Quarterback Rankings Week 10

Quarterback Rankings Week 10

A look at the Week 10 QBs with DK pricing
By: Pete Davidson : November 09, 2017 5:58pm

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Welcome to the Week 10 Quarterback Rankings. I’ll be back a little later with the running backs, wide receivers and tight ends, but I’m flu-ridden and scrambling today. Part of me is wondering if just waiting until the weekend to post rankings is the best idea, but I’m going to do my best to put early rankings up by tonight. We’ll see how I do. I’m going to give it the old college try. I’m sweating like Ted Striker right now.

The QBs are quite the mess. I’ve never seen so many disaster situations before. There are so many guys starting who are not of sufficient quality to lead an offense. It’s a tough week to be searching for a bye week replacement. Drew Stanton would be viable in a plus matchup, but I am hesitant against the Seahawks.

These rankings will updated (big time) on Saturday.

Bye losses:

  • Chiefs
  • Raiders
  • Eagles
  • Ravens

1 Russell Wilson 7400 SEA@ARI 11/09/2017 08:25PM ET 24.663 SEA Solid matchup and they are going to throw the ball a lot. He just continues to get it done and he’s running again.
2 Tom Brady 6700 NE@DEN 11/12/2017 08:30PM ET 22.68 NE He’ll be without Hogan and his other receivers have tough matchups. Still, he’s Brady and he’s productive nearly every week.
3 Matthew Stafford 6800 CLE@DET 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 19.285 DET Looked great last week and this is a matchup where I think he gets volume.
4 Dak Prescott 7300 DAL@ATL 11/12/2017 04:25PM ET 22.028 DAL No Zeke, so he should throw plenty.
5 Cam Newton 6400 MIA@CAR 11/13/2017 08:30PM ET 19.024 CAR He’s running which really helps and he should start getting more done with his arm as he acclimates to his new targets—Samuel in particular. I like him in this matchup.
6 Drew Brees 6900 NO@BUF 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 18.608 NO He’s s a stable play, but clearly they are not posting their old numbers.
7 Jared Goff 6700 HOU@LAR 11/12/2017 04:05PM ET 18.113 LAR Another good matchup for Goff who should be able to use all of his weapons again.
8 Tyrod Taylor 6300 NO@BUF 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 16.89 BUF He’s a very solid start this week. The Saints are tougher than in the past, but the Bills are at home and he has the most diverse set of weapons he’s had in quite a while.
9 Ben Roethlisberger 6600 PIT@IND 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 14.673 PIT Great matchup though it could be over fast. Ben should have a solid day.
10 Matt Ryan 6500 DAL@ATL 11/12/2017 04:25PM ET 16.773 ATL Great matchup and the Cowboys will score points too, so this game has some blowup potential.
11 Josh McCown 6100 NYJ@TB 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 16.689 NYJ Great matchup so his run could continue for another week.
12 Kirk Cousins 5900 MIN@WAS 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 19.673 WAS Tough matchup but he battled well last week.
13 Marcus Mariota 5800 CIN@TEN 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 16.251 TEN He hasn’t run much at all since he suffered a hamstring injury. It sounds like that could change. There’s a chance that he gets hot down the stretch.
14 Andy Dalton 5300 CIN@TEN 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 13.983 CIN Solid road matchup after a brutal game against the Jaguars. AJ Green will play.
15 Jay Cutler 5100 MIA@CAR 11/13/2017 08:30PM ET 13.177 MIA He’s a solid option this week. They are going to throw more without Ajayi and his weapons are all healthy.
16 Ryan Fitzpatrick 4900 NYJ@TB 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 10.707 TB Who knows. No Mike Evans but he still has enough to work with. This could prove to be a tough matchup for Fitztragic, because the Jets safety play is very good and they can run. If he’s floating passes deep as he does often, they could get picked. Still, in a week like this, you could do so much worse.
17 Eli Manning 5100 NYG@SF 11/12/2017 04:25PM ET 15.363 NYG Good matchup, but he’s light on weapons.
18 Case Keenum 4800 MIN@WAS 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 14.114 MIN Tough road matchup but he’s playing ok and he has some weapons to work with. This is a wildcard but with so many awful plays, he may prove useful for some folks.
19 Jacoby Brissett 5200 PIT@IND 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 15.411 IND He can run and he can make the occasional big play. Not looking to ply him but he has applications in desperate situations.
20 Blake Bortles 4800 LAC@JAX 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 14.748 JAX He’s functional and playable if you are in need.
21 Philip Rivers 4900 LAC@JAX 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 16.528 LAC He’s a solid vet with weapons, but thsi is a brutal matchup.
22 Drew Stanton 4800 SEA@ARI 11/09/2017 08:25PM ET 8.56 ARI No way to trust him against this defense. He was functional last week vs. the 49ers.
23 C.J. Beathard 4800 NYG@SF 11/12/2017 04:25PM ET 12.328 SF Nope.
24 DeShone Kizer 4600 CLE@DET 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 11.023 CLE They yank the QB often, so no way.
25 Tom Savage 4500 HOU@LAR 11/12/2017 04:05PM ET 4.08 HOU Failed in a great matchup last week, so no.
26 Brett Hundley 5000 GB@CHI 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 9.615 GB Has looked overmatched. No thanks.
27 Mitchell Trubisky 4500 GB@CHI 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 7.496 CHI John Fox.
28 Brock Osweiler 4400 NE@DEN 11/12/2017 08:30PM ET 5.47 DEN Can’t believe he’s out there. No way I play him.
29 Jameis Winston 5400 NYJ@TB 11/12/2017 01:00PM ET 15.738 TB Out (shoulder)