Scouting Report: Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF

Scouting Report: Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF

Huge upside
By: Pete Davidson : April 27, 2015 7:29pm

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Breshad Perriman is a trendy riser on draft boards now, and it’s not hard to see why. What confuses me is why it took so long. Perhaps it was his absence from combine drills. Perhaps it was the fact that he played at UCF.  Ironically, it’s because he played at UCF that I was high on Perriman going into our evaluation process. I watched a ton of UCF film last year when I was working on Blake Bortles. There was no way to miss Perriman. His athleticism stands out on any collegiate football field.

In 2014, despite getting weaker quarterback play, due to the loss of Bortles, Perriman upped his statistical output.  He had more receptions (50) and over a thousand yards receiving, while maintaining his rate of 20 plus yards per reception.  Perriman is yet another 2015 prospect with NFL bloodlines. His father, Brett Perriman, had a successful and lengthy NFL career.  Brett's son has the talent to do even more.

While Perriman did not participate in drills at the combine, he did meet with the media. Here are a few responses I found interesting.

What was your favorite play call?

“I have a lot. We have a thing called a shake and a thing called bulldog. Basically, shake was a post-corner, bulldog was essentially a deep post.”

What was the highlight of your season?

“The highlight of my season was probably the Hail Mary catch against ECU. That’s probably the best catch I ever made. It was just a clutch moment and that was a great experience.”

Were there times where you feel like your dad had to balance being your personal coach vs. being your dad?

“No, not at all. Actually he’s going to critique me at the end of games regardless, no matter whether I think I played my best game or if I had the worst game of my life. He’s going to always critique me. That’s something I look forward to after the games because without the critique you can’t really improve so I kind of look forward to the critique he has for me every week.”


  • Height - 6’2”
  • Weight - 212
  • Hand - 9 1/4”
  • Arm - 32

Perriman had a hamstring strain and sat out all of the drills, but posted an impressive 40 time at his pro day that was reportedly in the 4.30 range.


  • Size - Perriman is close to prototypical at 6’2” 212 pounds and he plays big.
  • Speed - He plays fast, which is most important, but his timed speed at his pro day was impressive to put it mildly. As Pete Carroll said last year, “big and fast guys are the fewest around.” This is why Perriman is now seemingly locked into the first round.
  • Burst - You see it when he gets out of breaks. This kid can put a foot in the ground, as they say, and he can really accelerate. He reminds me of Laveranues Coles before the toe injury. Of course, Perriman is three inches taller and about 20 pounds heavier. An impressive specimen for sure.
  • Hands - Not as consistent as we’d like, but he’s a hand-catcher for the most part and he makes enough of the catches you need him to make. He’ll also make some spectacular ones. Think Terrell Owens.
  • Ball skills - He’s freakish yet somewhat inconsistent in this area. When he’s got his timing right, he can dominate at the catch point, but he could be more consistent. When he’s got his mojo going, look out.
  • Routes - Perriman uses his raw athleticism to gain separation. He does need some work on routes in general, but so do a lot of college receivers. He rounds off too many routes for our tastes and he lacks intensity when he’s not the primary target. He’d have had a few more catches if that was not the case. We’d also like to see him work back to the passer better than he does on film or at least more consistently.
  • Big Plays - This is where Perriman shines brightest. He has a flare for stepping up and making big plays and you have to wonder what will happen if he can find a measure of consistency to go with it. He could be a beast.
  • Release - We like his strength and quickness and we suspect that he’ll handle press coverage well. And, if you do press him, you risk this happening.
  • Production - As I mentioned earlier, Perriman improved significantly his senior season, and that was with a big downgrade at quarterback.  It appears that he may be just scratching the surface of his potential.


DraftBreakdown has two of Perriman’s games broken down. Both are well worth checking out.

Here’s a nice highlight reel with older film from 2012 through last season.



From a physical standpoint, Perriman is right there with anybody in this draft class. It’s the little things that keep him from being a truly elite prospect as Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham and Mike Evans were last year.  He’s an elite talent though, and if teams feel they can coach him up a bit, he could go very high in the draft. Like top ten high, and it’d be very surprising to see him fall out of the first round. My guess is that he goes to the Dolphins at 14.

If there’s one thing that concerns me about Perriman it’s his motor. I don’t see him at his best on every play. On the other hand, when he gets challenged, he competes pretty well. If he can learn to be at his best more consistently, he’s got star potential, because his best is definitely good enough at the next level.

While his inconsistencies give him more bust potential than a typical elite talent, I’m inclined to bet on him and to bet heavy.  It’s about his upside more than him being a sure thing.  This is the upside guy I want to target this year in rookie drafts, ahead of Dorial Beckham Green.  

Breshad Perriman is more than just a trendy riser.  He has a Dez Bryant ceiling to go with a Mike Sims-Walker floor, but my money is on him being closer to Dez.  He could have redraft value as a rookie if he lands with a decent quarterback. I’ll update his fantasy value in our post-draft rookie rankings. 



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