Quarterback Rankings Week 11

Quarterback Rankings Week 11

A look at the Week 11 QBs with DK pricing (updated Saturday)
By: Pete Davidson : November 16, 2017 2:25pm

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Welcome to the Week 11 Quarterback Rankings. Sorry about last week’s ranks. The flu kicked in on me and I was in bed all day Saturday. I’m getting my bearings back now, so this week should be a normal one.  

It’s another rough week for quarterbacks. There are so many substandard starters right now and once again, it creates a ripple effect on the receivers.

I’ll be back later on with the running backs, wide receivers and tight ends.

These rankings will updated on Saturday.

Bye teams:

  • Colts
  • Jets
  • 49ers
  • Panthers

1 Carson Wentz PHI 7200 PHI@DAL 11/19/2017 08:30PM ET 23.287 He’s locked in and Dallas isn’t going to slow him down.
2 Tom Brady NE 7400 NE@OAK 11/19/2017 04:25PM ET 22.676 I’m loving the Brady/Gronk stack this week. It’s pricey, but there are a lot of ways to go about fitting them in together. You can broaden the stack with a cheap Rex Burkhead to open up some cap room. Brady is one of the few safe plays on the main slate at quarterback. He throws to his backs which stabilizes his value somewhat. Brady hasn’t been under 17 DraftKings points since Week 1.
3 Russell Wilson SEA 7000 ATL@SEA 11/20/2017 08:30PM ET 24.08 He’s now under more pressure to provide points as the defense is all banged up and playing without Sherman the rest of the way.
4 Dak Prescott DAL 6900 PHI@DAL 11/19/2017 08:30PM ET 21.273 Has a nice floor because of his legs. He’ll probably have smaller windows to throw into without Zeke Elliott striking fear in defenses. Still, I feel like Dak gets it done here and on most weeks going forward.
5 Alex Smith KC 6700 KC@NYG 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 22.229 He throws tons of short passes so his point floor is solid and he has a big game every couple of weeks. Smith is a good GPP play against the Giants. Stacking him either Travis Kelce ($7,300), Tyreek Hill ($7,100) or both makes sense.
6 Drew Brees NO 6800 WAS@NO 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 18.091 His pass attempts have declined in four straight games as the Saints have really cranked up the ground game. I think there’s a good chance that we see a shift this week with the pendulum swinging back to more passing. The Bills were a road apple last week. Washington will put up a better fight. Brees can hit big plays to anybody in his offense. They can come on screen passes or shot plays to Ted Ginn. I sort of like the Ginn stack and or the Alvin Kamara stack.
7 Matthew Stafford DET 6600 DET@CHI 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 19.66 He’s got a lot of working weapons now. Feels like a stable play.
8 Kirk Cousins WAS 6100 WAS@NO 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 20.996 Tough matchup but he should give you solid output.
9 Derek Carr OAK 6400 NE@OAK 11/19/2017 04:25PM ET 16.758 You never know what Belichick will have cooked up for Carr, but he should be a stable play. Not sure how to factor in the neutral field part. This game is being played in Mexico City.
10 Jared Goff LAR 6500 LAR@MIN 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 19.378 He has enough weapons to find the good matchups.
11 Matt Ryan ATL 5800 ATL@SEA 11/20/2017 08:30PM ET 16.642 He should be a solid play. He’s a vet so he can handle the noise in Seattle and he won’t have to deal with Richard Sherman.
12 Philip Rivers LAC 5900 BUF@LAC 11/19/2017 04:05PM ET 16.502 He’s been cleared to play
13 Ryan Fitzpatrick TB 5300 TB@MIA 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 10.875 Has been inconsistent and he’s no fun to watch, but his weapons make him viable. Gets Evans back this week.
14 Jay Cutler MIA 5400 TB@MIA 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 13.458 He’s always an adventure but they will throw often and he has solid receivers. He’s a viable option.
15 Eli Manning NYG 5700 KC@NYG 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 15.647 KC is struggling on defense but the Giants have OL woes and they are disintegrating overall with a dead man walking head coach. Manning’s vet presence should keep them competitive and should provide some kind of stat floor. Not a guy I want to play though.
16 Case Keenum MIN 5100 LAR@MIN 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 15.983 He’ll start but it sucks that a few bad series could hasten the return of Bridgewater. That makes him risky despite the solid matchup.
17 Blaine Gabbert ARI 4900 ARI@HOU 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 0 He’s starting this week and he’s a QB2. Use him if you need him.
18 Joe Flacco BAL 4900 BAL@GB 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 9.704 Flacco gonna Flacco. This is a solid matchup.
19 Andy Dalton CIN 4800 CIN@DEN 11/19/2017 04:25PM ET 14.273 Tough to gauge where Denver is at right now, but they have the corners and the pass rush to make it a long day for Dalton.
20 Mitchell Trubisky CHI 4500 DET@CHI 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 8.893 He’s been allowed to actually throw the ball the last two games, but they are still a ground-based attack with meager weapons in the passing game.
21 Blake Bortles JAX 5200 JAX@CLE 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 15.144 They could win this thing by running and not much else. He’s a risky play. It’s also going to be a brutal game weather-wise.
22 Nathan Peterman BUF 4700 BUF@LAC 11/19/2017 04:05PM ET 7.16 He’s going to get his shot now but who knows what you’ll get. I’ll be watching this game closely.
23 Brett Hundley GB 4700 BAL@GB 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 10.508 Will play but he’s unpredictable. Running ability gives him a shot.
24 Brock Osweiler DEN 4500 CIN@DEN 11/19/2017 04:25PM ET 7.56 In the Land of the Absurd, Brock Osweiler is a starting quarterback. Welcome to 2017 and welcome to Denver.
25 Tom Savage HOU 4400 ARI@HOU 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 5.27 No way to tell what he’ll do here and he’s a guy who can get yanked. Just not a guy I’m considering.
26 DeShone Kizer CLE 4500 JAX@CLE 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 12.643 He’s got sore ribs but is likely to play. He’s a desperation start against Jacksonville’s uber secondary and in a snowstorm.
27 Tyrod Taylor BUF 5600 BUF@LAC 11/19/2017 04:05PM ET 15.451 Poor Tyrod. He’s been benched and we may not see him until he signs with a new team this offseason.
28 Teddy Bridgewater MIN 5000 LAR@MIN 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 0 He’s backing up again, but he’s a real thing now. It’s a complex situation to put it mildly. Case Keenum is a good play this week, but you now have the risk of a mid-game Bridgewater insertion.
29 Jameis Winston TB 5300 TB@MIA 11/19/2017 01:00PM ET 15.738 Still out with a shoulder/ac joint problem. It sounds like he could return in a few weeks, but who knows what the decision-making process with be in Tampa at that point. Fitztragic starts in his place.
30 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 6600 TEN@PIT 11/16/2017 08:25PM ET 15.147 (ALREADY PLAYED) Good home matchup but he’s tough to predict right now. He hasn’t gone off all year.
31 Marcus Mariota TEN 5600 TEN@PIT 11/16/2017 08:25PM ET 16.553 (ALREADY PLAYED) Tough throwing matchup, but he is mixing in runs again, so that helps as does the development of Corey Davis.