Quarterback Rankings Week 5

Quarterback Rankings Week 5

A look at he Week 5 QBs with DK pricing (updated Saturday)
By: Pete Davidson : October 05, 2017 3:55pm

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Welcome to the Week 5 Quarterback Rankings. I’ll be back a little later with the running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. All positions should be up before Thursday Night kickoff.

It’s a little rough out there with injuries and byes hitting this position on the same week. You also have some non-performance with guys like Flacco and Cutler. This is how Eli Manning and Alex Smith in the top 12.

The top of the rankings are strong as can be.  Brady and Rodgers are sharing the top spot.  I put Brady second because I had to put one of them there.  I think both will light it up.   The same goes for their Week 5 opponents.  Prescott and Winston look like very strong bets for big numbers.  In fact, the top six guys look rock solid.

As always, I’ll update these rankings on Saturday.

Bye losses:

  • Drew Brees
  • Matt Ryan
  • Kirk Cousins
  • Trevor Siemian

1 Aaron Rodgers GB 8100 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 23.985 Love this game in general and I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s the last game on the main slate and it will be rocking when DraftKings tourneys are closing down. Rodgers is a lights out start no matter who is healthy around him this week. Nelson will be there.
2 Dak Prescott DAL 6800 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 20.385 Hard not to love him here. He has a legit shot to get Dez off and that will open up other things. With Rodgers posting big numbers on the Dallas defense, you can bet Dallas will be aggressive on offense.
3 Russell Wilson SEA 7100 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 22.69 Plenty of ceiling here though he has some injuries around him and an obviously chicken shit offensive line. Wilson’s ability to make chicken salad out of is true remarkable. The Rams have been giving up points so far, but are obviously talented on defense.
4 Deshaun Watson HOU 6200 KC@HOU 08:30PM ET 21.31 This is a test for him, but he’s hot right now and he’s using his wheels. That gives him a nice 5-10 point floor before he throws a pass. Price is up on DK. Still playable. A QB1 on my board this week.
5 Carson Palmer ARI 5900 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 19.23 This matchup works for fantasy. They almost have to be throw-first against a Philly defense that is tough up front and beatable on the back end. Ellington is a cheap stackable option at RB. He’s capable of big games. Liking Fitz a lot too. The Eagles are employing a deep zone. There’s big space between the backers and the safeties. It’s exploitable.
6 Matthew Stafford DET 6300 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 17.195 He’s a an average play here in my mind if you go by efficiency, but this looks like a throw first matchup and the extra volume should cancel out the weak efficiency. Should put up typical numbers.
7 Cam Newton CAR 6500 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 18.57 Cam’s unpredictable, but he looked good last week and is a solid play as a QB1.
8 Eli Manning NYG 6100 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 18.905 The Chargers are down one stud corner now and it’s showing in their results. OBJ can handle Casey Hayward in my opinion though a slight bump down is fair. The rest of Eli’s weapons have plus matchups.
9 Alex Smith KC 5900 KC@HOU 08:30PM ET 23.145 This is a dangerous matchup for him because the Texans can really make you pay for running around in the pocket. My guess is that they get the ball out early which limits an already limited player. Still, he’s playing well and there are some good options on the be. He’s playable.
10 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 6400 JAX@PIT 01:00PM ET 14.695 Not loving this matchup for Big Ben, who has looked just decent so far.
11 Andy Dalton CIN 6000 BUF@CIN 01:00PM ET 14.27 The Bills are not an easy out but he looked better last week.
12 Carson Wentz PHI 6600 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 20.255 He’s already shown an ability to work around tough matchups for Alshon Jeffery and that’s what we have this week. Went is playable but without. Monster ceiling.
13 Sam Bradford MIN 6000 MIN@CHI 08:30PM ET 28.54 Sounds like he is a go and the matchup is good for the pass. He’s a little risky as we’re not sure
14 Jared Goff LAR 5300 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 18.295 Tough home matchup.
15 Philip Rivers LAC 5800 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 17.32 His best receiver, Keenan Allen, should avoid Janoris Jenkins and that helps. Rivers should be solid here, but he’s got a shaky floor with a long cross country trip and a tough matchup.
16 Jacoby Brissett IND 5600 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 12.805 Solid matchup.
17 Marcus Mariota TEN 6400 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET 17.57 Looking very questionable and with a weak hamstring, he’s a poor bet to run much. Hopefully you have a b plan B option. If not, you may have to consider the dreaded Matt Cassel.
18 Josh McCown NYJ 4500 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 12.46 It’s not pretty but he’s getting something out the weapons he has and this is a matchup where you want to throw. He’s not recommended but he’s viable this week.
19 DeShone Kizer CLE 5500 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 13.815 Jets best player are on defense so not a great start with his mediocre receivers.
20 Tyrod Taylor BUF 5000 BUF@CIN 01:00PM ET 15.14 No weapons so limited upside.
21 Jay Cutler MIA 5200 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET 10.62 Now way to trust him right now. Huge disappointment to the point where a move to Matt Moore makes sense.
22 EJ Manuel OAK 4900 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 3.24 Do not trust him at all, but he can run so that helps if you are forced to use him.
23 Mitchell Trubisky CHI 4900 MIN@CHI 08:30PM ET 0 Tough matchup for a first time starter.
24 Joe Flacco BAL 4700 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 8.485 Has looked bad, but the matchup is pretty good.
25 Blake Bortles JAX 4800 JAX@PIT 01:00PM ET 15.77 No thanks.
26 Brian Hoyer SF 4700 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 11.755 Not safe right now and could potentially get yanked.
27 Matt Cassel TEN 4700 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET -2.16 Could post some numbers in this matchup if he is the guy. Could also crater because he sucks.
28 Case Keenum MIN 5100 MIN@CHI 08:30PM ET 15.667 He’s a good plan B if you plan on starting Bradford, who now looks like a decent bet to start.
29 Tom Brady NE 8000 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 26.915 (ALREADY PLAYED) The Pats need to throw to score points on Tampa. The Bucs look like a good bet to score plenty of points unless the Patriots get good on defense very fast, so the peddle should be on the floor most of the way tonight. I love Brady in Thursday to Monday pools.
30 Jameis Winston TB 6000 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 21.153 (ALREADY PLAYED) He’s a straight steal, but sadly he’s off the main menu and unavailable in the Milly maker and other main slate events. I’ll get a few share of Winston and Brady tonight … if I finish the rankings in time!
31 Drew Brees NO BYE
32 Matt Ryan ATL BYE
33 Trevor Siemian DEN BYE
34 Kirk Cousins WAS BYE