Running Back Rankings Week 3

Running Back Rankings Week 3

A look at the Week 3 RBs with DK pricing (update Saturday)
By: Pete Davidson : September 21, 2017 5:22pm

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Welcome to the Week 3 Running Back Rankings. I’ll be back in a little bit with the wide receivers and tight ends. All positions should be up well before Thursday Night kickoff.

There are no Week 3 byes. I’ll keep grinding these ranks and will have a final update on Saturday. I will occasionally update on Sunday if I have the time and if there’s a glaring need.

There are a lot of startable backs out there this week but there are plenty of problems too. Obviously the Arizona backfield is feeling its way, but the list is deeper than just ‘Zona.

  • Seahawks
  • Bengals
  • Giants
  • Eagles
  • Browns
  • Jets
  • Texans
  • Saints

Depending on your definition, I could add a few more, but you get the idea. While there are a lot of backs you can use, there’s also a definite lack of clarity in a lot of these backfields and it means there will be more opportunities on the waiver wire in the coming weeks. This is pretty good news for those who went super heavy with receivers in their drafts. If you are team who went heavy on backs, it may be in your interest to make things hard on zero RB teams in free agency and bidding. Add depth and look to make deals. Play the market as it is rather than hoping you catch a break later.

These rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.

1 Jay Ajayi MIA 7700 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 17.6 He is going to crush the Jets. The Dolphins’ coaches are resting him this week but the knee is not a big issue. Definitely make sure he is playing, but I suspect he will, and he’ll light the Jets up in a big way. I’ll gladly pay the 7700 units on Draftkings. Gonna have some shares.
2 Kareem Hunt KC 8000 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 37.75 Looking great so far.
3 Melvin Gordon LAC 7600 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 19.85 Finding a way regardless of game script. May have to do it as a receiver, but that’s great, because few QBs throw better to the RBs than Rivers, if any.
4 Ezekiel Elliott DAL 8300 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 14.1 Should bounce back strong after light usage in Week 2. How they used him so little is hard to explain.
5 Le'Veon Bell PIT 8800 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 10.4 Too good to struggle much longer. Plenty of opportunity here.
6 Ty Montgomery GB 6900 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 24.15 Nice upside here in all facets.
7 Devonta Freeman ATL 6700 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 17.95 A good bet to post soldi RB1 digits. The Falcons are nasty on turf.
8 C.J. Anderson DEN 5800 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 21.6 Should eat with a lead most of the day.
9 LeSean McCoy BUF 7000 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 17.1 Tough matchup, but he will touch the ball 25 times.
10 Christian McCaffrey CAR 6100 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 10.45 He’s been just ok so far, but he is absolutely playing well. Newton missed him for a gimme touchdown last week and he is going to run even more interior routes with Greg Olsen out. This is obviously a sweet matchup.
11 Leonard Fournette JAX 6000 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 19.25 Not a great matchup, but he’s the guy and should rebound off of a somewhat quiet Week 2. He's been in the zone in both games so far.
12 Mike Gillislee NE 5700 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 17.7 Like him a ton here in a game where NE should be leading throughout.
13 Dalvin Cook MIN 5900 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 14.05 Looking great so far. Throw out last week unless Keenum starts again. Looks like Bradford will be back though.
14 Marshawn Lynch OAK 6000 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 11.05 He should do very well, but they are watching his touches and it’s hard to blame them considering they have some young backs who can run too. For this, he is an RB2.
15 Isaiah Crowell CLE 4800 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 7.15 Good chance for him here. If he flops, it may be time to worry a little bit. The matchups have been tough so far and game scripts has been less than friendly.
16 Tarik Cohen CHI 5600 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 19.55 He’s a good play, especially in PPR as I think he could catch 5 plus this week.
17 Derrick Henry TEN 5300 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 8.85 He may get tons of work with Murray now nursing a hamstring. Looks like there’s a good shot at Murray missing the game.
18 Jordan Howard CHI 4900 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 8.15 Not sure what his status is, but if he is healthy, he should do fine as long as Kyle Long returns. That’s a lock just yet but it sounds like it’s better then 50/50. **UPDATE** He practiced fully, so he should be startable asset, but it’s a tough matchup.
19 Theo Riddick DET 5100 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 10.65 He should be active as Detroit is likely to fall behind.
20 Javorius Allen BAL 5000 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 14.1 Should get plenty of touches with West banged up. **UPDATE** West is playing, but Allen is still a viable play.
21 Jonathan Stewart CAR 4700 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 10.1 He should get a few goal line carries in this one and he is running effectively despite meager Week 2 numbers.
22 Frank Gore IND 4200 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 8.4 Looked good last week and this is a plus matchup for him.
23 Jacquizz Rodgers TB 4600 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 12.7 Tough matchup, but he should own the early down work. This could be his last week of value as Doug Martin is expected to return next week and he’s the far superior talent.
24 Ameer Abdullah DET 4700 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 7.85 They need him here, but do they know it? Ameer ran well last week and be a lead dog if they just make a commitment to him. He’s a RB2 this week and a light one because he could easily become a victim to a bad game script. This is a game for AS owners to watch closely. His second half usage could tech us a lot if the game goes Atlanta’s way early as it could.
25 Chris Carson SEA 4900 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 8.45 Has the look of their lead back, but I’m not sold just yet. Still risky behind a bad OL.
26 Tevin Coleman ATL 5300 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 11.15 Clearly behind Freeman as expected, but also getting a bit less then expected overall. Things should pick up a bit in this game. Detroit is ready to give up big plays, and the Falcons’ backs are well suited to make them, especially Coleman, whose speed on turf is pretty scary.
27 Joe Mixon CIN 4500 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 5.25 They HAVE to try and get him going, right? It’s obvious that this offense needs something to get defenses off the QB. Maybe they are disappointed with his practice or work habits, I don’t know, but it sure seems like time to open things up a bit. A big second half seems like a real possibility here as Cincy could be way behind. I’m definitely going to have some Mixon shares on DK this week at this kind of depressed price.
28 Lamar Miller HOU 5000 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 11.65 Tough matchup and Foreman is a concern.
29 Matt Forte NYJ 4300 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 9.85 He’s leading the backfield at this point.
30 Chris Thompson WAS 4500 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 20.6 This could be another game where he gets a lot of touches and the defense in question is ripe to give up some big plays based on what I ahem seen. He's never a sure thing, but he’s playing well right now and Oakland can get Washington in throw mode by the second half.
31 Terrance West BAL 4900 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 13.25 Sounds like he will play after a full practice.
32 Alvin Kamara NO 4000 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 8.1 They NEED him in this game. Running against Carolina is a task and I like the diversity we are seeing with Kamara.
33 Mark Ingram NO 4500 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 11.85 Most of his production came in total garbage time—the final drive with the clock winding down. He did very little when it mattered. That said, it’s more touch related than performance related. Both Ingram and Peterson look good, but there is just not enough oxygen for them in this offense.
34 James White NE 5400 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 13.7 Will be active as always, but not as high on him as I was last week.
35 DeMarco Murray TEN 5500 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 5.9 No practice and a brutal matchup. Seems like a RB3 even if he plays.
36 Duke Johnson Jr. CLE 4200 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 7.5
37 Darren Sproles PHI 3900 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 9.15 He’ll see meaningful touches as always, but they seem to understand that a tiny 34 year old running back can only handle so much.
38 Jamaal Charles DEN 4200 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 4.6 Has looked very good, but they may keep him with a limited amount of work early on to build him up in case they ever really need him. Looks like a good add for the Broncos. JC is a flex in big leagues this week. He’s played 21 and 20 snaps respectively over the first two games,
39 Rob Kelley WAS 4200 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 5.4 Has a rib injury but has gotten in some limited work. Perine lurks, and is a better player in my estimation.
40 Orleans Darkwa NYG 3400 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 2.65 A guy to add now in deep leagues but who knows what he’d have to do to actually convince the Giants that he’s the guy. I’ve always liked how hard he runs.
41 Bilal Powell NYJ 4200 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 5.1 Was caught in a three man timeshare last week. How Powell is only good for 18 snaps on a team this bad is hard to explain unless you accept the fact that the Jets are trying to lose.
42 Chris Johnson ARI 4200 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 4.4 Should get more this week, but he looked just ok. I’m less than enthused.
43 Shane Vereen NYG 4000 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 11.3 If they stink again, he’ll be good.
44 Kerwynn Williams ARI 4000 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 5.2 Didn’t do much last week and could lose snaps to Chris Johnson. Too bad because Williams wasn’t given many holes to run through. Johnson got some seams to work with.
45 Paul Perkins NYG 3800 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 4.35 Could lose snaps and carries to Darkwa, whom I also like, but the G-Men are scapegoating Perkins for their own failures.
46 Thomas Rawls SEA 4000 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 0.4 Not sure what his role is right now or how healthy he is. Looked less than 100 percent last week.
47 D'Onta Foreman HOU 4000 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 2.2 A player to watch this week. He got enough early week in Week 2 to perk up the ears of fantasy GMs.
48 Wendell Smallwood PHI 3800 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 1.5 Is he getting his shot soon? I hope so. His ability in the passing game is under appreciated.
49 C.J. Prosise SEA 3700 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 3.15
50 Adrian Peterson NO 3900 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 2.2
51 Branden Oliver LAC 4000 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 2.05
52 Chris Ivory JAX 3800 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 7.05
53 Andre Ellington ARI 3800 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 5.4 Has sneaky appeal as the passing down back. He and Palmer know each other well. Arians really trusts Ellington.
54 Jalen Richard OAK 4100 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 11.35 Showed some nice burst last week but too many Res in Oakland to get excited.
55 DeAndre Washington OAK 4000 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 5.35
56 Samaje Perine WAS 4500 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 3.85 Looked much better than the numbers indicate last week, but if Kelley is playing, then Perine's a bit of a reach.
57 Dion Lewis NE 3400 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 2.2
58 Jerick McKinnon MIN 4000 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 6.1
59 LeGarrette Blount PHI 3900 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 6.35 Did not get a carry last week so obviously risky.
60 Charcandrick West KC 4000 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 4.75
61 Jamaal Williams GB 4400 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 1.5
62 Mike Tolbert BUF 3800 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 7.05
63 Marlon Mack IND 3800 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 6.65
64 Alex Collins BAL 3500 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 3.2 Could play a major role this week with
65 T.J. Yeldon JAX 3900 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 0
66 Dwayne Washington DET 3800 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 1.55
67 Kenyan Drake MIA 4000 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET -0.3
68 Elijah McGuire NYJ 3500 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 2.3 Jets gonna Jets. McGuire is stealing time from Forte and mores from Bilal Powell. Makes sense when you consider their overarching priorities. Nice little team ya got there, Woody. McGuire is worth a spot in deep formats. Really deep.
69 Damien Williams MIA 3800 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 0
70 Jeremy Hill CIN 3700 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 3.15
71 Latavius Murray MIN 3200 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 0.6
72 Charles Sims TB 3900 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 1.9
73 Alfred Blue HOU 3800 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 0
74 Alfred Morris DAL 5200 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 0.1
75 Corey Grant JAX 3000 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 0.65
76 Giovani Bernard CIN 3800 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 6.75
77 Robert Turbin IND 3700 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 2.1
78 Aaron Jones GB 3700 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 0
79 De'Angelo Henderson DEN 3600 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 0
80 Devontae Booker DEN 3500 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 0
81 Eddie Lacy SEA 3400 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 0.3
82 James Conner PIT 4500 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 1
83 Benny Cunningham CHI 3000 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 0
84 Matthew Dayes CLE 3000 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 1.8
85 Peyton Barber TB 3000 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 4.7
86 Tyler Ervin HOU 3000 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 5.6
87 Corey Clement PHI 3000 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 0 A player to watch this week and maybe even to stash if the league is deep enough. I’m still on Smallwood, but somebody is eventually going to lead this thing.
88 Darren McFadden DAL 4500 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 0
89 Todd Gurley II LAR 6800 ALREADY PLAYED 24.1 Should get you solid production, but I am looking to move him if he does. Might have already depending on my situation. I like Gurley, but I do not like the schedule at all. Should touch the ball 20 plus times tonight.
90 Carlos Hyde SF 5200 ALREADY PLAYED 17 He’s healthy, running well and has very little comp for touches. That said, the defense is going to key on him. If he had some help, he could really go off.
91 Matt Breida SF 3800 ALREADY PLAYED 2.95
92 Malcolm Brown LAR 3900 ALREADY PLAYED 4.1
93 Kyle Juszczyk SF 3000 ALREADY PLAYED 1.85
94 Rex Burkhead NE 4000 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 8.35 He’s been ruled out