Scouting Report: Quincy Enunwa, WR, Nebraska

Scouting Report: Quincy Enunwa, WR, Nebraska

They call him Mr. Touchdown
By: Pete Davidson : April 10, 2014 5:36pm

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Quincy Enunwa is a name to know for all the Donte Moncrief fans out there. Not to pick on Moncrief, whom we’ve already dubbed a desirable if not slightly overrated talent, but when we see Enunwa play, we see a lot of the things we wished we saw in Moncrief’s film. Meanwhile, all Quincy lacks in comparison to Donte is burst. You have to give Donte his due when it comes to explosion.

Based on his game film, and where we see him going (if he goes at all) in most mocks, Enunwa is a very underrated player. In fact, it’s hard to watch his tape without at least thinking about an Anquan Boldin comparison.  Sorry ... had to.

There are some understandable reasons why Enunwa is not a big name ... apart from it being no fun at all to pronounce. Enunwa (EE-noon-WAH) played his college ball for Nebraska, and one thing they are not real big on down in Lincoln, is throwing the football. The ground game was preferred by the Cornhuskers in 2013 and it wasn’t close. We’re talking about 584 rush attempts as compared to 378 passing attempts. The caliber of quarterback was also somewhat weak, depending on which one was playing. There were three Cornhuskers passers with over 100 attempts in 2013, and none with more than 134--not exactly the definition of stability. Nevertheless, Enunwa produced to the tune of twelve touchdowns.

Quincy was invited to the Combine, but his weekend was cut short by a hamstring injury. Even with his limited availability, Enunwa impressed. Let’s check out the numbers:

  • Height - 6’2”
  • Weight - 225
  • Hands - 9 1/2”
  • 40 - 4.45
  • Bench - 19

I think it’s time I re-quote Pete Carroll. “Big fast guys are the fewest around.”  I’m sure a few NFL evaluators' eyes popped out of their sockets when Enunwa ran his forty. I have to say, we were impressed too and we liked Quincy a lot going in. We were hoping for 4.50 or better. So, like I said, Moncrief fans should take notice, because Enunwa is doing a lot of what Moncrief does and he does it while catching the ball ... with his hands. And, if the draftniks prove correct, Enunwa may offer considerable savings over a guy like Moncrief, who is going in the third round in most mock drafts I've seen.

Things we like about Quincy.

  • Strength - Not just in terms of being able to post good numbers in the bench press, though we like that too. As with Anquan Boldin, Enunwa has the kind of strength that shows up on game film. He’s hard to bring down and he’s hard to interfere with while the ball is in flight. He wards off defenders very well and often times very subtly.
  • Blocking - Quincy has the strength, build and disposition to be a very good blocker, and that's what we see on film.  Chip Kelly, Kyle Shanahan and Jim Harbaugh are all salivating, and they're not alone.
  • Speed - We were prepared to tell you that Enunwa’s speed is better when in pads, but then he ran a 4.45 at the Combine. Now we can just say that he’s fast.
  • Ball skills - The strength helps here, but he also brings outstanding concentration and desire to the table. He has a “my ball” mentality, which we like. He has the hands and hand strength to make tough catches in a crowd.
  • Hands - He has solid though not spectacular hands. He’ll have a concentration drop here and there, but he’ll make some nice grabs for you too and even things out. Hands are not going to be a problem from what we see.
  • Running ability - Quincy will get yards after the catch, and he’ll gets yards after contact too. He’s a tough man to bring down and he employs a nice stiff arm. Enunwa can run away from most defenders too, so you get a nice combo of power and speed. And, once he gets going full speed, he’s like a runaway train. Be careful on the tracks.
  • Toughness - He is willing to hit and he is willing to take a hit. He’ll watch the ball into his hands knowing that he’s going to take a good whack. We see no signs of fear or alligator arms from Enunwa.  Oh yeah, he was a team Captain.  They don't hand out the "C" to just anybody in Lincoln.
  • Production - He was a developmental guy for a few years, but he started coming on as a sophomore and kept it going as a junior. Then, in his final year, Quincy absolutely erupted with 12 scores. His twelfth score, a 99-yarder, broke two records in a single play.

I have a play cued up, but you can re-start the whole game from the beginning. In the preloaded clip, you see the value of Enunwa’s 225 pound frame. Watch the safety try to finish with a hit instead of a tackle and watch him pay a big price.

Here's a look at Quincy in his final game as a collegian against Georgia in the Gator Bowl.

I am missing the downside with this player. I see him as a projected seventh rounder in most places and I just don’t get it. I think he’s a third round pick or higher on a normal year and he should go no later than the fifth round, even in this absurdly deep class.  There are four more games of Enunwa at Draft Breakdown and they are very much worth watching if you are looking to get a better feel for his game.

What are Enunwa’s weaknesses? I'll address the ones I hear most out on the interwebs. He’s not as quick off the line as his speed might indicate. He has what people like to call 'build-up speed'. I can see that point, but he does have speed and to have his speed at 225 pounds is plenty impressive. Enunwa’s not fluid or quick in and out of his breaks. Again, I can see this point, but how good does a fast 225 pound man need to be in this regard? Once he gets body position on most defensive backs, they are in trouble.  Enunwa has some drops and his hands are a bit stiff at times.  Another point with merit, but he also makes a lot of nice grabs and is a hands catcher.  He has the look of a player who will continue to improve with his hands.

Enunwa is a different kind of talent, and we think he can do it his way. He’s going to improve as a route runner, because he is going to play in a better offensive system from now on and he is a hard worker. While he’ll face a learning curve like most young receivers, we think Quincy has the mentality to play early on. When and if he ever reaches fantasy significance is a very open question, but we like his chances. As always, we’ll have a more exact answer after the draft.

As I said, we like Enunwa’s odds over the long haul. He’ll have some value in dynasty drafts for sure and he could have some redraft value too if he gets lucky and ends up in a place like Carolina or New York. He might even get taken before Moncrief. You never know. He would if I was drafting.


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