Rotobahn Podcast: Talking Twitter & Fantasy News

Rotobahn Podcast: Talking Twitter & Fantasy News

Talking Twitter
July 05, 2017 4:01pm


Welcome back to the Rotobahn Podcast. I did a few podcasts over at WEEI, but the Rotobahn Pod was off for the month of June. Break time is over. I expect to have a pod every week at the bare minimum through July and August and probably 2-3 on a lot of weeks. Once the NFL season starts, it’ll be podcast city—with three pods every week if you count my WEEI pod with Jim on Fridays. We’ll also start cranking out the Fantasy Football Hour live on Sunday mornings in early August at the latest.  The first show is most likely going to be on August sixth.

Today’s podcast hits a few news items and then gets into some of the more interesting Twitters discussions I’ve had over the last week. I also struggle with my mic stand at one point, and luckily it came through loud and clear. Enjoy. If you liked this podcast format, let me know, it was sort of fun to do and I’d definitely do it again if folks enjoy it.

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