Scouting Report: Terrance West, RB, Towson

Scouting Report: Terrance West, RB, Towson

Small school player with big upside
By: Pete Davidson : March 16, 2014 9:47am

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Terrance West is one of the more interesting prospects in this year’s draft. He’s a prototypically built tailback for the NFL, but he comes from Towson of the Colonial Athletic Association, which means he’s been beating up on teams like Delaware and James Madison. Of course, he HAS been beating up on them. Make no mistake about that. And, on film, his talent is very real and it looks like it would play at just about any level ... including the professional level.

I sat down with Terrance at the Combine and though he was all smiles and very upbeat, he was also a serious young man. He spoke of his son and seems committed to providing for him. By all accounts, he takes that responsibility seriously, and that could bode well for his development. He did not strike me as a kid who was looking to go out on the town after his workout. He was all business.

I spoke with West on Friday before his workout and I asked him what his biggest challenge at the next level would be. "Pass protection. I'm not there at my highest point. That's my biggest key to being a three-down back. I want to pass protect. I'm not afraid to block someone. I got to work on my technique. I did not do much of it in high school so it’s still something I’m working on." As we said with Matavius Bryant, the fact that the player is locked in right where he needs to be is a good sign. It doesn’t mean that the work is done, but the player is already on the right track.

West was also asked to evaluate his own game from a positive perspective. "I'm quick. I got great vision. I got great hands. I always can make a person miss and I always fall forward." It was a good answer, because that is exactly what we see on film. Say what you want about this kid, but he has a good grasp on reality and where he needs to go.

West’s performance in Indianapolis was solid and he did himself no harm. Let’s take a look at his Combine data.

  • Height - 5’9”
  • Weight - 225 lbs
  • Hands - 9 1/8”
  • 40 - 4.54
  • Bench - 16 reps
  • Vertical Jump - 33.5”
  • Broad Jump - 120”

Not bad at all and we’ll have to see if he runs agility drills at his pro day. Let’s take a look at some of the things we like about West.

  • Size - Just look at the numbers. This kid is build perfectly for the position in the same way Doug Martin is. He’s got the legit size and the low center of gravity.
  • Speed - Here’s where the Doug Martin comparison stops, but West ran well enough for his body type and he should be just fine in this area.
  • Feet - If there is a signature element for West, it’s his feet. He resets his feet very well and always keeps his feet moving through contact. West also shows outstanding lateral agility both in terms of shifting away from would be tacklers and bouncing the ball outside. It’s the feet.
  • Agility - As I said, West moves well in all directions. He can make defenders miss in confined areas and he can get outside in an instant, which is impressive for a 225 pound back.
  • Burst - While West may have average timed speed, he shows nice burst in the open field when he needs it.
  • Vision & Patience - I like the way West gets aggressive when a crease is there, but I also like the way he follows his blockers. He’s got a nice feel for the position.
  • Hands - This is a concern as well as a strength. I have limited views of West as a receiver, but what I see is not bad. He shows good hips and body control to go with soft hands. He’ll need some refinement at the next level, but he possesses the natural ability to get the job done.
  • Production - Sure, you need to put his numbers in context due to the level of competition, but it’s better that he crushed it, right? And, he most definitely did.

Here’s a highlight reel of West.

Here’s a 2-part reel with some more quality footage.

It’s almost too easy at times when you watch his film. This kid did not belong in the FCS. He won’t dominate the NFL like he’s dominating these teams, but you can see some very desirable qualities on the film. He runs with a nice forward lean. Though I hear some folks complain that West dances a bit too much, I see him as a guy who gets vertical quite nicely. He runs with desire and is always thinking about taking it to the house.

After meeting this young man and watching all of his film, I like his chances of making it as a pro back. West has as much upside as any of the tailbacks in this draft class, but he also faces a steeper learning curve as a rookie because he’ll have more to learn in the passing game as a both a receiver and as a pass protector. If he masters both, he’ll have a chance to be a three-down tailback at the next level.

As always, we can’t give you a value for dynasty or redraft formats until we know where West is playing his NFL games. If he goes to a team like Seattle or Green Bay, that would be bad. If he lands with the Jets or the Raiders, he could be a very interesting player as a rookie.

The bottom line is that Terrance West is a player whom dynasty leaguers and the like must know about, and should be very careful about writing him off because of where he played. West has NFL ability without question. It’s just a factor of work ethic and what kind of opportunity he gets early on. He’ll be updated and rated for fantasy purposes after the draft. Terrance West is definitely a rookie worth getting excited about.

I’ll be back with another rookie tomorrow. 



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