Quarterback Rankings Week 6

Quarterback Rankings Week 6

A look at he Week 6 QBs with DK pricing (updated Saturday)
By: Pete Davidson : October 12, 2017 2:19pm

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Welcome to the Week 6 Quarterback Rankings. I’ll be back a little later with the running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. All positions should be up before Thursday Night kickoff.

I have a lot of Russell Wilson this year, so I am streaming in a few leagues this week. Brissett and Siemian and the two guys I am streaming. Not too bad. In really deep leagues, you can get away with a guy like Hogan, McCown or even Keenum. One of them should be available.

As always, I’ll update these rankings on Saturday.

Bye losses:

  • Russell Wilson
  • Dak Prescott
  • Andy Dalton
  • Tyrod Taylor

1 Drew Brees NO 7200 DET@NO 01:00PM ET 20.175 Hard not to love this matchup on paper. We’ve seen these two teams play ugly games in the past, but the 2017 versions should score points. Brees should throw a ton and has the matchups to be efficient. Worth the money on DK.
2 Tom Brady NE 8300 NE@NYJ 01:00PM ET 25.056 The Patriots love running the score up on the Jets and they are uniquely built to take the down the Jets defense—easily able to play away from the Jets’ strengths and right at their weaknesses. This should be ugly.
3 Aaron Rodgers GB 7300 GB@MIN 01:00PM ET 23.996 Should be solid here as he can easily throw away from Xavier Rhodes with all his weapons.
4 Deshaun Watson HOU 6700 CLE@HOU 01:00PM ET 24.156 Playing well right now and his game is great for fantasy. Sweet matchup.
5 Kirk Cousins WAS 6800 SF@WAS 01:00PM ET 18.965 Hard to not like him here. Long trip for the 49ers and they looked bad against Brissett last week.
6 Matt Ryan ATL 7000 MIA@ATL 01:00PM ET 15.99 Good home cooking matchup coming off the bye.
7 Philip Rivers LAC 6600 LAC@OAK 04:25PM ET 18.22 Solid matchup.
8 Matthew Stafford DET 6500 DET@NO 01:00PM ET 16.988 Good matchup and should be in throw mode.
9 Jameis Winston TB 6200 TB@ARI 04:05PM ET 21.23 Needs to get it done without much help from Evans who should be shadowed by Paterson all day.
10 Carson Palmer ARI 6100 TB@ARI 04:05PM ET 18.512 Good matchup. They should throw plenty. If AP can be at all effective, they’ll be able to run some play-action.
11 Alex Smith KC 6400 PIT@KC 04:25PM ET 24.488 Should be typical here.
12 Marcus Mariota TEN 6300 IND@TEN 08:30PM ET 17.57 Love him here if he is ready, but there is risk he sits or doesn’t play his usual game. It’s a great matchup. You need to have Cassel or Brissett on your bench or you are taking a big risk waiting for Mariota on Monday Night. **Still limited in practice and listed as questionable. Have to figure he won’t run much. Downgraded him a few spots. Still a great matchup.
13 Jacoby Brissett IND 5800 IND@TEN 08:30PM ET 14.636 He’s getting it done by using his whole skill set and connecting with TY Hilton.
13 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 5700 PIT@KC 04:25PM ET 13.872 Still has great weapons but this matchup is tough and he’s shakiest in road situations.
14 Derek Carr OAK 5900 LAC@OAK 04:25PM ET 14.205 Hard to trust coming back early from a back injury.
16 Trevor Siemian DEN 5500 NYG@DEN 08:30PM ET 17.28 The Giants may not score, so the Broncos could end up running a lot. Should be solid though.
17 Josh McCown NYJ 5200 NE@NYJ 01:00PM ET 12.86 Should throw a lot and the Pats give up yards.
18 Kevin Hogan CLE 4600 CLE@HOU 01:00PM ET 9.527 Looked good last week and no Watt, so he has a chance here. Lots of stronger options out there in seasonal though.
19 Case Keenum MIN 5000 GB@MIN 01:00PM ET 14.7 He’s functional most of the time. Not exactly what we’re looking for.
20 Brian Hoyer SF 5100 SF@WAS 01:00PM ET 14.428 He’s shown the ability to go off, but lack of weapons is an obvious concern. No Josh Norman certainly helps.
21 Joe Flacco BAL 5400 CHI@BAL 01:00PM ET 8.484 Throwing matchup so he’s viable.
22 Jared Goff LAR 5000 LAR@JAX 04:05PM ET 16.78 Very tough matchup.
23 Blake Bortles JAX 4600 LAR@JAX 04:05PM ET 13.356 He’s capable of big games (and ghastly ones, obviously) but they should be typically run heavy here.
24 Jay Cutler MIA 4900 MIA@ATL 01:00PM ET 9.835 Tough matchup with Atlanta’s corners and he’s looked like the ghost of Jay Cutler.
25 Mitchell Trubisky CHI 5000 CHI@BAL 01:00PM ET 5.66 No way to trust him on the road without any receivers of note.
26 Eli Manning NYG 4800 NYG@DEN 08:30PM ET 18.124 He’s toast with a bad OL and very few weapons after losing OBJ & Marshall, plus Shepard looking likely to miss Week 6. Unreal turn of events. Oh, and in Denver. Yikes.
28 Matt Cassel TEN 4700 IND@TEN 08:30PM ET 3.24 Could play if Mariots sits. In a deep league, he’s a good way to hold out for Mariota. The matchup is good enough where even Cassel could be serviceable.
29 EJ Manuel OAK 4800 LAC@OAK 04:25PM ET 7.55 He’s plan B for the Raiders if Carr can’t go.
29 Sam Bradford MIN 6000 GB@MIN 01:00PM ET 14.99 OUT
30 Cam Newton CAR 6700 PHI@CAR 08:25PM ET 20.696 (ALREADY PLAYED) Looking better and this is a good matchup for the pass. Mild concern on a short week with his shoulder injury.
31 Carson Wentz PHI 6600 PHI@CAR 08:25PM ET 22.456 (ALREADY PLAYED) Not on him as much as I might otherwise be this week because Lane Johnson is out.