Scouting Report: L’Damian Washington, WR, Missouri

Scouting Report: L’Damian Washington, WR, Missouri

Big, fast and underrated
By: Pete Davidson : February 18, 2014 9:18am

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Missouri’s L’Damian Washington is not just a new twist on an old football name.  Not just another tall receiver, though we do like tall receivers. He’s not just another one of my forced mediocre jokes either. Washington is a highly underrated prospect, especially when you look at his skill set, his production, and the fact that he’s been playing in the SEC. Seriously, how are so few people talking about this guy?

For those who don’t watch much SEC football, L’Damian is a big fast receiver with good hands and an aggressive style of play. He’s gotten better each year at Missouri and he capped things off with ten scores as a senior. Yes, you know it’s a deep draft when a player like Washington is under-the-radar.

Here are the key positives we see with L’Damian.

  • Size - Washington is six foot four and weighs 205 pounds. Those numbers will be confirmed at the Combine in a few days.
  • Speed - Washington can fly and he’s not just a long strider, he has some nice secondary acceleration too, which helps him get behind defenders.
  • Hands - While Washington clearly likes to body-catch a lot of balls, he does flash good hands as well, and we see him continuing to get better, as he has every year at Missouri.
  • Versatility - Washington is a solid special teams contributor and not just as a return man. That will help you in dynasty leagues, because it’ll keep him off the practice squad, or at least helps his chances. He won’t just eat a roster spot if he’s a 4th or 5th receiver as a rookie.
  • Toughness - L’Damian is not afraid to get his nose dirty. Washington’s film reveals a player that will lay out for a ball and put himself in harm’s way to make the play. This is also apparent when he’s covering kicks.

Here is a mashup of Washington in 2013 versus Texas A&M.

This is one of Washington’s better games, but you can plainly see how dangerous he is. You can also see a few areas where he could use some work, like his routes, especially getting off the jam. He appears to waste some steps early in his release. This is a coachable thing to be sure. Washington could also use a bit more strength up top, and that will come with age and time in an NFL strength and conditioning program.

This is definitely a receiver with a chance to be very good in a few years, especially if he lands with a team that can develop receivers, like Green Bay or a team with a light depth chart and a need for a legit deep threat like the Panthers or the Redskins.

His draft stock may jump a bit if he runs well in Indianapolis, and we expect him to do just that. L’Damian has a chance to post a time reminiscent of Calvin Johnson or Stephen Hill.

This scouting report will be updated after the Combine.


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