Remaining Team Schedules

Remaining Team Schedules

A look at the schedule
By: Pete Davidson : November 06, 2013 6:35pm

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Here’s a look at the remaining schedule with Week 17 excluded, since no league worth its salt plays its bowl game that weekend. If you want to play around with this or want a printed copy, I have the original spreadsheet downloaded below in PDF, Excel and Numbers formats. At this point of the season, it becomes more and more about the schedule as each week passes.

I’ll be back later on today with an updated Watch List and a few trade targets. As always, we’ll have preliminary Week 10 rankings posted tomorrow and I will update them over the weekend.

TEAM Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Patriots BYE @Panthers Broncos @Texans Browns @Dolphins @Ravens
Jets BYE @Bills @Ravens Dolphins Raiders @Panthers Browns
Dolphins @Buccaneers Chargers Panthers @Jets @Steelers Patriots @Bills
Bills @Steelers Jets BYE Falcons @Buccaneers @Jaguars Dolphins
Bengals @Ravens Browns BYE @Chargers Colts @Steelers Vikings
Browns BYE @Bengals Steelers Jaguars @Patriots Bears @Jets
Ravens Bengals @Bears Jets Steelers Vikings @Lions Patriots
Steelers Bills Lions @Browns @Ravens Dolphins Bengals @Packers
Colts Rams @Titans @Cardinals Titans @Bengals Texans @Chiefs
Titans Jaguars Colts @Raiders @Colts @Broncos Cardinals @Jaguars
Texans @Cardinals Raiders Jaguars Patriots @Jaguars @Colts Broncos
Jaguars @Titans Cardinals @Texans @Browns Texans Bills Titans
Chiefs BYE @Broncos Chargers Broncos @Redskins @Raiders Colts
Broncos @Chargers Chiefs @Patriots @Chiefs Titans Chargers @Texans
Chargers Broncos @Dolphins @Chiefs Bengals Giants @Broncos Raiders
Raiders @Giants @Texans Titans @Cowboys @Jets Chiefs @Chargers
Cowboys @Saints BYE @Giants Raiders @Bears Packers @Redskins
Eagles @Packers Redskins BYE Cardinals Lions @Vikings Bears
Redskins @Vikings @Eagles 49ers Giants Chiefs @Falcons Cowboys
Giants Raiders Packers Cowboys @Redskins @Chargers Seahawks @Lions
Packers Eagles @Giants Vikings @Lions Falcons @Cowboys Steelers
Lions @Bears @Steelers Buccaneers Packers @Eagles Ravens Giants
Bears Lions Ravens @Rams @Vikings Cowboys @Browns @Eagles
Vikings Redskins @Seahawks @Packers Bears @Ravens Eagles @Bengals
Saints Cowboys 49ers @Falcons @Seahawks Panthers @Rams @Panthers
Panthers @49ers Patriots @Dolphins Buccaneers @Saints Jets Saints
Falcons Seahawks @Buccaneers Saints @Bills @Packers Redskins @49ers
Buccaneers Dolphins Falcons @Lions @Panthers Bills 49ers @Rams
Seahawks @Falcons Vikings BYE Saints @49ers @Giants Cardinals
49ers Panthers @Saints @Redskins Rams Seahawks @Buccaneers Falcons
Cardinals Texans @Jaguars Colts @Eagles Rams @Titans @Seahawks
Rams @Colts BYE Bears @49ers @Cardinals Saints Buccaneers