The Waiver Wire 10/27

The Waiver Wire 10/27

Updated at 6pm
By: Pete Davidson : October 27, 2015 11:29am

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As I said over atWEEI this morning.... Arian Foster owners, I feel your pain. Foster was the final straw on one of my favorite teams. It'€™s wait until next year for me barring some kind of miracle. It'€™s a tough blow for fantasy GMs who had been patient, waiting for Foster to get healthy. And, just as that patience was paying off big, the player goes down for the year. That'€™s fantasy football, folks. Making matters tougher for Foster owners is the weak state of the waiver wire. There just isn'€™t as much low-hanging fruit as there was a few weeks back. That is, unless you are very lucky or play in a very small league.

I will be adding players here throughout the day as I continue to work through Week 7 film and injury information. 

The ownership rates listed for each player were obtained at Yahoo!


Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings, 43 percent

I hope some of you hit on that Bridgewater/Diggs stack on DraftKings. It paid off nicely. In seasonal leagues, Bridgewater is a quarterback to own for sure. His schedule gets better from here on out with a few exceptions. The big news is that he now has a healthy group of receivers and the offense is clicking. I like him this Sunday at Chicago.

Jameis Winston, Buccaneers, 17 percent

The rookie is a player to add for a few reasons. First, he is playing better football and has finally unlocked his top target Mike Evans. The bigger plus is the schedule. I don'€™t know if any quarterback has a better closing schedule than Winston. His toughest remaining matchup is against the Panthers, but that game is in Week 17. A nice little break for sure.

Blake Bortles, Jaguars, 68 percent

He had a mediocre outing against Buffalo, but some of that had to do with the game script as the Bills gave everything away early with multiple scores against their offense and that kept the Jaguars'€™ offense off the field. Understand that Bortles is a long-term add. He is on the bye this week and has a tough schedule coming up. That said, his playoff matchups are very good.

Derek Carr, Raiders, 35 percent

I want to tell you to grab Carr and start him the rest of the way. He'€™s played that well this season and his weapons are totally legit. The issue is the schedule, which has some tough matchups on it. So add Carr, but do it with the idea that he'€™s a matchup play with a lot of upside. This week, he has the Jets, and that'€™s a risky situation.

Jay Cutler, Bears, 30 percent

Cutler has a chance to make a fantasy impact down the stretch, but his value may be better in a few weeks once he clears the Vikings, Chargers, Rams and Broncos off his schedule. That'€™s the next four games for him. After that, Cutler has one of the better closing schedules out there. He'€™s an investment worth making if you can fit him on your roster.

Tyrod Taylor, Bills, 42 percent

He'€™s not as valuable as he was when he had all of his weapons healthy, but he should still give you foot points and he may get Sammy Watkins back soon. Percy Harvin is another story, but his role is more replaceable than Watkins'€™ is. Taylor is still worth rostering in 12-team leagues for sure and in some smaller leagues too.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jets, 28 percent

He has some weapons and his defense gets him the ball back quickly in most cases. He'€™s tough to watch and he under-throws too many deep balls, but the stats are there at the end of the day. He'€™s a viable play this week at Oakland.

Nick Foles, Rams, 10 percent

More for big leagues, Foles’ stock is rising because of Todd Gurley’s outstanding performance since being inserted into the starting lineup. Foles will now have plenty of opportunity in the play-action game as teams are forced to respect the ground attack. That puts his deep weapons in play, and he has a few of them.

Brian Hoyer, Texans, 16 percent

He’s also a big league option, but one worth considering because Houston will have no choice but to throw the football a lot without Arian Foster. Losing his job is no longer a big concern with Ryan Mallett’s recent meltdown. Hoyer is a matchup play who has some legit talent in his receiving corps, led by DeAndre Hopkins.


Ronnie Hillman, Broncos, 62 percent

He'€™s the priority pickup if you are in one of those leagues where he'€™s available. I expect Denver to lean on Hillman coming out of their bye week. He should be in a time share with C.J. Anderson, but he'€™s proven to be the more dangerous back so far.

Ryan Mathews, Eagles, 49 percent

His team has the week off, but if you can look ahead, he is as good as any back on this list. Mathews can start for you on an as-needed basis and he makes a decent weekly flex in bigger leagues. If something happens to DeMarco Murray, Mathews has RB1 upside. Make him a priority this week if you can.

Darren McFadden, Cowbots, 38 percent

Joseph Randle is potentially out with an oblique injury and it sure sounds as if Darren McFadden has a good-sized role even if Randle is healthy. This is the Cowboys back to go after right now as opposed to Christine Michael, who has not been used that much so far. McFadden'€™s value is higher in PPR leagues.

Alfred Blue, Texans, 18 percent

Blue is the back to own on Houston if he is 100 percent, but there is a toe injury to be considered when you look at just how much of your waiver funds to spend. Blue played on the toe last week, so it may be a non-issue, but this is the kind of injury that has a tendency to linger.

James Starks, Packers, 53 percent

Starks needs to be owned right now because he’s a potential fantasy starter every week if Eddie Lacy is not going to play a major role. While Lacy could be back at full strength and resume his role as lead guy, that has yet to happen and Starks has looked excellent. If you own Lacy, roster Starks in all leagues. If you do not own Lacy, stash Starks in smaller leagues and use him as a flex in 12-team leagues.

Matt Jones, Washington, 48 percent

He is not predictable just yet but he played more than Alfred Morris last week and that may be a trend as Washington looks towards the future and 2016. Jones is their guy and Morris was a preexisting player. Jones fits Jay Gruden’s scheme better and is more versatile. This is a switch that could happen and stick. Jones has to be owned in all 12-team leagues and he’s a nice stash in 10-team PPR leagues.

Charles Sims, Bucs, 33 percent

I love the schedule down the stretch and Sims has a nice role carved out behind Doug Martin. While he Sims is certainly the best handcuff for Martin in leagues that have sufficient roster space, he also has some stand-alone value. especially in PPR leagues.

Chris Polk, Texans, 3 percent

Polk is the anti-Blue pick and there is some merit to going that way, though, if given the choice between the two, I'€™d go with Blue. In deep leagues, owning both for now makes plenty of sense, so if you had Blue as a handcuff, you could cut Foster for Polk and throw a wider net until things shake out a bit.

David Cobb, Titans, 10 percent

He could be a factor by Week 9 and that means he could be in fantasy lineups by Week 10. That gives Cobb some legit value in redraft leagues, especially leagues with 12 or more teams. He'€™s either a back to watch or a back to stash depending on your roster limitations.

Orleans Darkwa, Giants, 3 percent

He'€™s always been a back with some burst and juice. Now he'€™s in the mix and who knows what that means with Shane Vereen, Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams already getting snaps and performing reasonably well. Is it possible that Darkwa gets the main job? Sure, but it'€™s a dice roll. And, in bigger formats, it'€™s certainly a risk worth taking. He'€™s a draft and hold option in all leagues if you need running back help.

Zac Stacy, Jets, 2 percent

Staccy is a back to consider in 12-team leagues if Zac Stacy’s quad injury ends up keeping him out in Week 8. Stacy has looked pretty good in his limited time so far. 


Stefon Diggs, Vikings, 60 percent

He'€™s the starter now and he'€™s playing like he'€™s going to be the starter for a long time. The time to get Diggs was last week, but he is still available in a great many leagues and I would make him a top priority if he is available, especially if you play in a PPR format. Diggs is a solid starter in all leagues right now, and he'€™s looking like Teddy Bridgewater'€™s favorite target.

Davante Adams, Packers, 60 percent

He's a no-brainer pickup if he's been dumped. Adams should be back to full heallth this week or next.

Michael Floyd, Cardinals, 47 percent

He looked all the way back last night, so I would be adding Floyd in all leagues as a WR3 option. The Cardinals' receivers are getting more targets with Chris Johnson as the lead back. That's because Johnson is not Andre Ellington in terms of route ability. I expect all of the big three receivers to have weekly appeal going forward.

Michael Crabtree, Raiders, 54 percent

Though this may not be the week to use him in smaller leagues, with Darrelle Revis looming, Crabtree is seeing a lot of targets and he is producing solid numbers. He can start for you every week, so go get him. This week, against the Jets, is his worst remaining matchup with the exception of Denver in Week 14. He has a lot of appeal going forward.

Marvin Jones, Bengals, 41 percent

Jones is coming off another strong game and now he'€™s past his bye week. Jones is a weekly option in all leagues. He'€™s been targeted consistently with the exception of Week 4. With Andy Dalton playing so well, Jones should be owned everywhere so go get him if you can. The Bengals'€™ offense is going to keep rolling. They have a ton of talent.

Tavon Austin, Rams, 49 percent

He can help you during the bye weeks even in smaller leagues. As I have been saying, I like the trend of this offense for him. Todd Gurley is opening things up for the quarterback and for Austin, who is now a bigger threat when used on bullet sweeps and the like. Austin'€™s weekly upside is higher than he is getting credit for. He should be owned in most leagues and certainly all 12-team leagues. He is past his bye week, which is a plus.

Tedd Ginn, Panthers, 33 percent

Ginn is a big part of the offense and I don'€™t see that changing this season. He'€™s playing the best ball of his career and Cam Newton is looking for him. He can be a help during the bye weeks in all leagues and he should be owned in all 12-team leagues as a potential weekly play.

Tyler Lockett, Seahawks, 15 percent

Lockett was nursing a hip injury last week, so I backed off him a bit. So of course he breaks out with the touchdown that I'€™ve been telling you was coming. Lockett is a player to own in 12-team leagues and he could get onto the small league radar soon, if he continues to make big plays. His long-term value (keeper and dynasty) in PPR leagues is outstanding.

Nelson Agholor, Eagles, 26 percent

I love this kid as a stash because he could start producing big numbers at some point—perhaps right after the Eagles’ Week 8 bye. This kid had tough matchups early and played for a struggling offense. Then he hurt his ankle. Things should come together for the rookie in a week or two. Go get him now if you have a roster spot to play with.

Danny Amendola, Patriots, 13 percent

Is his big uptick in usage a sustainable thing? Probably not, but Amendola is proving that he needs to be owned in bigger leagues. He was the guy with the good matchup against the Jets, but most teams won'€™t force Brady to his third or fourth option as often as the Jets did. Tap the brakes on Amendola just a bit. He'€™s a better real life player than fantasy, but he can certainly help in certain situations right now.

Nate Washington, Texans, 4 percent

He could be helpful during the bye week crunch because the Texans will have no choice but to throw more without Foster. Washington did a lot of his damage in garbage time, but the thing is, there will be plenty of garbage time going forward and team are going to continue to lean heavily on DeAndre Hopkins opening things up for the secondary receivers. Washington should be owned in all 12-team leagues and he'€™s a potential bye week option if you play in smaller leagues. This is especially true if Cecil Shorts (hamstring) misses more time.

Chris Conley, Chiefs, 0 percent

Conley is an under-the-radar talent and he is never going to reach his full potential with Alex Smith as his quarterback. That said, Conley is player to know about in deeper leagues or if you own Jeremy Maclin, who is battling a concussion and could conceivably be held out through the Chiefs'€™ Week 9 bye. Conley is an athletic freak with outstanding playmaking ability and that includes big plays after the catch. He scored his his first first NFL touchdown in Week 7 and caught six balls on seven targets. This guy needs to be owned in all dynasty leagues and is definitely in the 12-team redraft radar.


Eric Ebron, Lions, 23 percent

Wow. Talk about under-owned. That'€™s a low number even with Ebron'€™s injury concerns. I strongly suggest you go get this guy if you have any issues at tight end. Ebron could get even better now that Detroit has canned offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, who put a stain on the family name during his tenure.

Jordan Reed, Washington, 59 percent

He’s the best 1-week option out there and he will be for as long as he can stay healthy. Definitely worth adding, especially in PPR leagues.

Ladarius Green, Chargers, 48 percent

He played very well once again in Week 7, and there'€™s a real chance that Antonio Gates'€™ MCL injury could be a multiple week deal. If so, Green is a TE1 option until he returns. With Gates on the field, Green is more of a high-upside TE2.

Ben Watson, Saints, 41 percent

He was involved again in Week 7 and Watson can help you during the bye weeks. In leagues with 12 or more teams, Watson should be rostered as a solid TE2 option. Drew Brees is looking for him consistently.


New York Jets, 58 percent

A weekly starter that should be owned in all leagues.

Minnesota Vikings, 32 percent

They can be your weekly defense and I liek their chances of doing something good this week at Chicago.

Tennessee Titans, 7 percent

They get the Foster-free version of the Texans this week and that makes them a viable draft-and-play defense for Week 8.