The Waiver Wire 9/17

The Waiver Wire 9/17

Updated 9/18
By: Pete Davidson : September 17, 2013 6:11pm

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Welcome the Week 3 Waiver Wire.  This is a continuation of the waiver wire posted at WEEI this morning and it will be updated throughout the day as I work through more of the Week 2 games.  For the targets in smaller leagues, I give a percentage of ownership in Yahoo leagues and for the targets for larger leagues, I use CBS ownership percentages.  Check back for more updates throughout the day.



Sam Bradford, Rams

Wake up, people. Bradford is playing solid football and he’s got an absurd group of receivers to work with, giving him some of the easier pre-snap reads you’ll ever see. It’s easy to play quarterback for the Rams right now. He should be owned in all formats but is still available in 52% percent of Yahoo leagues.

Jay Cutler, Bears

Things are going to keep getting better in Chicago. Cutler has a better offensive system and coach, but he’s also got the best set of receivers he’s ever worked with and much improved pass protection. He’s a player to own in all formats and you can still add him in 50% of Yahoo leagues.

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins

The Dolphins sure look like a team intent on throwing the football. It’s almost as if they are allergic to running the football at times. While I do expect more balance than we’ve seen so far, Tannehill makes for a strong backup going forward and can start for you on most weeks. He’s available in most 10-team leagues.

Terrelle Pryor, Raiders

He’s got a lot of upside and teams will have to start honoring Darren McFadden more than the Jaguars did last week. Pryor should be owned in all formats right now, but he’s only taken in 24% of Yahoo leagues.

Philip Rivers, Chargers

He's owned in 63% of CBS leagues, so you may be able to nab him in some larger leagues.  He's looking good.

E.J. Manuel, Bills

He's owned in 35% of CBS leagues, so you can probably get him.  Manuel is looking healthy and he's been poised so far in game action.  Once he unlocks C.J. Spiller in the passing game, he has a very high fantasy ceiling.

Brandon Weeden, Browns

No, really.  Let's get a look at him with Josh Gordon in the lineup.  That should get a safety out of the box and open up the ground game in addition to giving Weeden a number one option on the outside.  Sadly, the reunion will have to wait as Weeden will miss this week's game with a banged up thumb.  He's a long term add at this point.

Jake Locker, Titans

For deep leagues only.  He has value for the 2nd half of the season, if he lasts that long, but his schedule is brutal until then.  He won't help you much over the next seven weeks.

Running Backs

Ahmad Bradshaw, Colts

His ownership rose sharply late last week after the news of Vick Ballard’s ACL injury spread, but Bradshaw is only taken in 87% of leagues, so there’s still a chance you can nab him. I’d check into that if I were you. He’s a weekly starter for as long as he stays healthy.

Knowshon Moreno, Broncos

He’s not a good bet to stay injury-free, because he never really has, but Moreno is a very startable back right now in just about any league size and he is widely available. You can still land him in 46% of Yahoo leagues. He’s is totally outplaying the younger backs in Denver right now. It’s not close.

James Starks, Packers

One of my favorite players is making a serious comeback. Starks is running better than I’ve ever seen him and depending on the status of Eddie Lacy this week, he could be a starter in Week 3. In fact, it looks very likely at this point. Starks is worth a claim in all formats by Eddie Lacy owners at minimum. He’s available in 90% of Yahoo leagues.

Bernard Pierce, Ravens

He’s available in over 50% of Yahoo leagues and with Ray Rice’s hip issue, Pierce could be leading the way for an undetermined period of time. Unless good news comes out on Rice’s hip before you bid or make claims, this is back to go after right now. Even if Rice does return to the field this week, the need for rostering Pierce as a quality handcuff has been underscored.

Ben Tate, Texans

He’s been outperforming starter Arian Foster on a per touch basis, while only receiving about a third of the work. If you own Arian Foster and you do not have Tate on your bench, you really need to rectify that situation. Seriously. Do it right away if you are lucky and he is still there.

Joique Bell, Lions

Not only is he a very underrated player, but he plays behind a very injury-prone Reggie Bush. If Bush is one of your starters, then you really need to own Bell and he’s worth rostering in most leagues even if you aren’t a Bush owner. You can still get him in 26% of Yahoo leagues.

Le’Veon Bell, Steelers

His timetable to return is murky, but he could be back in a few weeks and he’ll be a bell cow back ball-carrier when that happens. HC Mike Tomlin said that Bell would ramp up his activity this week.  Bell is worth a roster spot in most formats just due to his upside. He can still be had in 38% of Yahoo leagues.

Bryce Brown, Eagles

His ownership is down and it will drop a little more this week, but I’d go against the grain here. The Eagles’ run-heavy offense is going to create some heroes and Brown will likely be one of them. If you are tethered to LeSean McCoy as your RB1, you’d be crazy not to pick up Bryce Brown just in case. If you don’t already have him, then this could be your week to scoop him up. He’s currently available in 57% of Yahoo leagues.

Danny Woodhead, Chargers

San Diego is playing much better than expected and Woodhead is a guy to own in large formats, especially in PPR.  He's available in 40% of CBS leagues.

Jason Snelling, Falcons

With the news of Steven Jackson being out for Week 3, Snelling is a compelling short term pickup and he available almost everywhere.  He should have more fantasy value than Jacquizz Rodgers because he gets more goal line carries.

Kendall Hunter, 49ers

Still unowned in 58% of CBS leagues, Hunter would be a monster in the event of an injury to Frank Gore.  He should be rostered.

Andre Ellington, Cardinals

Check out my blog post on Ellington from yesterday if you are unfamiliar with him.  He's looking like the back to own after Mendenhall in Arizona and he's available in 99% of CBS leagues.

Jacquizz Rodgers, Falcons

He is going to get more snaps and touches in Week 3 with Steven Jackson out.  Rodgers will have even more value in PPR formats.  He is available in 51% of CBS leagues.

Da'Rel Scott, Giants

If David Wilson doesn't get the snaps, and it's not short yardage, then it's going to be Scott, who we feel is an underrated talent.  He played on nearly half of the plays from scrimmage last week.  Scott's problem is staying healthy, so don't bid like a madman on him.  He should be rostered in all large formats.  He's taken in 36% of CBS leagues.

Jonathan Stewart, Panthers

He's worth adding in leagues with deep benches.  He could be back at 100% for Week 7.  Add him if you own DeAngelo Williams or if you have problems at tailback.  Stewart can still be had in 72% of CBS leagues.

Isaiah Pead, Rams

He's owned in only 38% of CBS leagues and he did manage to play on 29 snaps last week.  His production could improve in the coming weeks.

Roy Helu, Redskins

He's going to have some flex value in big leagues during the bye weeks, but his primary value is as a handcuff for Alfred Morris.  Helu is owned in 52% of CBS leagues.  He played 23 snaps last week, so he's involved.

Michael Bush, Bears

He's taken in 53% of CBS leagues and he is a high-priority handcuff for those who own Matt Forte.

Bilal Powell, Jets

He has some value in 12-team leagues and larger.  He is currently owned in 60% of CBS leagues and he may start losing more touches to Chris Ivory, who is finally rounding into shape.

Daniel Thomas, Dolphins

You can get him in 50% of CBS leagues and he is getting consistent snaps behind Lamar Miller.  Thomas is an underrated player and Lamar Miller owners should consider adding him if they have the bench space.

Felix Jones, Steelers

He's a viable add in deeper formats and he is only taken in 12% of CBS leagues.  The problem is the Steelers' schedule, which is tough up until about Week 8 and Le'Veon Bell should be back by then. 

Kerwynn Williams, Colts

Check out my piece on Williams from last week.  He's barley owned anywhere and he's now one injury away from being a potentially major factor.  This kid has good hands and he can fly.  He's also a decent one-cut runner.

Zac Stacy, Rams

This is a player I am still watching.  Stacy has the best skill set in St. Louis in terms of becoming a full-time back.  If the passing game continues to heat up, he may be just what the doctor ordered in the backfield.  Stacy wasn't even active in Week 2, but he is still a guy to watch.  I have him rostered in a few really large formats.

Jordan Todman, Jaguars

He's fast and he's a strong runner.  He's only owned in 2% of CBS leagues and he could have some immediate value this week if MJD ends up missing time.  Todman played 32 snaps last week with MJD out.

Kenjon Barner, Panthers

They are saying he could return from his ankle sprain this week and he is one of the few legit change-of-pace options the Panthers actually have.  Barner is a very sound tailback.  He played for Chip Kelly at Oregon and was one of our underrated prospects heading into this year's draft.

Denard Robinson, Jaguars

He's one of our favorite players and we know he's a work in-progress on a team in-progress no less, but he should make more plays as the season wears on.  In really large leagues, I think he needs to be owned because he has serious upsdie.  He's more of a player to monitor in 12-team leagues.

Wide Receivers

Josh Gordon, Browns

You can still add him in 38% of Yahoo leagues and that is a total joke. This guy has WR1 upside starting this week and he’s a legit weekly starter in 10-team leagues. Snatch him immediately if you can. His suspension is over.

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans

He’s obviously past his concussion woes and he looked every bit as good as advertised last week as he won the game for the Texans in overtime. Hopkins needs to be owned, period. You can still get him in 52% of Yahoo leagues if you can believe it.

Julian Edelman, Patriots

What does this guy need to do to get respect? He’s only taken in 82% of Yahoo leagues and he should be taken in all of them. Make sure he’s taken in your leagues, especially if it’s PPR scoring.

Michael Floyd, Cardinals

Still unowned in 31% of leagues. I’d add him for sure if he was there for the taking. He has huge upside and Larry Fitzgerald is banged up too.

Chris Givens, Rams

He’s a player that just seems to get better and better and he broke out with a 100-yard game in Week 2. Add him if you can. He’s available in 31% of Yahoo leagues.

Justin Blackmon, Jaguars

You’ll have to wait another two games, but you’ll have a weekly starter when he gets back. In smaller leagues, that is a very good play if you can afford the roster spot. Blackmon was coming on strong at the end of last year and we expect him to hit the ground running in Week 5.

Rueben Randle, Giants

You can only get him in 36% of CBS leagues, but Randle is worth the investment.  He has flex value in 12-team leagues on most weeks, especially during the byes.  If something happens to Nicks or Cruz, Randles' value could skyrocket.

Kenny Stills, Saints

He had a down week, but this kid is a player and he is heavily involved in this offense.  Stills played 68% of his team's offensive snaps in Week 2.  He's still available in 70% of CBS leagues.

Eddie Royal, Chargers

He’s still there for the taking in 79% of Yahoo leagues and while I don’t see him keeping up the pace, he is heavily involved and should stay that way for the time being. He can help you if you have trouble at your WR3 spot.

Aaron Dobson, Patriots

You can get him 74% of CBS leagues and he has a ton of upside starting this week.  All of Brady's receivers must be owned.  Once he settles in, his play-making ability could start to shine.

Robert Woods, Bills

He's looking as advertised and so is his quarterback.  I'd be adding Woods in larger formats if he is available.  You can still get him in 87% of CBS leagues.

Santonio Holmes, Jets

The new offense is a big improvement and Holmes looked pretty good last week.  He should be owned in all 12-team leagues but can still be had in 81% of CBS leagues.

Kendall Wright, Titans

He looked good in Week 2 and is now past his knee injury.  Wright should be owned in all 12-team leagues and is available in 73% of CBS leagues.

Marlon Brown, Ravens

He’s won the job by not getting hurt. His value may or may not hold up, but he should be rostered in all leagues for the time being. Jacoby Jones is out at least another month. He’s available in 75% of Yahoo leagues.

Vincent Brown, Chargers

You can still get him in 28% of CBS leagues and he is going to start making more plays.

Greg Little, Browns

Yes, that Greg Little.  He's had a rough first two games, but he will go back to being covered by #2 corners now that Josh Gordon is back.  He will gain value in the coming weeks.  He's only taken in 22% of CBS leagues.  He's worth something in large formats.

****UPDATE**** Little has been demopted in favor of Davone Bess.  He's off the radar for now.

Stephen Hill, Jets

He's very tough to figure, but the guy can make big plays and if the Jets keep throwinng the ball as much as they have, Hill will have some value in larger formats.  He's only owned in 6% of CBS leagues.

Riley Cooper, Eagles

You can still add him in 10% of CBS leagues.  He's always a threat to score and I expect his role in the offense to grow some.  Cooper should be owned in most 12-team leagues,

Mohamed Sanu, Bengals

He's going to get more involved as their schedule opens up a bit.  He's a player to add in deeper formats.  Sanu can help you during the byes and he is available in 68% of CBS leagues.

Markus Wheaton, Steelers

Wheaton should be more involved in the Steelers' offense in the coming weeks and it makes sense to dd him in larger formats now before he'll actually cost you something later on.  He is available in 88% of CBS leagues.

Quinton Patton, 49ers

He was actually playing some red zone snaps last week but it was an ugly game.  Patton has some upside moving forward in larger formats and he is still available in 93% of CBS leagues.  Jim Harbaugh likes him.  He's going to get more involved.

Brice Butler, Raiders

He is playing significant snaps (32 last week) and he has legit talent as I've mentioned before.  If you have roster space in a large league or if you play in a long term league, Butler is a player to add now.  He's getting more involed and he is a red zone weapon.

Tight Ends

Martellus Bennett, Bears

Bennett is the least owned of all the weekly starters at the tight end position. If you are looking for a starter, you can still land him in one out of four Yahoo leagues. Bennett has been a staple of the Bears’ offense through the first two weeks and his red zone ability has been on full display. He needs to be owned in all fantasy leagues.

Tyler Eifert, Bengals

You can still get him in 81% of Yahoo leagues and he has a lot of upside now that they’ve cleared off a few of their tougher matchups in Cincinnati. He could emerge as the second option in the Bengals’ passing game and it could happen soon. He’s worth stashing now if you are looking for more upside at tight end.

Dwayne Allen, Colts

He could make it back for Week 3 and he’s going to be a big part of their offense when he’s healthy. He’s available in 84% of Yahoo leagues and he has more upside than people realize with the way Andrew Luck is throwing the ball.

Jordan Reed, Redskins

He’s available in almost all leagues and he is a serious talent with a growing role. He may be more of a player to watch rather than roster in smaller formats, but he is on his way. He may pass starter Fred Davis soon if he hasn’t already. The Redskin coaching staff is very high on this kid as is Rotobahn.  Reed led the Redskins tight ends in snaps last week and the gap could widen moving forward.

Jermaine Gresham, Bengals

He looked very much involved in Week 2 and he played a lot of snaps.  He and Eifert should complement each other well and both seem to be member of the base offense.

Charles Clay, Dolphins

They are throwing it a ton and he’s obviously the guy taking over most of what was left behind by the injured Dustin Keller. Can Clay keep it up? Probably not at this pace, but he can help you right now if you are in need. He’s available in virtually all leagues. 

Coby Fleener, Colts

He scored a touchdown.  That has to count for something.  He just needs to keep it up when Dwayne Allen returns, which should be this week.  Darrius Heyward-Bey's injury could increase Fleener's snaps.  That's something to keep an eye on.  He's owned in 35% of CBS leagues.



They had another solid week and they did it without DT Nick Fairley, who should return for Week 3.  I suspect they'll give up some points this week at Washington, but they'll get some turnovers and sacks too.  They are a good start in deep leagues.


E.J. Manuel may not be playing like a rookie, but the Jets and their blitzes will be a challenge and turnovers are definitely a possibilty.  The Jets are defending very well so far and they are at home for Week 3 and are a solid play in larger formats.


The addition of new DC Rob Ryan is paying dividends and while N.O. has mediocre personnel, they also have an offense that could start providing leads and that will allow increased sack and turnover numbers.  The Saints are an interesting matchup play in larger formats.  They get Carson Palmer and the Cardinals at home this week.  That's got some potential.


hey have looked good so far running the same scheme as the Saints above as new DC Mike Pettine is a disciple of Rex Ryan.  And, as luck would have it, Pettine will coach against Rex this week, but perhaps more importantly, he gets a rookie QB in Geno Smith, who was picked three times last week.


They finally get a home game and it could be against a backup quarterback if Brandon Weeden's thumb is slow to heal.  That could lead to a few turnovers.