options (if you play Stafford) would be Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay and Eric Ebron.
14 Carson Wentz PHI 5300 PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 15.186 His weapons are healthy, so I think he’s a viable play in this average matchup. WAS may be able to take Alshon out with Norman, but Wentz has a lot of other places to throw for big plays. The Eagles OL can give him the time to use their multiple deep threats.
15 Eli Manning NYG 5600 NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 15.955 OBJ is huge here. If he is out, Eli’s not a guy I want to get involved with. If OBJ plays, he tilts the field and opens everything up.
16 Andy Dalton CIN 5700 BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 17.728 I really want to see the extent of the damage with the Cincy OL before I jump in with both feet. That said, he is at home and he’s playable in seasonal leagues.
17 Brian Hoyer SF 5100 CAR@SF 04:25PM ET 15.433 He’s viable though far from desirable. He has some big play guys and could always pad his stats with a well timed ball to Carlos Hyde. He knows Shanahan’s scheme better then anybody on the roster. He’s in control. That gives him a chance against a Carolina defense that has some things to prove, particularly in the secondary. Still, without any top flight weapons, he really has to earn it.
18 Tyrod Taylor BUF 6200 NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 18.795 Not a lock to play but looks more likely than not at this point. Great matchup, but who is he throwing to? J-Matt playing would help but he is still questionable.
19 Jared Goff LAR 4800 IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 7.77 He has a chance. As unimpressed as I was with Goff’s play in 2016, I like his chances on improving his statistical output this year. The deck is no longer stacked against him. Fisher’s smell has left the building. He has some legit weapons now. Most notably Sammy Watkins, but Cooper Kupp’s legit too and ready to contribute. This allows them to use a guy like Tavon Austin is his most useful form—giving him more space to operate and more green spaces after the catch. Meanwhile, the Colts are a steamy road apple.
20 Philip Rivers LAC 5800 LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 18.934 Very tough matchup.
21 DeShone Kizer CLE 4800 PIT@CLE 01:00PM ET 0 Who knows. he has the tools and surrounding talent to make some big plays. reality says that he’ll give the Steelers a few big plays too. I like Kizer, but you can do better, hopefully.
22 Trevor Siemian DEN 5000 LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 15.196 More viable than he typically given credit for. He could have a good day if he uses his inside weapons effectively. The Chargers defend the perimeter well, so he needs to use the whole field. I’d expect to see both Demaryius and Sanders in the slot at times. Still, this is likely to be a typically ugly divisional game, and one you are best to avoid.
23 Joe Flacco BAL 5500 BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 17.03 No way to trust him after missing all of preseason with a back injury.
24 Mike Glennon CHI 4900 ATL@CHI 01:00PM ET 4.5 Yeah, I’m a little uneasy with the Bears passing game. Glennon’s a start in large QB2 leagues and that’s it.
25 Blake Bortles JAX 4800 JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 19.256 Tough road matchup and probably a low scoring game which should be prohibitive to garbage time heroics.
26 Scott Tolzien IND 4500 IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 2.735 Well, he has some weapons. Apart from that this looks pretty dire. Somebody get Jim Irsay a mirror. Andrew Luck is standing on the precipice of a wasted career. It’s a football crime.
27 Tom Savage HOU 4800 JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 6.213 Yuck. Injuries to his receivers and he’s just a stop gap QB unless they can speed his clock up a tick or two. The Jags can also play some defense. I'm avoiding.
28 Josh McCown NYJ 4600 NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 13.62 He’s old and not particularly talented. He’s on the road. His receivers look like the waiver wire in a 16 team league. His best tight end is serving a suspension and is unproven anyway. Only Johnny Cochrane could stir up reasonable doubt here. I’m dropping the hammer. Guilty as charged. Avoid if at all possible.
29 Jameis Winston TB 6600 BYE 18.069 He’s on bye now due to Hurricane IRMA.
30 Jay Cutler MIA 5400 BYE 10.752
31 Tom Brady NE 7600 KC@NE 08:30PM ET 23.086 Originally ranked 1 (already played)
32 Alex Smith KC 5400 KC@NE 08:30PM ET 15.66 Originally ranked 22 (already played)