Rotobahn Top 100

Rotobahn Top 100

The Top 100 redraft options
By: Pete Davidson : July 07, 2014 5:43pm

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Today we have our first redraft rankings list ready for your perusal It’s the beginning of our Player Universe. Today I am giving you our current top 100. I’ll be expanding this list on Thursday (Yes, I pushed it back one day) and then again next weekend. When I’m finished, you’ll have the Rotobahn’s top 300 redraft assets all in place.

As I do more mocks and MFL10s, I’m beginning to get a feel for this year’s talent pool and for how the the general public are drafting and valuing players. Strategic thoughts are on the way in the form of the Rotobahn Draft Plan.

As always, we have these players ranked for their value in standard scoring with comments on the players that will have added value in PPR leagues. We also have our initial projections posted for the big four positions. It’s broken down into PPR and standard scoring.


One of the best things about our Player Universe and all rankings lists, are how quickly they can be navigated or searched. If you want our take on a specific player, just start typing his name in the search box (on the right-hand side of the page) and he’ll pop up as you type. No need to hit enter or to reload the page.  Lastly, if you haven't been following our offseason content, go to The Rotobahn.  You will find scouting reports and rankings for all the important rookies and a lot more to whet your fantasy whistle.

1 Adrian Peterson RB MIN 10 I’m putting AP up top to make a point about how good he could be this year. If you want to go with Charles or McCoy, that is completely reasonable. We project all three to post similar elite numbers in standard leagues. We bump AP back a bit in PPR formats. The future HOF RB will be great in Norv Turner’s offense.
2 Jamaal Charles RB KC 6 There’s no reason to doubt him in year two of the Andy Reid Era. He’s healthy and we’ve already seen him dominate in the new system. He could lose a little bit of volume as they increase Knile Davis’ role, but he’ll still be elite.
3 LeSean McCoy RB PHI 7 Like Charles, we’ve seen how good he is in a new system, and we expect HC Chip Kelly to continue featuring the mercurial back. And, as with Charles, we also expect a slight down tick in playing time. The addition of Darren Sproles should allow them to rest McCoy a little bit more than they could in 2013. McCoy is still elite … even with a slight reduction in snaps.
4 Eddie Lacy RB GB 9 We’ve fully bought into Lacy. With the seeming retirement of Johnathan Franklin, Lacy becomes the obvious best option in all situations. He’ll get rest, but not as much as he’d have gotten with a healthy Franklin behind him. He projects as a fantasy stud in 2014. He’s ahead of Forte in standard scoring.
5 Matt Forte RB CHI 9 The last of the high probability bell-cow guys. Forte is entrenched in a system that plays to his strengths. He’s top five in all scoring formats and perhaps top three in PPR.
6 Calvin Johnson WR DET 9 Megatron makes a good pick anytime after the five elite backs are off the board. Calvin has more help this season with the additions of Golden Tate and Eric Ebron. He’ll be a little harder to double and should continue to dominate statistically. He’s our top receiver in all formats.
7 Jimmy Graham TE NO 6 As long as there are no reports of foot trouble, we like taking Graham very high and locking up one of the bigger differential players in fantasy football. Tight end is not deep with elite talent and Graham stands alone among the elite options that do exist. To me, he becomes a viable selection as soon as the top five backs are off the board.
8 Demarco Murray RB DAL 11 Long time Rotobahn readers know that we’re big fans of Murray’s game and his ability to stay healthy in 2013 was encouraging. What’s also encouraging is the Cowboys’ improving offensive line and a scheme that should really play to Murray’s strengths in the receiving game. The Cowboys’ new OC Scott Linehan is another positive as he’s coached some very productive backs from a fantasy perspective. Murray’s PPR value is even higher than his standard value. I am ok with taking Murray in round one, especially in PPR leagues.
9 Montee Ball RB DEN 4 He's young with fresh legs and he’s going to play major snaps behind Peyton Manning. That’s essentially the argument for Montee Ball and I can’t say that I disagree. He showed enough as a rookie to buy into him now that Knowshon Moreno is a Dolphin. This team will move the ball as they did in 2013 and Montee Ball is going to see tons of scoring chances. He’s a very solid RB1 option worthy of a round one selection.
10 Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 4 The loss of Eric Decker could allow teams to lean even harder on Thomas, but he should still see tons of volume and scoring chances. He’s an elite talent with an elite QB. A no-brainer selection late in round one or very early in round two. Draft Demaryius with confidence.
11 AJ Green WR CIN 4 He's a highly stable asset and a high-end talent. The only downgrade would be at QB, but Andy Dalton’s been the guy over the last two seasons and Green’s been an elite option during that time. He’s a very safe option as a WR1. Draft AJ with confidence.
12 Dez Bryant WR DAL 11 I worry a bit about injury. Dez had back issues last year and he is always willing to put his body on the line to make a play. If there’s a receiver that could out-stat Calvin Johnson this season, it’s Bryant, but he needs to play 16 games to pull it off. If you like those odds, then take him in round one.
13 Le’veon Bell RB PIT 12 He's great in any format because he will catch plenty of passes and he’ll get plenty of goal line love. If you read Rotobahn last year, you know we’re big fans of Bell’s game. With his foot injury seemingly in the rear view mirror, we are liking Le’Veon as a solid RB1 option in all formats. He’s a good pick at the round one/two turn and early on in round two of twelve team drafts. LeGarrette Blount is a nice handcuff option for Bell, especially in performance scoring leagues.
14 Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 4 Age and mileage are becoming issues, and his contract situation clouds his status in 2015. That said, he’s the man and Seattle will run the ball plenty as they always do. While we expect Christine Michael and Robert Turbin to get work, we also expect Lynch to lead the way and get the bulk of the goal line work. He’s still a RB1 option, but I am leaning towards elite receiving options like Dez or Marshall in PPR formats.
15 Julio Jones WR ATL 9 As long as you can stomach the risk of losing him to another foot injury, you will get one of the highest statistical ceilings in fantasy football by drafting Julio. It’s a play-to-win pick, but you better build some receiving depth just in case.
16 Brandon Marshall WR CHI 9 We do envision a bit more spreading of the football this year in Chicago and for a few reasons. The big one is that they want Jay Cutler getting rid of the football and taking fewer big hits. Cutler’s healthy is crucial to Chicago’s season. The Bears give Cutler great pre-snap advantages with size everywhere and potential mismatches all over the formation plus a reliable target out of the backfield. Marshall will be great and he’ll be a WR1, but he should see a slight drop from his 2013 numbers.
17 Jordy Nelson WR GB 9 He's healthy and so is his HOF QB. Nelson is a reliable WR1 as things currently stand. He’s got high-end potential in all the receiving categories. He’s a WR1 in both standard and PPR scoring.
18 Arian Foster RB HOU 10 We are avoiding Foster if we can. He’s past his prime and the injuries have begun. He will have to reinvent himself to some extent in a new offense though the blocking scheme should be similar in the running game. Arian still has RB1 upside, but we just don’t trust him enough overall to pull the trigger in the early rounds and certainly not at his ADP of 11. We also have concerns that new QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, will not be able to get defenses out of the box with enough consistency as Matt Schaub could in his prime.
19 Alshon Jeffery WR CHI 9 How are teams going to stop him? Brandon Marshall draws extra coverage and the Bears have talent all over the formation. Jeffery is going to get his unless he gets hurt. He’s a safe option in the 2nd or 3rd round of any draft.
20 Antonio Brown WR PIT 12 He's worth even more in PPR, but we like him in all formats because he’s the one receiving option in Pittsburgh that you know is going work. We like a lot of the young talent in Pitt, but they are young and they have yet to actually do it. Brown is the centerpiece of the passing game and a very stable fantasy option.
21 Randall Cobb WR GB 9 He's healthy and that’s all we need know. He’s a high-end weapon with a HOF QB slinging him the ball. Look for WR1 caliber production in 12-team leagues and give him a little bump in PPR scoring. He’s got 100 catch potential and he’ll score about ten times too.
22 Andre Ellington RB ARI 4 Ellington leads a big tier of backs ranked near the end of round two for 12-team leagues. The reason he’s out front is because he is so entrenched as the lead back on his team. Arizona should give him ample opportunity in terms of volume and his OL is going to be significantly improved compared to his rookie season. Remember, the Cards lost OG Jonathan Cooper (7th overall selection) last August. He returns from a broken leg at 100 percent.
23 Doug Martin RB TB 7 Like Stacy, Martin’s a guy that could move up or back depending on how his role shapes up in camp. The Bucs drafted Charles Simms, a player who could take the 3rd down role at some point. The Bucs are talking up a RBBC, but we’re still leaning heavily towards Martin because he’s the back with the most talent. Just don’t expect him to dominate the snaps as he was expected to in 2013.
24 Zac Stacy RB STL 4 Stacy could move up a spot or two if he locks up his job in camp. We have some mild concerns that rookie Tre Mason could cut into Stacy’s role in the near term. It’s more likely that it will happen over time, but a good August for Mason is bad news for Stacy’s value. In that scenario, Zac could get a downgrade. The one thing we don’t question is Stacy’s ability, which we liked quite a bit going into last year’s draft.
25 CJ Spiller RB BUF 9 Spiller is an elite talent and all he needs to do is stay healthy to post robust RB2 stats. What makes Spiller such a value is that he can often be had in the late second or early third round and that’s a great place to draft a back with round one upside.
26 Julius Thomas TE DEN 4 He could become the second weapon in the offense with Decker gone and Welker showing some signs of decline. Newcomers Cody Latimer and Emmanuel Sanders are both potentially productive, but Thomas has the experience with Manning and the system and perhaps the most TD potential on the team. The one concern I have is with his feet. His ankles cost him the bulk of his first few seasons and he missed two games in 2014 with a typical sprain. He’s a very reasonable option in the 3rd round on 12-team drafts and I would fault you for taking him late in round two if you have enough confidence to draft well late. That’s the thing about taking a TE early. You will need to find some value at RB or WR later on because you pass up on an elite option to take the tight end.
27 Ryan Mathews RB SD 10 Mathews is a back I want to push higher but there are a few key red flags to be mindful of. First, he’s still a back with an injury history though he played through pain in 2013 and deserves some credit for that. Second, Danny Woodhead really carved out a role last year and he should get plenty of snaps again in 2014. Third, the Chargers paid decent bucks for Donald Brown and we’re not sure how they plan to use him at this point. Last but not least, Mathews and the Chargers play a pretty nasty schedule this year. The Chargers posted nice numbers going against the NFCE in 2013. They get the NFCW in 2014—starting with Seattle in Week 1. All that said, Mathews played very well in 2013 and we like his chances of posting RB2 numbers in 2014. He’s better in standard scoring.
28 Giovani Bernard RB CIN 4 Gio is another back who might get a preseason bump. It’s all about how well Jeremy Hill comes along. If Hill is all they expected when the selected him in the 2nd round ahead of Carlos Hyde, Gio is going to lose a lot of the goal line and significant snaps between the 20s. This is a situation to watch very closely in August.
29 Rob Gronkowski TE NE 10 Here’s an extremely volatile asset. Gronk’s a reasonable selection a lot earlier than I have him ranked, but understand the risks of taking him there. Start by drawing a quick picture of the body. Now draw some x marks on all the areas that Gronk’s had surgery. Yikes. And, let’s face it, he’s going to keep getting hit by defenses that understand the value of getting him off the field. Ok, now the positive…. Gronk is probably the most valuable TE going when healthy. He’s on par with Jimmy Graham and perhaps even a shade better when you look at how he dominates in the Patriots red zone offense. It’s a play-to-win pick with huge downside if you take him in round two or even early in round three.
30 Peyton Manning QB DEN 4 As our readers know by now, we are not big on drafting QBs early. Late third round is where I start to consider them if there are elite options on the table. Of course, if your league awards 6 points for all touchdowns and a point for every 20 yards, you might consider the elites a little bit sooner. I’m still waiting for the 3rd round though perhaps earlier in the 3rd. Manning is our first choice, but we can see good arguments for both Rodgers and Brees. I have no qualms with any of them as the first QB off the board.
31 Michael Floyd WR ARI 4 Yes, this is a bold ranking, and you may be able to steal him in the 5th round of many drafts. I just want people to understand how good we think this guy is … and he is ready to bust out in Bruce Arians’ offense. Teams can’t lean on him with Fitz on the other side and the Cards have strengthened the offense overall this offseason. Good vibes here.
32 Aaron Rodgers QB GB 9 He's got a revamped (in a good way) receiving group and a stout ground attack. If the OL holds up, he could be the top QB when all is said and done in 2014. There’s very little chance of him being outside of the top five. Barring another bad injury, Rodgers will reassume his perch among the fantasy elite.
33 Keenan Allen WR SD 10 He's getting a lot of love from early drafts and understandably so, but I am somewhat concerned with his schedule, which includes two games with an improved Denver D and four games against the oh-so-nasty NFC West. The rest of the news is good for Allen, who showed legit WR1 chops in 2013. He’s the focal point of the San Diego passing attack.
34 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 4 I like Fitz as a WR1 or high end WR2 for 2014. He’s healthy and this is the best offense he’s had around him in a long, long while.
35 Andre Johnson WR HOU 10 He's a huge talent, so I can’t drop him much farther than this, but I worry about his QB situation and the new offense plus the fact that he’s at odds with the organization. He’s also at an age where there is risk of decline. I like AJ as a WR2 with WR1 upside and that’s what he is if you can nab him in the late 3rd or early 4th.
36 Drew Brees QB NO 6 I was ready to downgrade ( just a little) Brees this year after seeing some signs of decline last season. Then the Saints went out and drafted Brandin Cooks to more than make up for the loss of Darren Sproles. Brees now has a young trio of offensive weapons in Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills and Cooks and he still has a productive Marcus Colston, which adds stability. Brees should post great numbers once again in 2014. He’s in a dead heat with Manning and Rodgers for the top spot based on our numbers, so trust your gut.
37 Vincent Jackson WR TB 7 V-Jax is the lone established option in the Bucs’ offense and we expect him to thrive as usual. Teams will actually have a harder time throwing extra coverage at him with a deeper group of skill talent in Tampa this season. Mike Evans will also command respect and Austin Seferian-Jenkins could be a red zone monster. This is all excellent news for the Bucs QBs.
38 Pierre Garcon WR WAS 10 Will he get the same kind of volume in a new offense and with DeSean Jackson in town? Probably not, so we are not banking on a repeat of 2013 for Garcon. That said, he is a fine receiver and has the trust of his QB. We view Pierre as a very desirable WR2 option.
39 Cordarrelle Patterson WR MIN 10 This is a player I am looking to draft if I can. I’m having trouble saying “no” once I get into the 4th round. It’s a rare situation where I am ok with reaching because we love Patterson’s potential working with Adrian Peterson in Norv Turner’s offense. Last year’s coaching staff had some trouble using both AP and Patterson at the same time. Once Peterson was banged up, Patterson started going off. Norv Turner will get these two great talents working off of each other’s abilities. It’s not rocket science, folks.
40 Reggie Bush RB DET 9 He’ll be in a time share, but he’ll also be playing in an offense that throws to its backs as he was last year. With a bolstered receiving group, there will be plenty of room to work underneath for Bush and for Joique Bell. Bush has significantly enhanced value in PPR formats.
41 Percy Harvin WR SEA 4 I love Harvin, but he has to prove he can stay healthy. Ankles, hips and migraines lead the list of concerns and his style of play puts him in harm’s way consistently. He’ll be a big producer as long as he’s out there.
42 Roddy White WR ATL 9 Throw 2013 out. The guy played hurt all year. Last season is not in any way indicative of what White brings to the table. He lacks the TD potential that he had in his hey day, but Roddy is still going to catch a lot of balls and will see the zone enough to give him solid WR2 value. He gets a small bump in PPR formats.
43 Michael Crabtree WR SF 8 Injury is always a concern and there is more competition for targets in Frisco than at any other time in Crabtree’s career. Still, he’ll be the lead dog in the passing game and he’s healthy now. He makes a nice WR2 in any format, but you’ll want some extra depth if you are leaning heavily on Crabtree.
44 Torrey Smith WR BAL 11 He's got some post-hype appeal, and it’s not like the guy’s been disappointing. The only people reasonably disappointed with Smith are those who over-drafted him. We see a player making yearly strides and he should post his finest season to date in 2014. He’s a very nice value at his current ADP of 65. So you won’t need to draft him where I have him ranked. If you are patient, you can get him in the 6th round of 12-team leagues. For those in PPR, I think you can expect 70 plus receptions this season and an increase in touchdowns. He’ll get back to the 7-8 range and perhaps better.
45 Alfred Morris RB WAS 10 You can make an argument for taking him a lot higher, but we are very concerned that new HC Jay Gruden will revamp the offense in a way that will reduce the reliance on Morris, who is mediocre as a receiver to put it mildly. He’s a RB2 in standard league with RB1 upside if Gruden uses him as he’s been used in the past by Mike Shanahan.
46 Toby Gerhart RB JAC 11 You could argue that Gerhart deserves more love and you could reasonably argue the opposite based on career production and a young talented depth chart in Jacksonville. We are TG believers because he’s a big back with legit football skill. He can play effectively on all three downs (very good receiver) and he was paid the kind of money that says he will get used heavily. Gerhart is not a sexy pick, but if you are in need of a RB in the middle rounds, he’s a solid option and we think he’s equally good in PPR formats … maybe even a shade better.
47 Bishop Sankey RB TEN 9 He's young and unproven but he projects to handle the bulk of the snaps in the Titans’ backfield and that’s worth plenty. The Titans blocked pretty well over the season’s second half and they don’t have to face the NFC West as they did in 2013. We see an improvement over 2013 on offense and Sankey will lead the way along with Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter.
48 T.Y. Hilton WR IND 10 I want to push him higher but the Colts have an annoying tendency to play the wrong players at times. Just look at how long they stuck with DHB. Hilton is the best receiver in Indy now, but we have no confidence that he’ll play more then 70 percent of the snaps and that could limit him in terms of challenging the elite producers.
49 Jordan Cameron TE CLE 4 He's a proven playmaker and he’s the clear number one target on his team. I have no qualms about taking Cameron a little ahead of his ADP of 59, as long as you have a well stocked backfield when you pull the trigger. We like him in round five or later in 12-team drafts.
50 Chris Johnson RB NYJ 11 I'm tempted to rank him a lot higher, but this is the Jets we’re talking about and you just don’t know what they’ll do with their backfield. Right now, with an ADP of 58, Johnson is a freaking steal. People get all worked up over his 3.9 YPC in 2013, but there are two big things to remember. CJ was still a RB1 when all was said and done, and he played all four NFC West teams during his 16 game fantasy schedule. The Jets are actually a better offense than the Titans were in 2013. Johnson is getting hugely disrespected right now and is a steal in the 5th round or even a round earlier. His knee situation (scope/cartilage repair) should be all cleared up by camp but we’ll be monitoring it. Johnson has missed just a single game over the last six seasons and has never come in under 1,000 yards in his career.
51 Shane Vereen RB NE 10 He gets a large bump in PPR and I’d have him a lot higher if he’d EVER given us a good run of health. Vereen has huge upside, but he’s also suffered way too many injuries to trust as a core player. I like him in round five, but I’d go at least a round earlier in PPR, where he could really rack up points.
52 Trent Richardson RB IND 10 T-Rich is could move up our board with a strong camp. We are not scared to draft him and we still believe in his considerable talents. His film from 2012 and during his Alabama years is very good. The Colts went all-in on Trent and they almost have no choice but to trot him back out there as their starter in 2014. Then you have to consider the positives of playing with Andrew Luck, who should be able to get Richardson involved as a receiver. He’s a value right now with an ADP of 54.
53 Eric Decker WR NYJ 11 Decker’s currently carrying an ADP of 87, which is almost comically cheap. We’re targeting him between where we have him ranked and his ADP. I am drafting him in the 7th round or the 6th in tougher drafts and I am getting him almost every time. “Do likewise, gents. Draft him, he’s yours. You don’t, I got no sympathy for you.” Yes, Decker loses Manning, but he’s also going to get lead receiver targets. He’ll be a huge part of the Jets’ passing game and he’s proven to be a durable player. We’re not a stat-based site, but check this…. Decker was the 18th most targeted WR in the NFL last season, but he scored the 9th most in standard scoring and PPR as well. He out-produced for his target total. Now it’s fair to point out that Peyton Manning was his QB, but that’s still great production. He’ll be less valuable as a Jet, but he’s still a very solid WR3 (the price you pay right now) option with WR2 upside.
54 DeSean Jackson WR WAS 10 D-Jax was outstanding in 2013, but you’d be silly to assume that 2013 is a representative sample. It’s more likely an outlier. Outside of Chip Kelly’s offense, D-Jax has averaged 54 receptions as a pro. Do you really want to assume he’ll catch 82 against as he did in 2013? And, do we really want to bank on a second consecutive 16-game season? Jackson missed time in all five seasons before 2013. The odds say he’ll miss some time in 2014. Stay sober my friends. D-Jax has serious game, but don’t reach for him.
55 Victor Cruz WR NYG 8 I am not targeting Victor Cruz this season, but I am willing to take him if he slips a bit off of his ADP of 38, which we view as too high. While we do expect a bounce back season, we also see a player that’s flattened out a bit. He’s no longer drafting behind other talents and he’s not a lead dog. The good news is that he’s got some talented guys to run with in 2014. We expect Rueben Randle’s growth to continue and we expect Odell Beckham Jr. to be an outstanding receiver. That should make Cruz very effective out of the slot … but not at 3rd round prices. Not even in PPR.
56 Matthew Stafford QB DET 9 He's our 4th QB this year, but I don’t plan on taking him at his current ADP of 50. Not when I can get Andrew Luck ten picks later, Nick Foles 20 picks later and RGIII 25 picks later. Stafford should be a lock for QB1 stats barring injury, but you need to wait for him and hope he slips a bit.
57 Mike Wallace WR MIA 5 All of Wallace’s fantasy arrows are pointing up from 2013. He’s in his second season with Ryan Tannehill and they’ve changed the offense in a way that should help Wallace with new OC Bill Lazor. Wallace seemed mis-cast in Mike Sherman’s offense. Not that many Dolphins excelled. The guy was canned for good reason. The last bit of good news for Wallace is his ADP of 69. We’re just fine with taking Wallace as our WR3 (a strong one) if we can get him in that area of the draft.
58 Rashad Jennings RB NYG 8 Preseason could affect his value quite a bit, but right now he looks like the Giants main guy. I have my doubts about Jennings ability to put an entire season together, so be careful about placing too much faith in him. We’re balking at his current ADP of 47. He’s never carried the ball more than 163 times in a single season, and he’s broken down a few times while getting medium to light work. He’s also got plenty of competition and a HC that’s shown a quick hook.
59 Vernon Davis TE SF 8 He should produce at his usual level. He may have to share more with so much new talent around in San Francisco, but he’ll also see less double coverage with more depth and a healthy Michael Crabtree.
60 Andrew Luck QB IND 10 He's a stud with better surrounding talent than he had in 2013. Draft him with confidence in round six or later, but don’t fret if he gets taken. QB is incredibly deep this year.
61 Nick Foles QB PHI 7 Luck and Foles are the guys I want if I can’t get a top four QB at a bargain price. He’ll be just fine without DeSean Jackson and he’ll be even better in year two of Chip Kelly’s scheme. He may not post the same absurd TD-to-INT ratio, but he’ll roll up good numbers.
62 Stevan Ridley RB NE 10 Ridley could move up a bit with a big camp, but he’s hard to consider for a big move up our board when you look at his history of coughing of the football and his job along with it. What Ridley has is big upside, especially in standard scoring. He could get a lot of scores and pile up the yardage as LeGarrette Blount did down the stretch in 2013. Or....
63 Lamar Miller RB MIA 5 Miller is placed softly right now. He could move up or back based on how the summer plays out and how healthy and in-shape Knowshon Moreno proves to be. Miller’s a talented back and could excel with enough touches.
64 Jordan Reed TE WAS 10 We worry about the concussions. Rotobahn led the charge last year with Reed. Nobody was talking about him as early as we were, but the concussions cannot be disregarded. If we were 100 percent sold of Reed’s durability, he’d be ranked a full round earlier. As it is, we have him ranked a round ahead of his ADP, so looking for him in round 7-8 is a good strategy.
65 Robert Griffin QB WAS 10 I can’t help but be tempted by Griffin’s upside, which he’s already proven. He should be 100 percent this year and he has some match ups are really good. If I can get a good core built before I need to take him, I am giving him very strong consideration in or around the 7th round. The key is to get a solid plan B at the position because RGIII has four games against the NFC West this year and he’s an obvious injury risk.
66 Joique Bell RB DET 9 I‘ll bump Bell up a bit as soon as he shows that he’s 100 percent. He’s been struggling with knee soreness and his cuts are crucial to his game. Joique gets a nice 1-2 round bump in PPR formats.
67 Frank Gore RB SF 8 Gore has started to show signs of age and we are very concerned about how much playing time rookie Carlos Hyde could earn. Hyde is a damn near perfect fit for the 49ers. The coaching staff will love his game and his willingness to block as hard as he runs. Still, until we hear differently, Gore is the starter and should go over 200 carries again in 2014. He's a startable back as long as he's getting the touches. Rostering Hyde in the 11th or 12th round is a very good idea for those who choose to rely heavily on Gore.
68 Jason Witten TE DAL 11 He's getting on in years and a decline is expected but he should still post TE1 numbers in 2014. He’s a bit better in PPR versus standard.
69 Golden Tate WR DET 9 Welcome to the show, Golden. Tate has a Super Bowl ring and now he’ll have a chance to post some numbers in the Lions’ pass-happy offense. Well, ANYTHING is pass-happy after what Tate experienced in Seattle. He has a strong chance to post his best stats ever in 2014. Golden saw a lot of number one cornerbacks in 2013. That won’t happen much this season, with Megatron on the other side of the field. I like Tate a shade better than his ADP of 79. He’s got WR2 upside and a WR3 floor barring injury.
70 Steven Jackson RB ATL 9 It’s the mileage. After 2,552 carries, it’s hard to buy into Jackson when he’s coming off of his least effective season as a pro. 2013 could have been a lot different if both Julio Jones and S-Jax had stayed healthy, but now we’re a year down the line. Things have changed. We’re more scared of rookie Devonta Freeman stealing carries and snaps than we were of Jacquizz Rogers last year.
71 Marques Colston WR NO 6 We like him a bit better than his ADP in standard scoring formats. Colston closed out 2013 pretty well and should be able to tease ten scores if he can stay healthy in 2014, but he’s had knee woes for a while now, so don’t bet the farm on him as a WR2. Get him as WR3 prices or let somebody else have him.
72 Wes Welker WR DEN 4 We are concerned about the concussions and the totality of all the hits this dude has absorbed. That said, he’s still going to perform at a WR3 level or better when healthy, so he’s worth a look, but his ADP of 44 is way too expensive for us.
73 Ben Tate RB CLE 4 He's got a lot of upside if he can stay healthy, but he’s always a bit risky that way and he also has substantive talent behind him on the Cleveland depth chart. He could be a nice option early on, but 16 weeks of productivity is far from a lock.
74 Kendall Wright WR TEN 9 All he needs to do is start finding the end zone with a little frequency and I think we’ll see it happen this season. Wright gets a bump in PPR formats, but I think he’s got WR3 value in all leagues.
75 Julian Edelman WR NE 10 Edelman’s role should stay close to the same because Tom Brady trusts him and trust is huge in the NE offense. We still have some concerns about Edelman’s durability, but he toughed out plenty of nicks and bruises in 2013, so we trust him more than we did going into last year. he gets a bump in PPR scoring.
76 Ray Rice RB BAL 11 Rice could move up considerably if his expected suspension is shorter than expected. The rumor is 4-6 weeks, and that opens up potential problems if the Ravens run the ball well while he’s out. Right now, I am hoping someone else drafts Rice before I have to consider it. I’ll firm up Rice’s value once the length of his suspension is known.
77 Colin Kaepernick QB SF 8 We see his arrow pointing decidedly up. They’ve improved his supporting cast he’s got his top target back on the field. CK can beat you with his feet and his arm an that helps his fantasy floor. There will be some tough match ups because of his division, so getting a capable backup is advisable, but we think Kaepernick’s being undersold much the same way Russell Wilson is being undersold. You can usually get him in the 8th round and that’s good business from where we sit.
78 Matt Ryan QB ATL 9 He's a solid option though he lacks big upside in the wake of Tony Gonzalez’s departure. He’ll post respectable QB1 numbers and you can get him in the 7th round of most drafts. He’s not my top target at that stage, but I can live with him … no problem.
79 Greg Olsen TE CAR 12 I like Olsen a little bit better than his ADP though I am not predicting a huge breakout. What I do predict is a safe TE1 option with some nice upside as the top option in the Carolina offense. He should have a slight improvement on last year’s numbers.
80 Cam Newton QB CAR 12 Cam has been given nothing to work with in Carolina and his OL is a bit of a mess. While we still view him as a QB1 with elite upside, we aren’t going to bet on it with conviction this year—with him breaking in a rookie as his #1 WR.
81 Khiry Robinson RB NO 6 He's being taken right around the 100 mark, so you don’t need to take him this early. Nevertheless, we see Robinson taking a big step in 2014 and being a startable back in 12-team formats. He’s got more bankable value in standard scoring, but we’re not at all afraid to take him in PPR. He should catch a lot more balls this year.
82 Terrance West RB CLE 4 West could move up or back depending on how he performs at camp, but we are excited about this kid. He’s got some special traits for a back his size. He could take this job at some point but Ben Tate has an edge with all his time in the scheme. Right now, I like West at his ADP of 90 a whole lot better than Tate at his ADP of 65. Both are potential bargains, but Tate’s more risky. I start considering West as early as round seven in 12-team leagues.
83 Terrance Williams WR DAL 11 He has the ability to trash weaker corners and he’ll see a fair amount of those. He’ll also have some tough match ups against the NFC West, so he’s a WR3 that you may want to bench on occassion. His 81 overall ADP seems about right to me.
84 Tony Romo QB DAL 11 We are believers when it comes to Romo’s fantasy value in 2014, but I am not going to invest much in him at such a deep position (startable QB depth is at an all time high) until he proves that his back is fully healthy. If he can do that, he’s got huge weekly potential with such a talented offense around him and that includes thew OL for a change.
85 Tom Brady QB NE 10 He's being ignored a bit because his weaponry is not what it once was. That said, we like Brady's chances of being better than he was in 2013. Gronk should be back for Week 1 and the rookies receivers are not rookies anymore. Brady can still be your QB1 in 12-team leagues, and you don't need to burn a premium pick to get him.
86 Jay Cutler QB CHI 9 Cutler is a potential steal in 2013 with an ADP of over 100. If you can get him as your starter in round nine as I have been doing, you are ahead of the fantasy curve. His weapons are outstanding and he's in a very QB-friendly scheme. Perhaps most importantly, he is getting better protection up front. Only Jay's injury history is a worry at this point. Major value.
87 Mike Evans WR TB 7 Anytime you have this much TD potential, you are going to rank in the top 100. Evans could start slowly and he could have a learning curve. He could also rip things up against 2nd corners and we think Tampa can give him enough red zone looks to yield WR3 value by year’s end. Evans is a special talent and his skills are well suited for fantasy value.
88 Rueben Randle WR NYG 8 Randle is a guy we like as most Rotobahn readers know. He should be locked in as a weekly WR3 or flex option this year with the potential to get into the WR2 discussion if the Giants get their act together. Randle is the most proven red zone weapon on the team.
89 Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN 4 He's never had so much upside, but he’s also had issues staying healthy and is not an exceptional talent. He could be susceptible to a challenge from rookie Cody Latimer at some point. Still, with Manning comes upside so we like him as a WR3. The problem is that he’s currently being drafted at the WR2 level ( ADP 63) and that’s too rich for my blood.
90 Kyle Rudolph TE MIN 10 He's going around 100 (8th - 9th round) or so in most drafts and that’s a solid value. Rudolph can start for you if he’s heathy. He’s very capable of posting career year numbers in 2014. Rudolph is a nice talent and Norv Turner’s tight ends tend to produce good numbers.
91 Cecil Shorts WR JAC 11 I have all the faith in the world that Cecil Shorts will post good numbers when healthy, but I have reservations about his concussion history, so I will only pay WR3 or WR4 prices for him. He’s a solid buy at his current ADP of 99.
92 Hakeem Nicks WR IND 10 He's got major talent if he can find his game and some health. He’s also got a great QB to work with. We may bump him up if he wins a starting gig and shows off healthy wheels, but this is a deep receiving group in Indy, so I’ll stay conservative for now.
93 Riley Cooper WR PHI 7 Cooper is a serious touchdown threat because of his size and the way Philly can run the football. He was underrated in 2013 as we pointed out at the time and he’s still a shade better than his ADP of 99.
94 Martellus Bennett TE CHI 9 He's a player who is still getting better. He’s an every down TE that is a big part of the passing game and his red zone chops are top shelf. Martellus is a huge bargain at his current ADP of 145. Take him in round 10 or 11 if you want to push for value, and enjoy the stats.
95 Brandin Cooks WR NO 6 A good camp could move him up a bit, but we’re already buying in with this ranking. Cooks is legit and he’s just what the Dr. ordered for the Saints. We expect WR3 production.
96 Russell Wilson QB SEA 4 As I said in my Early Look at ADP, Wilson is one of the better value out there right now. He’s been a top 12 QB in both of his seasons to date and that’s not going to change.
97 Bernard Pierce RB BAL 11 He'll move up a bit if Ray Rice’s suspension is a significant one. We suspect that Pierce could do well in Kubiak’s stretch scheme. He’s a pure one-cut runner.
98 Jeremy Hill RB CIN 4 He has the potential to move up a lot with a good camp, but with Gio Bernard in-place, they have no need to rush Hill. BenJarvus Green-Ellis is still an option as well. Read our scouting report on Hill if you have not already done so. He’s a serious talent.
99 Kenny Stills WR NO 6 With an ADP of 124, you can probably get Stills a bit later on, but we think he’s a WR3 when all is said and done, so his value is somewhere inside the top 100. He picked up the saints’ scheme quickly last season and they will use him even more in 2014.
100 Marvin Jones WR CIN 4 As long as he’s listed as the starter, we see him as a top 100 talent. If they go back to Sanu for some odd reason, we will adjust, but we expect more consistency from Jones in 2014 and plenty of single coverage thanks to AJ Green on the other side and Tyler Eifert’s downfield ability.