The Waiver Wire 10/22

The Waiver Wire 10/22

Picking up the pieces (UPDATED @ 10pm)
By: Pete Davidson : October 22, 2013 5:40pm

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There was a lot of action and injuries this weekend and with all the byes we’ll be seeing over the next two weeks, there will be a lot of competition on the waiver wire and in free agent bidding. Injuries like the one to Rams' QB Sam Bradford are particularly harsh, because there’s a ripple effect to all the skill players on that team and they have no capable backup to settle things down. The Bears could be in a similar situation though not as bad. I’ll take Josh McCown over Kellen Clemens any day of the week!

Next to each player’s name and team, I have the ownership percentage from Yahoo, just for some perspective. I will be adding a lot more players throughout the day as I continue to work through the Week 7 game film, so check back.


Andy Dalton, Bengals - 65% of Yahoo leagues.

He's available in enough leagues to list him here.  He's posting quality numbers and he has outstanding weapons all around him plus a big gun in A.J. Green. He should be owned in all leagues.

Terrell Pryor, Raiders - 31% of Yahoo leagues.

He’s healthy now and coming off his bye. If you are hurting at QB, he can help you and be close to a weekly starter. The Raiders have underrated weapons in the passing game and Pryor gets points with his feet as well as his arm. It’s no fluke.

Geno Smith, Jets - 14% of Yahoo leagues.

He's a matchup play, and he can do some damage on the right week. The fact that the Jets are letting him run the ball only adds to his fantasy value. Smith is looking pretty good in Marty Mornhinweg's offense ... and so are the Jets.

Carson Palmer, Cardinals - 32% of Yahoo leagues.

He has great weapons and the schedule lightens up going forward. Palmer can help you as a matchup play starting this week against the Falcons.

Jake Locker, Titans - 7% of Yahoo leagues.

He’s playing better than he’s played as a pro and if he can get his leg/hip to full health, he may be a fantasy asset down the stretch of the season. His schedule lightens up nicely over the season's second half.

Josh McCown, Bears - 0% of Yahoo leagues.

This will have everything to do with just how injured Jay Cutler’s groin proves to be. If Cutler is out for a significant period, then McCown becomes a guy to roster in large formats with 12 teams or more. He may not be special, but he’s got a good team around him and a QB guru as a HC.

Mike Glennon, Bucs - 5% of Yahoo leagues.

For very deep leagues only. Glennon has played better than I thought he would and he is a functinal option at the position. Still, he's been less than great and his schedule is really tough. The big plus from a fantasy standpoint is that he has zero competition for his job.


Mike James, Bucs - 4% of Yahoo leagues

The word on Doug Martin is that he could be out for an extended period. That makes James a VERY good addition in any league size and any scoring format. Check out my blog post on James from Sunday. This kid has some legit ability.

Andre Ellington, Cardinals - 47% of Yahoo leagues.

His schedule eases up a bit the rest of the way and he’s been very good with the ball in his hands. Making Ellington more attractive is his ability to get touches in all phases of the offense. His role could grow in the coming weeks, but even if he can maintain his current role, he’ll have some value in plus matchups.  If you are not that familiar with Ellington, you can check out some of my earlier material on him right here, and make sure to watch the footage.

Shane Vereen, Patriots - 34% of Yahoo leagues.

His time is coming and when you look at the New England backfield, it’s hard to imagine them not finding a lot of touches for Vereen, who has it all in terms of his skill set. He’ll be back in Week 11, which is getting close. Vereen could be a huge factor down the stretch and in the fantasy playoffs.

Jacquizz Rodgers, Falcons - 54% of Yahoo leagues.

There is word that Steven Jackson may return this week, but Rodgers has established himself in the time that Jackson was gone and we expect him have an increased role going forward. He also has a good chance to start this week, with Jackson's return far from certain. 

Chris Ivory, Jets - 27% of Yahoo leagues.

We saw a changing of the guard in the Jets backfield. I warned folks on this one a few weeks back when I called the Jets’ backfield RB stew. The good news, in terms of clarity, is that it’s basically down to Bilal Powell and Ivory at this point, unless they decide to give Alex Green an extended look.  Ivory should be the main ball carrier for as long as he stays healthy. Cross those fingers if you get him.

Roy Helu, Redskins - 20% of Yahoo leagues.

One of our guys is back on the map. Helu is getting more and more snaps due to his ability in the passing game and in pass protection. He’s a guy to own and he is creating a serious problem for Alfred Morris owners. As I’ve said before, Helu is actually the more talented player.

Brandon Bolden, Patriots - 9% of Yahoo leagues.

As Jim Hackett and I have been saying on the podcast, Bolden is perhaps the best back on the roster after Shane Vereen. He showed off his versatility against the Jets with some big plays and a rushing touchdown. He’ll continue to be a strong flex option until Vereen returns, and you can still get him in 91 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Donald Brown, Colts - 6% of Yahoo Leagues.

As Trent Richardson continues to struggle, Donald Brown continues to emerge. The ironies are obvious, but it’s Brown’s level of play that really counts. The guy has raised his game and he’s been involved in the red zone pretty consistently.
If you own Richardson in a large format, you really want to go get Brown if you can. He’s looking like a very valuable handcuff right now and a player you can use as a flex over the deeper bye weeks. Brown split snaps evenly with T-Rich in Week 7 with both backs playing 50% of the time. 

Ben Tate, Texans - 60% of Yahoo leagues.

If Arian Foster suffered more than a 1-week injury, Tate becomes a player to own--even in small leagues with less than 12 teams. We’ll have to see how Foster’s hamstring is. Bear in mind that the Texans are on the bye in Week 8.

Joseph Randle, Cowboys - 52% of Yahoo leagues.

The key with Randle is the status of DeMarco Murray. We’ll keep you posted, but Randle played well enough on Sunday to be a hot waiver wire add in those leagues where he is still available.

Andre Brown, Giants - 13% of Yahoo leagues.

Like with Vereen, he is going to have a role when he gets back. And, Brown gets back a week sooner than Vereen due to the Patriot’s Week 10 bye. Add Brown in deeper leagues if he’s been dropped.

Jonathan Stewart, Panthers - 6% of Yahoo leagues.

He's got a ways to go but at least he is returning to practice. Stewart is definitey worth owning in large formats and it a player to watch in all leagues. At 100 percent, he is a fine back and he has the all-around game that should work well with Cam Newton. He's expcted to be back for Week 9.

Peyton Hillis, Giants - 13% of Yahoo leagues.

Can he last?  Probably not, but he may have some value in the short term. Eventually, Brandon Jacobs will get healthy and so will Andre Brown and perhaps David Wilson too. The Giants have a Week 9 bye, so Hillis' value should be limited to Week 8 ... if that.


Percy Harvin, Seahawks - 61% of Yahoo leagues.

He is getting close according to reports and you can get him in bout 40% of Yahoo leagues. Not bad for a lock starter. Add Harvin for sure if you can. No brainer.

Harry Douglas, Falcons - 48% of Yahoo leagues.

He had a big week and we expect god things going forward now that he is a starter. Add Douglas in all leagues as a strong WR3 option. He’s already past his bye week.

Michael Floyd. Cardinals - 61% of Yahoo leagues.

Floyd is a player I’ve been pimping all year and I am not about to stop now. He’s the clear second option on the team and with larry Fitzgerald banged up, he is probably the number one option in the red zone. Expect good things going forward. Floyd is a weekly WR3 in 12-team leagues and a strong bye week option in smaller leagues. He should be owned. Period.

Terrance Williams, Cowboys - 48% of Yahoo leagues.

He had yet another strong outing while Miles Austin continued his decline. I expect tis to continue. Add Williams in all leagues.

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans - 51% of Yahoo leagues.

He has a chance to finish very well for a team that is going to be in developmental mode. I like the idea of adding him n the cheap right now if you can. This kid has a whole lot of talent.

Jarrett Boykin, Packers - 28% of Yahoo leagues.

Even after last week’s injuries to Randall Cobb and James Jones, Boykin is available in a great many leagues (72%) and he can help you plenty in the near term.

Darrius Heyward-Bey, Colts - 18% of Yahoo leagues.

Not only did he play a larger role last night, but he played pretty well.  Now, with the loss of Reggie Wayne for the season, DHB could end uphaving some serious value playing heavy snaps with Andrew Luck.

Kendall Wright, Titans - 29% of Yahoo leagues.

Wright has been battling a sore knee since training camp, but he is looking close to full health now. He’s also got his starting quarterback back, which helps. I like Wright as an add, especially in PPR formats. It’s worth noting that Week 8 is the Titans’ bye week. He should have solid value from Week 9 going forward.

LaVon Brazill, Colts - 0% of Yahoo Leagues.

He’s a guy to target in deeper formats as a stash option. The loss of Reggie Wayne will open up playing time for Brazill, who just returned from an early season suspension. He’s got enough talent and athleticism to make some big plays with Andrew Luck at quarterback. Brazill is available in all leagues right now.

Riley Cooper, Eagles - 6% of Yahoo leagues.

He's playing better and he is being targeted more often. Cooper saw the ball just 19 times in the first five games. He's seen 13 targets over the last two weeks. If the trend continues, so will the production. Cooper has a favorable scheule over the next month, which is the heart of the bye week crunch. The Eagles' bye comes n Week 12.

Brandon Gibson, Dolphins - 4% of Yahoo leagues.

He's underrated from a performance perspective. The Dolphins throw it a ton and Gibson gets very consistent looks. He rarely has big games as he did in Week 7, but he can help as a bye week replacement in deep formats since he is past his bye.

Kris Durham, Lions - 7% of Yahoo leagues.

He played 83% of their snaps in Week 7 and he was targeted eight times. He's not terribly productive, but he's a threat in the red zone and as we've told a few times, he played college ball with Matt Stafford, so there's some trust there. He can help you in large leagues during the bye weeks.

Greg Little, Browns - 7% of Yahoo leagues.

I smell a mini-breakout coming on. Little is back to playing starter's snaps and he was targeted often in Week 7. He's not perfect by any stretch and he plays an unfriendly schedule, but he can help out in really big leagues over the next two weeks.

Mike Brown, Jaguars - 0% of Yahoo leagues.

He played 90% of the offensive snaps last week and he's been very active the last few weeks.  He also racked up 120 yards receiving on five catches.  You could do worse next week in 12-team leagues if you have bye issues.


Jordan Reed, Redskins - 23% of Yahoo Leagues.

Reed is officially the latest pride of the Watch List and last week’s Buy Low Sell High piece. The big tight end broke out in a major way last week and he did it both in terms of production and role. The production was obvious, but just as important is the fact that Fred Davis was a healthy inactive. As I’ve been telling you for a while now, Reed is the guy and he has big upside. Get get him if he’s out there. Reed and Pierre Garcon will be RGIII’s core targets for some time if they all stay healthy, and only one of them is still on waiver wires. Not for long though.

Heath Miller, Steelers - 59% of Yahoo leagues.

He had a somewhat slow week but made up for it with a touchdown. Miller can be a solid starter for you in 12-team leagues.

Jeff Cumberland, Jets - 8% of Yahoo leagues.

He had a weak outing statistically speaking, but he was targeted often and just missed a touchdown. Cumberland played almost all of the snaps and is already a favorite of Geno Smith. He should be owned in all but very small formats and should continue to be a weekly source of points.

Coby Fleener, Colts - 43% of Yahoo leagues.

His whole day happened in the last drive of the first half, but the numbers are there. Fleener is unspectacular, but Andrew Luck knows him well and trusts his hands. He’ll continue to have value in 12-team leagues.

Tyler Eifert, Bengals - 15% of Yahoo leagues.

He has a lot of upside for sure and he did finally break through with his first NFL score in Week 7. That being said, he was only targeted four times and played in only 56% of the snaps. Eifert's role should increase as we move ahad. He's worth rostering in all but small leagues.

Rob Housler, Cardinals - 7% of Yahoo leagues.

He came alive last week, and he can keep doing it if he can just stay healthy. Housler is a player to add in really large formats and a player to watch in smaller leagues.

Zach Miller, Seahawks - 11% of Yahoo leagues.

He's obviously a solid red zone option when he is healthy and Russell Wilson has a great deal of trust in him. Miller can help you in big leagues during the bye weeks. He scored twice in Week 7--playing on 76% of the offensive snaps.

Ben Watson, Saints - 0% of yahoo leagues.

Just getting out ahead of the Jimmy Graham situation here. The big point to make is that Watson would be a TE1 if Graham is out.  Brees-to-Watson would be a solid connection for sure with Graham on the sidelines.  Get ready to add him if Graham looks shaky mid-week. A preemtive add may make sense in larger formats.

Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars - 1% of Yahoo leagues.

He made it through a game healthy.  That is a start.  Lewis was targeted three times and made on big play. He's a guy to watch in deeper leagues if you need some bye week help in the coming weeks.

Dennis Pitta, Ravens - 2% of Yahoo leagues.

He's left a hole in that offense, so it's like he'll need to earn his job back. The rumors are that he could be back in mid-November, and that might make him an attractive add, depending on your leagues roster limits and you team's current situation.


Carolina Panthers

They have been very good and they get the Mike Glennon-led Bucs this week. This is a very soldi fantasy defense when the matchup is reasonable.

New Orleans Saints

They are coming off the bye and they get a very inexperienced QB this week in Thad Lewis.

Green Bay Packers

They travel to play the currently disorganized Vikings this week, so that has some promise and they have played reasonable well lately.