Scouting Report: Jeremy Gallon, WR, Michigan

Scouting Report: Jeremy Gallon, WR, Michigan

Little big man
By: Pete Davidson : May 06, 2014 12:56pm

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Last year we did a month’s worth of reports leading up to the draft that focused on players who were not getting enough love. If Jeremy Gallon had been in the 2013 draft, he’d definitely have been the focus of one of those reports. Gallon gets love in very few corners of the interwebs and though I understand why--I just don’t agree with it.

Gallon, like some other receivers we’ve defended in the past is small--both in terms of weight and height. The thing is, once you get past those two legitimate points of concern, you have a player who makes tons of plays and produces consistently in a major conference. He played at Michigan, not Central Michigan.

The player I keep comparing Gallon to, in my mind, is Dexter McCluster, a guy who just received a nice free agent deal, and who, in my estimation, is not as good as Gallon. McCluster was also taken in the second round. Meanwhile, some folks seem to think Gallon won’t get drafted at all.  It’s insanity.

We spent a few minutes with Gallon at the Combine and he had some good answers for the media at his table (he didn’t get a podium like some of the bigger names.) When asked about the new emphasis on slot receivers, Gallon explained the advantages he sees lining up as a slot. “A short guy, moving fast, playing against somebody bigger, you’ve got more option routes (and can) create more separation.”  Yes, what he said.

When asked to name a NFL player who he plays like, Gallon named Steve Smith. “He's a smaller receiver. Strong guy, strong hands, nice routes, tough, don't back down from anything. I try to (pattern) my game after his.”  Not a bad comparison at all though I do not think Gallon has the kind of speed that Smith had earlier in his career.

When asked about how his team meetings were going, Gallon said “they've been asking me about what I'm going to run, have I ever played inside before and just trying to just get a sense of my football IQ.”  Our sense is that Jeremy’s IQ is more than sufficient.

  • Height - 5’7”
  • Weight - 185
  • Hands - 9 3/8”
  • 40 - 4.49
  • Bench - 15 reps

The events he chose to compete in all went well and his agility was never in doubt. Gallon is a very interesting package.

Let’s look at the things we like about Gallon.

  • Build - It’s trumpeted as a weakness, but do not be fooled. Gallon has been playing undersized for a long time and his game is built around his strengths. Yes, his size costs him, but, it’s also gives him matchup advantages. This kid has an insanely low center of gravity and is a potential nightmare in space.
  • Quickness - This kid is lightning quick and his cuts are very sudden. He’s basically a highly skilled running back once he has the ball.
  • Routes - Gallon is a good route runner. I like the way get attacks at the top of the stem. His ability to run the in and out routes make corners very susceptible to the stop--and-go and the double move. Gallon should only improve in the area over time and he is good already.  He projects as a slot receiver, but he can play both inside and outside.
  • Speed - Gallon ran fast enough to open some eyes. He does have some long speed to go with the quickness and burst
  • Hands - While I would not call Gallon's hands soft, but they are pretty consistent.  I don't think drops will be an issue with him at the next level.
  • Big play ability - When you put it all together, Gallon is a guy who can make big plays and he can do it by getting behind the defense or by running through it. Watch the film.  He can stop on a dime and he's off in a flash.
  • Production - Gallon got better every year and capped it off with a stellar senior campaign.

Here’s a look at Gallon versus Notre Dame last season. He has a huge game and it’s not a representative sample, but it gives you a good look at the player.

Here’s Gallon tearing up Indiana last season. As with the first game, this is not what you’ll see every week, but you get plenty of looks at what Gallon can do. Just remember that there some games where he was contained fairly well.

Big receivers are all the rage these days, and for good reason, but I think we need to remember that there are other ways for players to win against a defensive back than with just size. Gallon does that thing that all receivers need to do ... he gets open. Ask yourself this question, how much of an advantage is it to be big when you are open? Sure, it’s harder for a QB to miss a big target, but a size edge is most crucial when the defender and receiver both have a chance at the ball.

Gallon gets open and he runs good timing routes and uses his quickness out of his breaks to get separation. He’s no fluke. He’s beating defenders with fundamentals and he’ll do it at the next level too. Again, the idea that this kid could go undrafted is ludicrous. If that happens, the NFL should be collectively ashamed of themselves as they should have been when Russell Wilson got out of the first round.

Now for the cold water. You knew it was coming, right? And there’s probably a good “gallon” joke in there but I’m in a hurry. I think this kid could be very good and he should definitely be drafted. That said, as with TY Hilton, Johnny Manziel or any other under-sized player, there is some heightened injury risk and that includes concussions. Gallon will have to prove that his body can take the hits. We said the same about Michael Campanaro and Paul Richardson. Fair is fair.

So what about fantasy potential? I think Gallon has some, especially in PPR leagues. I also think Gallon could do good things right out of the gate because he is a good route runner and elusive after the catch. That obviously depends on where he goes, but just imagine if he went to the Saints. He could be the new Sproles and the new Lance Moore all rolled into one. Now imagine him with the Panthers. How about Gallon playing slot for the Bears or the Chiefs?  How about New England?  He'd make an interesting chess piece in that offense.

This is a player to know about, especially for PPR purposes. I’ll update his stock in our post-draft rookie rankings.



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