Rookie Dynasty Rankings

Rookie Dynasty Rankings

Updated Rookie Rankings (UPDATED 8/13)
By: Pete Davidson : August 02, 2014 6:32pm

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I just did a quick re-ranking of the rookies for long term purposes. I am still working on updating the comments and will get to that some time this week. A lot has happened in camp so far and there have been some serious injuries to guys like Jared Abbrederis (ACL) and Tyler Gaffney (left meniscus), so an update was sorely needed.

I’ll be updating the Top 400 again by Monday and the Cheat Sheets along with it. I’ll also be posting our Offensive Line Rankings and updating our projections this week, so check back.

1 Carlos Hyde RB SF It’s a packed backfield, but this guy is our strong bet to have the long term value. We suspect that he’ll be splitting with Gore soon enough and he’ll start to outplay him at some point in 2014. If you must have a starter this year, you can consider Bishop Sankey, but we like Hyde for the long term. His team is committed to blocking and to the run. They’re really good at it. Frisco is the perfect spot for this player. He has a chance to be a true lead back in the old school sense and that will lead to long term RB1 status in all scoring formats, and especially in non-PPR.
2 Terrance West RB CLE He’s behind Ben Tate and he’s competing with Isaiah Crowell too, but we are big fans of West. The guy who gets the primo gig behind Johnny Football is going to have significant value, but it’s a 3-horse race and they all have significant talent. West is my personal guess for having the most long term value, but it’s a guess and not much more. Underestimating Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell could get you in some trouble if you are looking for short term results.
3 Mike Evans WR TB Probably the guy I am most likely taking at the top spot in rookie drafts if I want a receiver, because he could be a rare commodity. He’s also going to play a lot and right away. Vincent Jackson is an established monster, so Evans won’t even draw number one corners. In fact, with Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Robert Herron working the inside, he’s not going to see many double-teams either. It’s all positive with Evans at this point.
4 Sammy Watkins WR BUF Going to Buffalo hurt his value a bit in our eyes. Bad weather and a mediocre QB situation are both concerns. He’s in Darrelle Revis’ division, so that’s not exactly a plus, though Buffalo gets NE in Week 17 this season, so that helps a bit. Don’t get me wrong, you can take Watkins at any draft position and be totally justified. He’s an elite talent.
5 Brandin Cooks WR NO A perfect fit for their offense and the brain trust will help him get off early. Cooks was a draft lottery winner for sure. You can justify taking him as high as number one, especially in PPR formats. We have him in a virtual tie with OBJ and Sammy Watkins. Pick the flavor you like.
6 Bishop Sankey RB TEN Has a great chance to start and hang onto this ranking. Bishop is a highly talented back with 3-down ability with only Shonn Greene to compete with. This is clearly the back to own in Tennessee. The team looks fairly well committed to Sankey.
7 Jordan Matthews WR PHI We like him a lot. Just read our scouting report. That said, don’t expect the world right away. There are a lot of established weapons in Philly. Matthews might get worked in slower than some think. You have the two rookies (Josh Huff), but also the tight ends plus Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin. There’s only one ball, folks. Oh yeah, we’re not sure if Darren Sproles will steal many balls from the receivers either. That’s a factor too.
8 Kelvin Benjamin WR CAR He’s not a dependable guy from a character/motor standpoint. The other side of the coin is that he could not have done better in terms of what team he went to. The Panthers are begging him to be the guy as soon as possible and he has a lot of mature veterans around to show him the way. Huge upside here if you can stomach the risk. Just understand that immediate returns are no lock. Carolina failed to land a dynamic weapon in the draft or in free agency, so teams may be able to dedicate extra attention to the rookie. Still, he should be a factor this season and we think his upside is enormous for the long term.
9 Odell Beckham Jr. WR NYG We project him to be Eli Manning’s number one by the end of the season and we think he’s a long term stud. We think he’s a better bet to stay healthy compared to Watkins and we like the Giants organizational stability. This player is still a bit underrated. This kid could be the next Isaac Bruce or thereabouts. He’s not quite as fast, but he’s a bit more athletic. We’re all-in on Odell. I have bumped him down few pegs because of his current hamstring issue. It could damage his rookie season if things don’t get better quickly.
10 Johnny Manziel QB CLE If QB is the position you seek, then Manziel is the guy to take. We’re not as worried about his receivers as the rest of the world for a few reasons. First of all, what’s there is not as bad as it’s being portrayed. Second, Josh Gordon will be back at some point this year or next. Additionally, Johnny will get you foot-points on a weekly basis and he’ll get more if they are struggling to throw. That will loosen up defenses and that will allow even his below average receivers to get uncovered. Johnny Football is a QB1 as soon as he starts ... and we think he starts right away or very early on. We have him ranked high, so you might want to pass on him if you are set at quarterback. We just want to emphasize how good a fantasy option he’ll be once that offense is up and running.
11 Davante Adams WR GB He could take some time, but he could also be one of Aaron Rodgers top two targets along with Randall Cobb once he’s fully integrated. Adams found the ultimate long term home. Rodgers is the perfect quarterback for his game because he likes to trust his receivers to make plays on the ball and that is something Adams does exceedingly well. If you can think long term, he makes a very very nice add, but, again, he could have close to zero value in 2014. Give proper respect to Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and Jarrett Boykin. Remember, Cobb did next to nothing as a rookie and the same goes for Nelson. This offense can take a little time and Adams is coming out of a spread offense.
12 Marqise Lee WR JAC We like Marquise but there are a lot of talented players in Jacksonville and we see a run-heavy scheme this year, so be careful. Cecil Shorts and Allen Robinson are talents to be reckoned with. That said, Lee has a chance to be the top target and has some value in 2014 due to that potential and the fact that’s he’s an NFL-ready receiver. The fact that he’s the healthiest of the team’s top weapons is a plus for 2014.
13 Devonta Freeman RB ATL All you need is a Steven Jackson injury. And, by 2015, you won’t even need that. Freeman is NFL-ready and he could light it up in the Falcons’ offense. We think he’s one of the more underrated guys out there.
14 Jeremy Hill RB CIN Gio Bernard is an issue and Hill needs to learn the offense, but he could earn a role quickly with his major talent. This looks like a shared backfield long term, so there’s a limitation as far as upside goes. They will not turn Gio Bernard into a hood ornament. You can bank on that. This ranking reflects that reality. If you are drafting for talent and upside, then Hill could be reasonable moved up.
15 Cody Latimer WR DEN It’s a crowded offense, but we like him for the long term and he’ll never see #1 corners with Demaryius Thomas around. We like Latimer’s game and Peyton manning is known for bringing receivers along quickly. Of course, it’s also important to remember that Latimer’s QB for the long term is not Peyton. We expect Manning to play his final season this year or next.
16 Paul Richardson WR SEA There are four very good receivers in Seattle, but we see Richardson as being a huge part of the offense before long. Russell Wilson’s stock went up on draft day. That’s for sure. The only reason this kid is not ranked higher is due to his lack of bulk. He’s a bigger injury risk in comparison to the bigger bodied guys. That being said, this kid projects as a dynamic weapon that can score from anywhere on the field. He’ll lineup everywhere and feed off of the Seahawks’ well established strengths.
17 Eric Ebron TE DET He caught a break on draft day. Calvin Johnson will draw defenders away from him. Meanwhile he has a QB without a conscience (that’s a good thing) who can make almost any throw. If this guy performs, he’s gonna post TE1 numbers over the long haul. He could do it right away, though you can’t count on that by any means.
18 Dri Archer RB PIT He could end up being a serious PPR monster at some point in the future, but the Steelers have little need to rush him in 2014. I like adding Dri in PPR leagues, but expect long term returns due to the Steelers deep depth chart at both RB and WR. Our guess with Archer is that he gets better steadily and is ready to be a serious contributor by 2015. This season should largely about special teams, where Archer should have a major role. This ranking could indicate over-drafting. Know your league and get Dri as late as you can, but I’d be fine using a late 2nd or early third on him in PPR formats.
19 Lache Seastrunk RB WAS Do you feel lucky, punk? Here’s the lottery ticket. Where you take him is up to you, because Lache could fall in a lot of rookie drafts. I’m inclined to go early enough to get him. We do not buy the long term union of Jay Gruden and Alfred Morris. Sorry, we just don’t. Seastrunk is a serious talent who may have put some teams off during the interview process. He was a bit aloof when I spoke with him at the Combine. That doesn’t change his film. Gruden now has a very talented player who was humbled by the draft process. All he needs to do is develop his game. It might take a season or two, but if he gets a chance, he could knock it out of the park. This player has some things to learn, but what if he learns them? What if he fits with RGIII and Coach Gruden? This is the most elusive player in the 2014 draft. Seastrunk has the ability to win rushing titles if things break right. I think a lot of people will focus on Seastrunk’s receiving ability, but what it will REALLY come down to is his ability to pass protect. The Redskins have a lot of places for RGII to throw to. They need a back who scares defenses ... and who can protect their biggest investment. This is an all-or-nothing pick, especially in the near term, but a pick I am willing to make.
20 Teddy Bridgewater QB MIN We love the fit with Norv Turner and the weapons are there for a ball-distributing QB. He should have short term and long term value. We do suspect some development time for that offense, so we do not expect TB to be a QB1 in 2014, but he could be fantasy-relevant. We expect him to start some time in 2014 if not right away.
21 Tre Mason RB STL He’s probably going to be splitting with Zac Stacy eventually, so there’s a ceiling issue here. Is this a player for Stacy owners to go after? Probably, though if we end up with a straight split, you lose some upside and have no alpha option. Of course, if one back takes control, you’ll be in a good situation regardless of which back it is. Mason is very much legit, so be prepared.
22 Andre Williams RB NYG So many unknowns here. David Wilson’s health and also the health of Williams’ shoulder. Then there’s Williams ability to protect Eli Manning. Williams has some nice value, but he could end up being a bit of a project in New York’s scheme.
23 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE TB He’s got great talent, but he’s also got a totem pole problem. Vincent Jackson and Evans can dominate the passing game and we’re big fans of Robert Herron out of the slot. ASJ’s blocking prowess may cost him some receptions on this particular team and he’s far from the only dominant red zone weapon on the team. Tampa is going to be flat-out nasty near the stripe if they can block at all.
24 Jerick McKinnon RB MIN Patience will be required but we love McKinnon as a long term talent. AP owners should look to land him in the early rounds. RBs get hurt as we all know and McKinnon has a big ceiling as a starter. Check out our full scouting report on Jerick if you haven’t already.
25 Allen Robinson WR JAC As I said with Marqise, this is a crowded team as far as the skill positions go. Robinson has serious upside, but it could take some time. Make a long term investment and hope for some early returns. If Robinson responds well to Gus Bradley’s gung ho style, he could end up being a star. There’s plenty of upside here.
26 Jace Amaro TE NYJ Amaro could see the ball a ton right away. The Jets invested heavy and they have plenty of targets available in their offense. This is fantasy and in PPR formats, Amaro is potentially a TE1 right out of the box. Three big factors are working in his favor. He’s going to be used as a receiver first and a blocker second. He’s an established route runner. The Jets need places to throw the football.
27 Blake Bortles QB JAC If you want a QB who you need to wait a year for, then this is your guy. He can be reasonable taken ahead of this ranking if QB is your priority.
28 Martavis Bryant WR PIT He may take a while to get a major role with the Steelers but this kid has huge upside due to his freakish size/speed combination. Big Ben wanted a big target, Now he has one. If you can be patient, Martavis could be a 2nd or 3rd round steal in rookie drafts. Some will fear Limas Sweed redux, but we like Bryant. He’s got far more burst than Sweed ever had. Just remember, Pittsburgh is loaded with young skill talent.
29 John Brown WR ARI You need to think long term here, but Larry Fitzgerald could be a cap casualty at some point, and this kid could become their second receiver behind Michael Floyd. Like we’ve said with small school guys in the past, you need to judge this kid by his ability and not by who he played against. Read our scouting report on Brown if you need convincing, but the kid from Pitt State is totally legit.
30 Kevin Norwood WR SEA He’s going to be a fixture up there. And a solid WR3 in 12-team leagues.
31 Jarvis Landry WR MIA We love this guy as a player and it’s all about his ability to get open. He could be anywhere from a role player to a dominant force depending is this single factor. We see him as a Hines ward type player and he could be good right away on the team. Ryan Tannehill will fall in love with him quickly as long as he’s open. Check out of full scouting report on Jarvis, posted in The Rotobahn under 2014 Scouting Reports.
32 Donte Moncrief WR IND You can buy into his freakish athleticism and the great quarterback, and we do to a large extent, but we’re also mindful of his hands and sluggish routes. This is a player who could have a longer than expected curve to full productivity. He could be the kind of player who folks give up on before he gets it and then goes off at some point down the line. We like him as a mid-round upside pick, but not an early pick, because we think he still has a lot to learn and to improve on.
33 Ka'Deem Carey RB CHI Forte is the man for now, but this is the back grab if you own Forte in dynasty or other long term formats. He can take over if need be and you would not lose all that much stat-wise. KaDeem is a diverse and fundamentally sound back. He’d excel in Marc Trestman’s offense if given a big role. Forte has two years remaining on his deal. We doubt he gets extended, but we also doubt that he gives up the job in the interim.
34 Josh Huff WR PHI He’s a Chip Kelly guy with plenty of PPR appeal ... and he knows the system, so he could make an impact in year one or two. Just remember how packed the Eagles’ roster is.
35 Charles Sims RB TB Right now we see him as more of a spoiler who can ruin Doug Martin’s PPR value. Sims has phenomenal receiving ability, but he’ll be lucky to earn even a half share in this backfield with the younger and more talented Martin. We like him as a pick for those who own Martin in deeper formats.
36 De'Anthony Thomas RB KC The Chiefs upgraded Dexter McCluster’s spot on the roster. They got a player with a better feel for the game (which is saying something) who should fit right in with Andy Reid’s scheme. Thomas could be a factor in PPR leagues right away, though it’s tough to tell how fast he will get involved in the offense. It certainly COULD happen quickly.
37 Quincy Enunwa WR NYJ It’s a bit early to get excited about Enunwa’s short term value, but we like the former Nebraska Captain a lot for the long term. His primary competition right now will come from Stephen Hill, who is rumored to be in the trading block, and rookie Shaq Evans, who we rate well below Enunwa. We think the Jets took these two out-of-order. We’re willing to bet on it. It’s important to realize that we have Enunwa ranked ahead of where he’ll be drafted, so you may want to leave him on the board until the middle rounds or late middle rounds to maximize value.
38 Bruce Ellington WR SF It’s a packed roster in San Francisco, so Ellington’s time may not be 2014, but we love what a guy with Ellington’s skill set might do for a team that blocks as well as the 49ers do on the perimeter and downfield.
39 Robert Herron WR TB In Tampa, Herron is just one guy in a sea of high end targets, so we’ll have to see what he does, but we love this kid as a player. He’ll get a lot of man coverage and could begin to emerge at some point if Tampa throws the ball enough. He’s a nice deep target in dynasty drafts.
40 Derek Carr QB OAK Plenty of upside, but he can’t help the Raiders be a good organization. Needs help from those around him. Still, he is a good bet to be a starting QB pretty soon which has appeal to those trying to develop the quarterback position in deeper leagues.
41 CJ Fiedorowicz TE HOU He’s solid and we expect good things, but he’s not an offense-first option.
42 Tom Savage QB HOU We like Savage as you may already know. We’re not sure how long it will take him to get the job, but we think he can hang onto it once he does. He’s a tough kid with starter’s tools.
43 Isaiah Crowell RB CLE This is a very tough player to put a value on. If you look at talent, this is a potentially elite running back. Then you look at his baggage and the fact that he did not get drafted and you’d be insane not to take pause. Then look at the Cleveland depth chart. Ben Tate and Terrance West are ahead of Crowell, and Tate has years in Kyle Shanahan’s system. Crowell is a lottery ticket, and, very likely, a long term one. Draft him that way and hope for the home run.
44 Storm Johnson RB JAC Facts to consider.... Toby Gerhart will start and just signed a 3-year deal. Denard Robinson and Jordan Todman are both very talented and young. There are simply too many backs in Jacksonville to get overly excited about Johnson. He’s worth a shot in the middle rounds in deeper formats for sure, but be realistic. Storm does have passing game chops and that’s good for PPR, but so does Gerhart and the rest of the group. Jacksonville’s backfield is highly underrated from a football standpoint.
45 James White RB NE White is a solid all-around talent and he has potential as a Patriot, but he’ll need some injuries in the short term.
46 Alfred Blue RB HOU He’s a big power runner with enough ability to be a factor in Bill O’Brien’s offense. He;s worth a late rounder in rookie drafts, especially if you own Arian Foster.
47 Michael Campanaro WR BAL The Ravens have some veteran receivers and tight ends who look like they will play a lot this season, but Campanaro is a player we really like and he could be that glue receiver the Ravens have needed for a few years now. Campanaro can play outside but his bones will likely be made as a slot option. If he can hold up to the pounding, he can post serious PPR numbers. He’s a solid value once the studs are off the board.
48 Jimmy Garoppolo QB NE Jimmy’s a great pick for Tom Brady owners, but his pay off is well down the line at this point. We do like JG’s chances because of all the things we say in his scouting report. The follow the link on the top toolbar to “The Rotobahn.”
49 Lorenzo Taliaferro RB BAL We’re not big fans of his game but his measurables are interesting and he did land on a team that could provide some opportunity with Ray Rice’s situation and Bernard Pierce’s mediocre skill set. Lorenzo is worth a late rounder if you are looking for RB depth or if you are looking to hedge against Rice’s availability.
50 Damien Williams RB MIA All he needs is a chance and he could do good things, but the Dolphins have a lot of tailbacks at this point, so Williams is more of a flier right now.
54 Jeremy Gallon WR NE If you read our scouting reports this year, you know I like Gallon a lot and he landed in perhaps the perfect spot as NE plays his kind of ball. In time, I expect Gallon to become a trusted part of the New England offense. He’s worth a look in the mid-to-late rounds especially in PPR scoring formats.
52 Troy Niklas TE ARI He’s a project, but if you can be patient, you could have something in a season or two. The size and ability is there and he’s on a team with a lot of talent.
53 Zach Mettenbereger QB TEN He’s a player to target for use in 2015 and beyond. He has upside too as Tennessee has weapons in the passing game.
51 Albert Wilson WR KC He’s a sleeper but he has a lot of ability and there’s opportunity in Kansas City. I like Wilson as a late rounder with upside.
55 Marion Grice RB SD He’s a solid talent, but he’ll need an injury to be in the discussion. Not a bad mid-to-late pick, especially if you own Ryan Mathews.
56 Aaron Murray QB KC If Alex Smith does not sign an extension, we expect Murray to be the future at QB in KC. Yes, he is small, but he can play and would do a great job with Andy Reid’s offense.
57 Richard Rodgers TE GB Not athletic enough to get excited about but he is in Green bay and they used the 98th overall to get him. That should give him a chance to stick and learn. Then you have to thrown in the Aaron Rodgers factor.
58 Logan Thomas QB ARI He’s a long term developmental prospect with a ton of upside. The depth at QB makes him less appealing, but this is a kid to keep an eye on and to roster if owning the Cardinals future QB is a priority for you.
59 Devin Street WR DAL Dallas is jam packed at receiver right now, so betting on Street is a long term move.
60 Blake Annen TE PHI We’re fans of this kid, but it’s a pure projection. He’s the upside guy we are looking to take at TE once the more solid options are off the board.
61 AJ McCarron QB CIN He has a chance to take the job at some point and the Bengals job is a nice gig for fantasy purposes. Just look at the numbers Dalton has posted while playing very ordinary football. McCarron can do the same or perhaps a bit better as we think he possesses a superior feel for the game compared to Dalton.
62 Mike Davis WR OAK Oakland has some talent at receiver, but Davis has enough talent to challenge for a roster spot and perhaps some playing time too. He’s among the most valuable rookies who did not get drafted.
63 Jeff Janis WR GB So many guys in Green Bay to compete with and Janis has mediocre special teams skills. We like him, but he’s no lock to make the team.
64 L'Damian Washington WR SF He's a 49er and we like the fit long term. He’s worth owning in deep leagues.
65 Jake Murphy TE OAK This is definitely a player to monitor because he went to Oakland and there’s opportunity there. He’s also got a young QB to work with in Derek Carr. Murphy is worth a look late in rookie drafts. He’s got the receiving chops you want in a tight end.
72 Corey Brown WR CAR “Philly” won the draft lottery by going to a team with an acute need at receiver. He’s a viable late round pick in deeper rookie leagues and he could make an impact in Carolina if he takes to the scheme. A player to keep an eye on.
67 Colt Lyerla TE GB He’s been invited to Packers rookie camp, so he’s on the radar, but there’s a lot working against him. A high-end talent worth monitoring. Call him this year’s version of Da’Rick Rogers.
68 Ryan Grant WR WAS They like him in Washington and dropped a 5th rounder on him. He could develop in time but Washington is pretty well set with their top three receivers, so you need to write off 2014 pretty much.
69 George Atkinson III RB OAK He’s a big strong fast guy with some ability, but he’s down on the depth chart. Late round flier.
70 Henry Josey RB PHI We thought Josey should have been drafted, and he landed in a great spot for his skill set, but you obviously have LeSean McCoy and a few others in the mix. Still, this kid is a football player with nice speed and elusiveness. I like him as a deep add in dynasty, especially for McCoy owners. This is a back who can really play if he gets the chance. He can pass protect and he’s a very good receiver out of the backfield.
71 Charcandrick West RB KC We like Charcandrick a ton, but reality is reality. He’s behind Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis. That’s a tough break and it limits West’s appeal. Still, he is a talent and worthy of a flier in deep formats.
66 Tyler Gaffney RB CAR Gaffney is out for the year and has been claimed by New England. He’s worth a late flier.
73 Brandon Coleman WR NO We’re not big fans of his routes or hands, but he’s a monster at about 6”6” and if they can develop him on New Orleans, who knows. He’s going to be over-drafted. He’s worth a late round flier in our view.
74 Arthur Lynch TE MIA He’s a big kid with good hands and he could move of the depth chart here in time. Not a special talent.
75 Terrance Cobb RB JAC Cobb has talent, but he also has a fairly stacked depth chart ahead of him. He’s a late rounder but a worthy one. Short term value is almost out of the question.
76 James Wilder Jr. RB CIN It’s hard to see him having any value in the near term, but he’s a talented kid with ability and good blood lines. He’s late flier.
77 Silas Redd RB WAS If Silas can get healthy, he can become a factor in this backfield, but he’s been banged up for a while now, so it’s no given. He’ll also have to get in line behind Roy Helu, Alfred morris and probably Lache Seastrunk as well.
78 Shaq Evans WR NYJ We’re somewhat intrigued by Shaq, but he’s likely to be over-drafted due to where the Jets took him. We think Quincy Enunwa has more fantasy appeal.
79 David Fales QB CHI Fales landed in the perfect spot for him and he could develop nicely under the tutelage of Marc Trestman. Fales is an interesting player for Jay Cutler owners to roster in deeper formats as a hedge against another Cutler injury. The issue is that Fales probably won’t be ready until 2015. Act accodingly.
80 Rajion Neal RB GB A good back, but this backfield is insanely deep. He’s destined for the practice squad.
81 Eric Lora WR MIN We watched of film of this kid while we were scouting Jimmy Garoppolo, and we like him. He could develop into a dependable slot receiver in time. He’s a flier in deep rookie drafts.
82 Matt Hazel WR MIA We're not as enamored with hazel as some but he could become a solid possession type in time. It’s hard to see him doing anything as a rookie.
83 Jalen Saunders WR NYJ We really have our doubts as to how much of a factor Saunders can be at his size in the NFL. Seems like a long shot.
84 Roy Finch RB NE He’s just a body for camp right now, but he has some upside, so he’s a player to monitor.
85 Dustin Vaughan QB DAL As Rotobahners know, Vaughan is one of our favorite QB sleepers in this year’s draft class. We think he could be the guy after Romo in Big D. Check out his full scouting report in The Rotobahn. It’s on the top toolbar.
86 Kapri Bibbs RB DEN We like Bibbs and he’s got a shot to stick here. He is worth a late flier for those who want to lock down the Denver backfield.
87 Asa Watson TE NE Younger brother to Ben watson, so there’s some Patriot history there. He’s a flier in really deep formats because he projects as an offensive tight end and not a blocker.
88 Tim Flanders RB NO He’s a back to keep an eye on but they have a deep backfield in New Orleans even with the departure of Sproles.
89 David Fluellen RB PHI Way too many good backs in Philly to get excited about Fluenn, who is a solid talent. Just a deep option for now.
90 Willie Snead WR CLE He’s going to be in Cleveland’s camp and he’s a good possession guy with 10 inch hands. He could be a factor in the short term if Cleveland continues to be light at receiver.
91 Nathan Slaughter WR HOU We like his ability though there are a lot of guys ahead of him on the depth chart.
92 Jared Abbrederis WR GB He's out with an ACL and is just a deep flier now.
93 AC Leonard TE MIN He has nice upside in the passing game, but he’s a work inprogress.
94 Stephen Morris QB JAC We really like him, but he’s 3rd on the depth chart at best for now.
95 LaDarius Perkins RB GB A nice all-around talent that is on an impossible depth chart.
96 Solomon Patton WR TB He’s on the wrong team for any shot at short term value.
97 Keith Wenning QB BAL He’ll be Flacco’s backup, so value him accordingly.
98 Walt Powell WR ARI A 6th rounder out of Murray State, Powell has a nice skill set and is a good hands catcher. He ran slow at Indianapolis and projects as a smallish possession receiver.
99 Chandler Jones WR
100 Tim Cornett RB