Running Back Rankings Week 1

Running Back Rankings Week 1

Ranking the RBs with DK pricing included (Updated)
By: Pete Davidson : September 07, 2017 4:40pm

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Welcome to the Week 1 Running Back Rankings! These are the preliminary rankings. I’ve eyed them out and started fine tuning but they are far from set in stone. I will be updating the ranks on Friday and Saturday—adding more comments as I go.

I will return later on today, with the receivers and tight ends.

The running backs are deep as they usually are this time of year with no non-hurricane related byes and only preseason injuries to dampen our collective enthusiasm. The really strong plays are pretty obvious, and though some of your RB2s may be ranked like RB3s, there really isn’t much drop-off from RB20 to RB28, and there are playable options beyond that.

Programming note: The Fantasy Football Hour has been moved to Saturday afternoon this week and it will be a two hour show. Jim and I are pumped, so tune in from 3-5pm if you are in our broadcasting area. I’ll also tweet a link to the show once it’s posted on 

These rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.

1 David Johnson 9400 ARI ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 26.613 He’s the offense and he’s going to touch the football about 25 times against a defense ill prepared to stop him.
2 LeSean McCoy 8200 BUF NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 21.287 The Jets are defenseless right now. Like criminally defenseless.
3 Le'Veon Bell 9800 PIT PIT@CLE 01:00PM ET 26.293 Usage could be less than normal with a blowout possible and his being late reporting to camp. Still likely to have a very good game.
4 Ezekiel Elliott 8100 DAL NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 22.731 He’s playing and he’ll probably post strong RB1 numbers. Not using him much in DFS because he’ll be highly owned and the Giants are solid across the board on defense.
5 Devonta Freeman 7000 ATL ATL@CHI 01:00PM ET 18.444 Time share as always, but should be the more valuable of the two primary runners.
6 DeMarco Murray 7400 TEN OAK@TEN 01:00PM ET 19.363 Should post nice numbers here and should keep roughly a 2-1 snap/touch ratio over Derrick Henry.
7 Todd Gurley 6000 LAR IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 12.45 Love this matchup for him.
8 Jordan Howard 6300 CHI ATL@CHI 01:00PM ET 16.807 He’s a seriously tough runner. I think he’ll get his 20 plus touches.
9 Dalvin Cook 5900 MIN NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 0 Love this matchup for him.
10 Christian McCaffrey 5400 CAR CAR@SF 04:25PM ET 0 An offensive weapon who really can do it all. He’s not game flow dependent unless his team is winning in a blowout, and if they are, he probably contributed heavily. Should do well here.
11 Melvin Gordon 6600 LAC LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 20.123 Tough divisional matchup.
12 Carlos Hyde 4600 SF CAR@SF 04:25PM ET 15.469 He is the backfield save for rookie (and Rotobahn fave) Matt Breida.
13 Lamar Miller 5100 HOU JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 14.394 Toughish matchup but he should get the ball a ton.
14 Ty Montgomery 5800 GB SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 10.183 Love TyMo but this matchup is tough. Should be serviceable and should catch a few balls, but this defense defends back really well in the pass game.
15 Marshawn Lynch 5300 OAK OAK@TEN 01:00PM ET 0
16 Leonard Fournette 5700 JAX JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 0
17 Isaiah Crowell 5300 CLE PIT@CLE 01:00PM ET 13.694
18 Joe Mixon 5500 CIN BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 0
19 Ameer Abdullah 4300 DET ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 13.4 Tough matchup and they could fall behind. Plenty of good matchups ahead, but not loving this week.
20 Adrian Peterson 4500 NO NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 3.333 He should see at least half the carries and he’s fresh-legged for sure after sitting most of 2016.
21 C.J. Anderson 4600 DEN LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 15.071 Should an ugly game and that should give CJ plenty of opportunity. Still, Jamaal Charles’ role is a potential issue.
22 Bilal Powell 4900 NYJ NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 12.75 Should be in a time share and the Jets have very little to draft behind. Tough sledding for the backs.
23 Tevin Coleman 5400 ATL ATL@CHI 01:00PM ET 15.093
24 Mark Ingram 4800 NO NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 15.825 Tough matchup and it’s hard to see them going too far away from a highly motivated AP in this homecoming game.
25 Jonathan Stewart 5000 CAR CAR@SF 04:25PM ET 11.646
26 Paul Perkins 4300 NYG NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 5.9
27 Eddie Lacy 5000 SEA SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 9.16 Rawls should play, so this backfield is a foursome. Yuck.
28 Terrance West 4700 BAL BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 10.875
29 Rob Kelley 4300 WAS PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 9.04
30 Derrick Henry 5500 TEN OAK@TEN 01:00PM ET 6.606
31 Darren Sproles 3900 PHI PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 11.033
32 Danny Woodhead 5200 BAL BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 13.55
33 Theo Riddick 4700 DET ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 16.18 Gets a bump in full PPR.
34 Duke Johnson Jr. 4600 CLE PIT@CLE 01:00PM ET 9.075 Very interested to see how they use him. Hopefully he and Kizer can get on the same page early.
35 Frank Gore 4300 IND IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 13.825
36 Thomas Rawls 4800 SEA SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 9.827
37 Matt Forte 4800 NYJ NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 13.614
38 LeGarrette Blount 4500 PHI PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 14.528
39 Jamaal Charles 4200 DEN LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 4.467
40 Giovani Bernard 4500 CIN BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 12.63
41 C.J. Prosise 4100 SEA SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 10.167
42 James Conner 4500 PIT PIT@CLE 01:00PM ET 0
43 Jeremy Hill 4400 CIN BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 12.153
44 Latavius Murray 4200 MIN NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 15.153
45 Samaje Perine 4200 WAS PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 0
46 DeAndre Washington 4100 OAK OAK@TEN 01:00PM ET 5.488
47 Chris Carson 3000 SEA SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 0
48 D'Onta Foreman 4100 HOU JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 0
49 Branden Oliver 4000 LAC LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 0
50 Darren McFadden 6100 DAL NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 3.35
51 Shane Vereen 3800 NYG NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 8.04
52 Wendell Smallwood 3800 PHI PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 4.131
53 Robert Turbin 4000 IND IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 7.22
54 Javorius Allen 3000 BAL BAL@CIN 01:00PM ET 0.988
55 Matt Breida 3000 SF CAR@SF 04:25PM ET 0
56 Kerwynn Williams 3800 ARI ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 2.93
57 Zach Zenner 3800 DET ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 7.253
58 Aaron Jones 3700 GB SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 0
59 Chris Thompson 3700 WAS PHI@WAS 01:00PM ET 9.281
60 Tarik Cohen 3000 CHI ATL@CHI 01:00PM ET 0
61 Alvin Kamara 3500 NO NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 0
62 Jalen Richard 3900 OAK OAK@TEN 01:00PM ET 6.976
63 Alfred Morris 4400 DAL NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 2.886
64 Benny Cunningham 3600 CHI ATL@CHI 01:00PM ET 2.933
65 Wayne Gallman 3500 NYG NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 0
66 Elijah McGuire 3500 NYJ NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 0
67 Andre Ellington 3400 ARI ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 1.881
68 Marlon Mack 3400 IND IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 0
69 Dwayne Washington 3300 DET ARI@DET 01:00PM ET 3.746
70 Jerick McKinnon 3200 MIN NO@MIN 07:10PM ET 9.893
71 Orleans Darkwa 3100 NYG NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 2.63
72 Mike Tolbert 3000 BUF NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 2.163
73 Jamaal Williams 3900 GB SEA@GB 04:25PM ET 0
74 T.J. Yeldon 3900 JAX JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 9.247
75 Malcolm Brown 3900 LAR IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 0.656
76 Fozzy Whittaker 3700 CAR CAR@SF 04:25PM ET 4.756
77 De'Angelo Henderson 3600 DEN LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 0
78 Chris Ivory 3600 JAX JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 9.136
79 Devontae Booker 3500 DEN LAC@DEN 10:20PM ET 9.106
80 Joe Banyard 3000 BUF NYJ@BUF 01:00PM ET 0.7
81 Tyler Ervin 3000 HOU JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 0.221
82 Matt Jones 3000 IND IND@LAR 04:05PM ET 9.256
83 Corey Grant 3000 JAX JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 3.536
84 Terrell Watson 3000 PIT PIT@CLE 01:00PM ET 10.3
85 Alfred Blue 4200 HOU JAX@HOU 01:00PM ET 3.975
86 Rod Smith 3900 DAL NYG@DAL 08:30PM ET 0.2
87 Jacquizz Rodgers 4900 TB BYE 9.68
88 Jay Ajayi 6500 MIA BYE 14.738
89 Kareem Hunt 5800 KC KC@NE 08:30PM ET 0 Should be the primary weapon out of the backfield for the Chiefs. CJ Spiller’s been released so it’s hard to see Hunt not getting tons of work—even if Charcandrick West has a role as I suspect he will. (ALREADY PLAYED … originally ranked 14 )
90 Rex Burkhead 4400 NE KC@NE 08:30PM ET 4.994 You probably know I love this guy’s game. I think he gets 15 or so touches tonight and he could do very well. Gillislee’s presence is an obvious concern and risk factor. (ALREADY PLAYED … originally ranked 25)
91 Mike Gillislee 4800 NE KC@NE 08:30PM ET 8.38 I like him a lot, but has he practiced enough to give the coaches full confidence? He could be a guy who they choose to slow roll since they are so deep at RB. He’s a good goal line back, so touchdowns are possible and it’s the Pats, so GL chances are very frequent. (ALREADY PLAYED … originally ranked 39)
92 James White 3900 NE KC@NE 08:30PM ET 9.689 A sleeper for a big game but his role is always tough to gauge. When they feature him, he can post big digits. (ALREADY PLAYED … originally ranked 47)
93 Charcandrick West 4000 KC KC@NE 08:30PM ET 6.025 He’s a guy to watch because he’s the next man up behind a rookie starter. Should see 5-10 touches this week. ( ALREADY PLAYED … originally ranked 53)
94 Dion Lewis 3800 NE KC@NE 08:30PM ET 9.333 Always a threat and KC has some run vulnerability, so he could always hit the home run ball. Very interested to see the Pats’ RB usage this week. (ALREADY PLAYED … Originally ranked 58)