Running Back Rankings Week 5

Running Back Rankings Week 5

A look at he Week 5 RBs with DK pricing (updated Saturday)
By: Pete Davidson : October 05, 2017 6:01pm

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Welcome to the Week 5 Running Back Rankings. I’ll be back in a little bit with the wide receivers and tight ends. All positions should be up before Thursday Night kickoff.

The byes hit hard with so many injuries already depleting things. There are three elite plays on the Week 5 slate but things get increasingly chancier as we move down the board. More so than normal.

Tonight’s running backs are a tough group. Burkhead iso out again for NE and Doug martin returns on the short week for the Bucs. Looks like a lot of backs playing and no clear stud to pick. Not a bad position to fade tonight.

Bye losses:

  • Devonta Freeman
  • Tevin Coleman
  • CJ Anderson
  • Jamaal Charles
  • Chris Thompson
  • Mark Ingram
  • Alvin Kamara 

These rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring. 


1 Ezekiel Elliott DAL 8800 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 19.125 Solid matchup and he looks very good now. This is the kind of game where you may not even notice Zeke but at the end he had 150 combined yards and two short TDs. Hard to see anything but RB1 numbers. Worth the money on DK this week.
2 Le'Veon Bell PIT 9500 JAX@PIT 01:00PM ET 20.05 Looked good last week and he’s the key to their offense this week. Volume is a lock.
3 Kareem Hunt KC 8600 KC@HOU 08:30PM ET 30.725 He should be the tip of the spear this week for KC as they try to keep the Texans from pinning their ears back and coming after Alex Smith. Hunt has a chance to go off again here.
4 Todd Gurley II LAR 8000 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 31.65 If there were better options this week I would move Gurley down because this matchup is a tough one.
5 Leonard Fournette JAX 7000 JAX@PIT 01:00PM ET 20 Looked damn good last week and should get lead back touches again though this is a tougher matchup than the Jets. 28 touches on 39 snaps last week. Man, the Jags are using their back a bit, huh?
6 LeSean McCoy BUF 7800 BUF@CIN 01:00PM ET 15.475 Volume. He’ll get it. Should go over 100 total yards and has a great chance to score.
7 Carlos Hyde SF 6900 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 18.225 Played though the hip last week and this is a sweet matchup.
8 Jordan Howard CHI 5600 MIN@CHI 08:30PM ET 16.5 Minny is beatable on the ground right now.
9 Melvin Gordon LAC 6000 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 14.375 Tough matchup and he actually was pulled last week due to the sore knee. He’s still a RB1 on a down week, but confidence is not high in a tough matchup and after a cross country flight.
10 Lamar Miller HOU 5000 KC@HOU 08:30PM ET 14.925 Very active last week. The switch to Watson at QB was huge for him and he should continue to post solid RB2 totals. This week he’s a RB1 because of the byes and injuries.
11 Jay Ajayi MIA 6600 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET 9.5 Good matchup but his team is a disaster right now and he is banged up.
12 Christian McCaffrey CAR 5700 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 13.375 The Patriots keyed on him last week which tells you something. He’s good.
13 Bilal Powell NYJ 6200 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 12.975 His big day included a really long TD that probably should not have counted, so be careful with him. He’s a RB2 with a solid floor UNLESS Forte plays and then all bets are off. That appears unlikely though.
14 DeMarco Murray TEN 5400 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET 9.825 He’s a legit sleeper on DK at his price. They should leann him and he can do a lot of damage in full PPR scoring. Probably a tough running inside though.
15 Joe Mixon CIN 5500 BUF@CIN 01:00PM ET 8.1 A huge letdown last week, but he does appear to have the lead gig now. Hopefully things get better. The Bengals do not help the backs much but if the passing game can stay functional, that’s a start.
16 Ameer Abdullah DET 4700 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 11.8 Has looked very good
17 Frank Gore IND 4400 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 10.125 He could get a lot of carries here and it’s a narrative game (his old team) for him. Pagano seems like the kind of coach who will play into that.
18 Marshawn Lynch OAK 5100 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 6.725 Well, we should find out about Lynch this week because they absolutely need him with Carr out and with DeAndre Washington (hamstring) banged up. Lynch needs to take over this week’s game and the Raisers can block well enough for it to happen. He’s been nonexistent the last few games, so who knows what we’ll see here. I do expect his biggest workload of the year.
19 Latavius Murray MIN 4500 MIN@CHI 08:30PM ET 1.65 Big game for him and for fantasy. Murray could so anything from taking the gig over to coughing the job up. It’s very hard to tell where he is. He’s looked pedestrian so far and Minny needs guys who can make some yards on their own. Murray is not that guy. That said, he SHOULD get some volume this week. That gives him some RB2 appeal on a down week.
20 Duke Johnson Jr. CLE 4900 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 14.6 One of the safer bets out there this weaken that he’s played too well to not get plenty of snaps and touches. His targets have risen each week—up to 10 in Week 4.
21 LeGarrette Blount PHI 4200 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 11.25 Tough matchup for his game, but he IS running well at the moment and it looks like Smallwood will miss Week 5.
22 Aaron Jones GB 5100 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 3.633 Still probably the best bet for production in GB this week, but it’s a muddled situation right now. Too bad DK has all of them priced too high to take big risks with. ***Sounds like Ty Montgomery is out. If Jones gets the start, I’d bump him up a few spots.***
23 Tarik Cohen CHI 5300 MIN@CHI 08:30PM ET 15.525 Remember when this guy was the next big thing? Amazing how fast they flee after a slow patch. Expect Cohen to be a big part of the gameplan and expect the new QB to help a bit too. As much as I dug in and defended Jordan Howard, I was also clear that Cohen is not a fluke. This kid’s a football player.
24 Andre Ellington ARI 4600 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 10.825 He’s been active and he always catches plenty of balls when he’s getting consistent playing time. He could do good things here and is a sneaky (and a bit risky to be fair) play on DK. Gets a nice bump in full PPR scoring.
25 Eddie Lacy SEA 3400 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 2.75 I thought he looked ok last week and he’s too far under the radar right now. I like Rawls but doubt he is fully healthy no matter what they are saying in Seattle. I’m more on lacy, but this is obviously throwing darts right now.
26 Wayne Gallman NYG 3900 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 13 has some potential but no way to tell what the snaps situation is right now.
27 Derrick Henry TEN 5200 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET 6.45 Murray has looked just ok, so Henry could always become a factor. A risky flex right now.
28 Isaiah Crowell CLE 4700 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 6.35 Needs better game flow and needs to run like he did in 2016.
29 Alex Collins BAL 4000 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 6.2 He’s a legit sleeper dart throw at this price tag, but I am less enthused about Collins than some. He’s an aggressive runner and he looks good when he gets going, but he also had a few plays break for him. He wasn’t out there playing like Jim Brown or something. His fumble was/is a problem because it’s a longstanding issue. That said, last week’s was rough. He had two hands on the ball, and literally had a defender pulling at each one of his arms. The NFL is pretty nasty sometimes. Still, he will be on a 1 fumble leash at this point. That’s always risky.
30 Elijah McGuire NYJ 4300 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 7.025 Played 19 snaps last week but made a big plays. Risky as a flex.
31 Javorius Allen BAL 4500 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 11.6 Has a lot more value in PPR versus std. Playing lots of snaps and might be better if they got into better game scripts. Then again, maybe not.
32 Giovani Bernard CIN 4100 BUF@CIN 01:00PM ET 10.575
33 Theo Riddick DET 4100 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 7.825 Tough matchup for him as the Panthers eat the underneath stuff.
34 Jonathan Stewart CAR 3900 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 8.275
35 Jerick McKinnon MIN 4000 MIN@CHI 08:30PM ET 3.4
36 Jamaal Williams GB 5000 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 1.475 He’s banged up though he should play.
37 Terrance West BAL 4000 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 6.85
38 D'Onta Foreman HOU 4000 KC@HOU 08:30PM ET 4.975
39 Chris Ivory JAX 3800 JAX@PIT 01:00PM ET 6.425
40 Chris Johnson ARI 3900 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 5.6
41 Thomas Rawls SEA 3700 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 0.2
42 J.D. McKissic SEA 3200 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 19.5
43 Shane Vereen NYG 3400 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 7.6
44 James Conner PIT 4500 JAX@PIT 01:00PM ET 1.15
45 Charcandrick West KC 4000 KC@HOU 08:30PM ET 5.325
46 Wendell Smallwood PHI 4600 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 7.475 Tough matchup but at least it’s at home and his usage was encouraging last week—leading the backfield in snaps with 35 and with a season high six targets. I think he continues to gain steam. People continue to treat him like a JAG, but his strength is in his diversity and toughness. This kid plays hard and has real football talents. He’s just not flashy. *** Very questionable***
47 Jalen Richard OAK 3900 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 7.05
48 Mike Tolbert BUF 3800 BUF@CIN 01:00PM ET 5.325
49 Matt Breida SF 3800 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 3.7
50 Marlon Mack IND 3800 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 6.65
51 Robert Turbin IND 3700 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 3.5
52 Alfred Morris DAL 5000 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 2.567
53 Corey Clement PHI 3800 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 2.8
54 Damien Williams MIA 3800 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET 0.733
55 DeAndre Washington OAK 3800 BAL@OAK 04:05PM ET 4.625
56 Malcolm Brown LAR 3900 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 3.533
57 Alfred Blue HOU 3800 KC@HOU 08:30PM ET 1.2
58 Kenyan Drake MIA 4000 TEN@MIA 01:00PM ET 1.333
59 Kerwynn Williams ARI 3500 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 3.15
60 Aaron Ripkowski GB 3000 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 0.8
61 Jeremy Hill CIN 3400 BUF@CIN 01:00PM ET 3.45
62 Orleans Darkwa NYG 3400 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 3.2
63 Zach Zenner DET 3300 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 0.25
64 Corey Grant JAX 3500 JAX@PIT 01:00PM ET 3.25
65 Fozzy Whittaker CAR 3000 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 3.425
66 Austin Ekeler LAC 3000 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 4.8
67 Devante Mays GB 3600 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 0
68 D.J. Foster ARI 3500 ARI@PHI 01:00PM ET 0
69 Travaris Cadet NYJ 3000 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 0
70 Matthew Dayes CLE 3000 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 0.95
71 Cameron Artis-Payne CAR 3000 CAR@DET 01:00PM ET 0
72 Darren McFadden DAL 4500 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 0
73 Kyle Juszczyk SF 3000 SF@IND 01:00PM ET 3.35
74 C.J. Prosise SEA 4000 SEA@LAR 04:05PM ET 5.567 Could be factor IF he plays but he’s 50/50 right now and maybe less. (OUT)
75 Branden Oliver LAC 4100 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 3.2 OUT (hamstring)
76 Paul Perkins NYG 3300 LAC@NYG 01:00PM ET 4.15 OUT
77 Matt Forte NYJ 3900 NYJ@CLE 01:00PM ET 7.4 OUT
78 Ty Montgomery GB 7400 GB@DAL 04:25PM ET 16.025 I’m a skeptic as far as his ribs are concerned. Not sure why GB wouldn’t just shut him down for a gam or so to let him heal, especially the way the younger backs played. He may be startle and he may sit out. Too early to tell. ***OUT****
79 Mike Gillislee NE 5300 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 10.85 (ALREADY PLAYED) Tough matchup for him. Feels like a pass heavy week.
80 James White NE 4900 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 11.65 (ALREADY PLAYED) Bump him higher if full PPR.
81 Dion Lewis NE 3400 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 4.7 (ALREADY PLAYED)
82 Rex Burkhead NE 4000 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 8.35 OUT (ribs)
83 Doug Martin TB 5500 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 0 (ALREADY PLAYED) Workload is a big question because he came back on a short week. He’s a RB2 with some risk to him.
84 Jacquizz Rodgers TB 4500 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 9 (ALREADY PLAYED) Should see a time are with Martin this week.
85 Charles Sims TB 3900 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 2.433 (ALREADY PLAYED)
86 Peyton Barber TB 3000 NE@TB 08:25PM ET 1.633 (ALREADY PLAYED)