The Watch List IV

The Watch List IV

I'll be adding more players throughout the day
By: Pete Davidson : October 16, 2013 5:35pm

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This is the fourth version of the Watch List and we've graduated a lot of players since watch List III.  These are players that have significant fantasy potential, but that are, for one reason or another, on the fringe of ownership in deeper formats. I own a few of these guys and I’d own a few others if had the roster space. Some are just players that I follow in case they start getting the requisite snaps and touches.

I’ll do my best to give you the appropriate context with each player, so you’ll know what to look for and when to act. Of course, if you just read our weekly Waiver Wire, you’ll know. I used a threshold of 15% ownership in CBS leagues. These are players who could break out at any time and I want Rotobahn’s readers to know about them early.  I may add a player or two to this list as I continue to watch film from Week 4.  The preliminary Week 7 rankings will be all be posted before kickoff tomorrow night.

Here are the players who were on the original Watch List , Watch List II or Watch List III, but have graduated past the 15% threshold.


  • Julius Thomas - 100%
  • Julian Edelman - 96%
  • Keenan Allen - 92%
  • Joique Bell - 90%
  • Terrance Williams - 76%
  • Zac Stacy - 75%
  • Vincent Brown - 60%
  • Nick Foles - 57%
  • Roy Helu - 44%
  • Kendal Hunter - 38%
  • E.J. Manuel - 36%
  • Brandon LaFell - 35%
  • Robert Woods - 34%
  • Donald Brown - 28%
  • Rueben Randle - 26%
  • Jordan Reed - 26%
  • Stephen Hill - 26%
  • Knile Davis - 23%
  • Jeff Cumberland - 21%
  • Mohamed Sanu - 19%
  • Joseph Fauria - 15%


Shonn Greene, Titans - Owned in 14% of leagues.

His value had dipped below 15% for the first time all year.  As I said in the waiver wire, he is a player to add due to a second half schedule that is far better than what the Titan's have endured so far.

Mike Tolbert, Panthers - Owned in 14% of leagues. 

Tolbert's ownership rate has dipped below the line like Greene's and I like Tolbert's chances of being a worthwhile player in deep leagues, especially in the big bye weeks coming up. 

Christine Michael, Seahawks - Owned in 14% of leagues.

With Marshawn Lynch nursing a hip injury, the need to own Christine Michael should be obvious, yet here he is, with a 14% ownership rate.  This guy must be owned in all deep leagues due to his freak-like ability that we spoke of all the way back in April.

Jeremy Kerley, Jets - Owned in 13% of leagues.

With Clyde Gates going down for the year and with Santonio Holmes banged up, Kerley's worth is pretty well established in leagues with 12 teams or more.

Kenny Stills, WR, Saints - Owned in 10% of leagues.

Here's a tricky one.  Stills was on the first Watch List but was taken off of the second installment after his ownership rose sharply.  Its now declined again and is down to 10%.  This is a player we really like as you probably know.  We expect his role to grow as the season wears on.  Stills had his best game so far in Week 6 ... scoring on a 34-yard pass from Drew Brees that could have been the game winner.  He's going to continue to get better.

Mike Glennon, Buccaneers - Owned in 9% of leagues.

He's locked in as the starter, so he'll have some value in better matchups in really deep formats.

Riley Cooper, WR, Eagles - Owned in 9% of leagues.

He’s going to start gaining steam as a matchup play. We’ve seen him having trouble with quality corners, but as the Eagles settle in, he will begin to see the ball more, especially in the red zone. He’s a player to own for sure in large formats with 14 or more teams. His 12-team viability is not there yet, but things could change.  He's clearly not running 4.53 anymore, but Cooper's role should continue to grow, especially in the red zone.  He had by far his best game of the season in Week 6 with a score and over 100 yards.

Kris Durham, WR, Lions - Owned in 9% of leagues.

Durham has a preexisting relationship with QB Matt Stafford and that's always something to remember when you are about to blow him off as an option.  Think Fleener/Luck or Bennett/Cutler.  Durham has another solid game in Week 6 and his ownership is up to 8% as a result.

Greg Little, Browns - Owned in 8% of leagues

He's back in the starting lineup and he could really emerge if they can get things rolling in Cleveland.  Little's after-the-catch ability is outstanding, but his slow starts are becoming too predictable.  Keep an eye on him.  He finished stong last year and he's been learning a new offense like the rest of the Browns in 2013.

Jeremy Kerley, Jets - Owned in 8% of leagues

His ownership just went under 10% and he should actually be on the upswing with all the injuries in the Jets receiving group.  Kerley should be a key component this week and he's a good add if you need a flex option in a deep league.

Chad Henne, Jaguars - Owned in 7% of leagues.

He'll have value in deeper formats if he can hand onto the job.  Throwing to Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon is not that bad a gig.

Timothy Wright, Buccaneers - Owned in 7% of leagues.

He's a player to watch because of the massive target vacuum in Tampa Bay.  Wright has been very active over the last two games and has a receiver's skill set because he used to be one.

LaMichael James, RB, 49ers - Owned in 6% of leagues.

He should be owned in more leagues as both Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter have rich injury histories. James is a very solid talent and he’d be quite valuable if he was getting regular snaps behind the 49ers line.

Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars - Owned in 5% of leagues.

If he gets healthy, he could so some damage.  He's worth monitoring because he's got solid talent and because the Jags have talent outside.

Markus Wheaton, WR, Steelers - Owned in 4% of leagues.

He could break out at any time once he returns from his broken pinkie finger--most likely in Week 7.  For those who play in long term formats, Wheaton is almost a lock to be a starter in 2014. His playing time has begun to rise while his ownership has fallen.  The time to act is now if you are in a large format.  The Steelers' offense will get better now that Le'Veon Bell is back and that'll open up opportunity for the receivers.

Lance Kendricks, Rams - Owned in 4% of leagues.

He's playing better all-around football than the Rams' catch-first TE Jared Cook AND Lance is out-scoring Cook at the same time.  Kendricks played most of the snaps last week and he is definitely a player to watch right now.  He could continue to emerge.

Kirk Cousins, Redskins - Owned in 4% of leagues

The Redskins are past the bye and if you need a backup for RGIII and can't find any love on the waiver wire, Cousins could be a better answer than giving up value in a trade.

Khiry Robinson, Saints - Owned in 4% of leagues.

He's a good looking back and he has the best combination of talents of all the backs in New Orleans as far as early downs are concerned.  If Mark Ingram continues to struggle with injuries, Robinson's role could grow.  He's a player to keep an eye on in large formats and he found the zone in Week 6 on a goal line carry.

Rob Housler, Cardinals - Owned in 4% of leagues.

He's a little banged up, but he has the talent to emerge as a threat in this offense.  Teams are too busy dealing with Fitz and Floyd to get worried about Housler.  He's a guy to watch in deep formats.

Bobby Rainey, Browns - Owned in 3% of leagues

Rainey is a kid with some skill and he's going to get a chance to earn a bigger role.  He's battling with Willis McGahee and Chris Ogbonnaya for snaps, but he's the youngest and quickest of the group, and that could help him.  I like what I have seen in limited action so far.  Rainey may have made it as a Raven, but his 2012 season was completely derailed by a knee injury and Bernard Pierce established himself during that time.

Denard Robinson, RB, Jaguars - Owned in 3% of leagues.

MJD is showing ominous signs of decline and this team will be in “future mode” soon if they aren’t already there. Players like Denard will be getting long looks over the season’s second half and “Shoelace” could be an asset in large formats. He's dinged up right now, but his time will come.  Check out some of his talents in our original pre-draft report on the ex-Michigan QB.

Stepfan Taylor, RB, Cardinals - Owned in 3% of leagues.

Andre Ellington has the buzz right now and rightly so, but don’t forget about Taylor, who has more size and is incredibly sound fundamentally for a rookie. In larger formats and in long term leagues, this is still a player to own or at least monitor.

Zach Ertz, TE, Eagles - Owned in 3% of leagues.

He’s very talented and in Chip Kelly’s offense, the tight end is a high profile position. Ertz could start gaining fantasy steam at any point. Keep an eye on his snap totals. If they begin to rise, you should consider adding him in deeper formats.

Jon Baldwin, WR, 49ers - Owned in 2% of leagues.

The time to add Baldwin is this week as he may get a legit shot at playing time.  If you are wondering why this kid was a first rounder in the first place, check this out.  Can Jim Harbaugh get him back to being the play-maker he once was?  I'd say it's worth a roster spot while we find out.  Baldwin is a quality high-upside stash in leagues with 12 teams or more and he's got some solid dynasty value.

Justin Hunter, WR, Titans - Owned in 2% of leagues.

He only has two catches on the season, but both went for big scores.  Hunter is a kid you might remember from our pre-draft article called Rotobahn's Guys.  This guy has crazy ability and it's starting to show.  Combine that with Kenny Britt's demise and you have an intriguing player.

Quinton Patton, WR, 49ers - Owned in 2% of leagues.

Patton is a player with a high ceiling and he can be stashed in larger formats if you have the bench space. Patton had just moved into 2nd position on the depth chart when he broke his foot on Thursay Night Football in Week 4.  He'll be back in 3-5 weeks, so he's a player to watch.  Patton’s very much a Jim Harbaugh guy and his lack of usage early on was related to all the missed time Patton had in camp.  Depending on how Jon Baldwin and others do in his absence, Patton could still return to a significant role.

Marvin Jones, Bengals - Owned in 2% of leagues.

Jones is out-producing Mohamed Sanu and doing it with only a third of the snaps.  If his playing time goes up, he will definitely be a guy to own in 12-team leagues.

Kenjon Barner, RB, Panthers - Owned in 2% of leagues.

He’s still working back from an ankle injury but he could find a role when he returns if he’s 100%. We expect that return to take place this week.  The Panthers need something more dynamic to pair with Cam Newton and the Williams/Stewart combo is starting to wear thin.  Barner has the ability to shake up that backfield if they give him a chance.  We'll see what happens.

Stepfan Taylor, Cardinals - Owned in 2% of leagues.

He saw a few carries last week and he could end up getting reguar snaps if Rashard Mendenhall continues to disappoint.  Taylor is a very findamentally sound player and he's strong in the passing game as a receiver and as a blocker.  Definitely a player to know about.

Dennis Pitta, TE, Ravens - Owned in 2% of leagues.

He could make it back during the fantasy regular season. If you are in really good shape but lack a top shelf tight end, Pitta will make a nice high-quality stash option very soon.

Jeff Cumberland, TE, Jets - Owned in 1% of leagues.

I like this kid and he's being held back by the presence of veteran Kellen Winslow.  If Cumberland starts getting more snaps, and he may this weekend, he could end up with significant fantasy value.  He's definitely a player to watch in 12-team leagues and I'd add him right now in leagues with 14 teams or more.  He's has rare speed for the position and he's all the way back from his 2011 knee surgery.  He's a nice dynasty add in deeper formats.  Winslow will be gone by next year and his knee will act up some time this season ... bank on it.  

Vance McDonald, TE, 49ers - Owned in 1% of leagues.

I think he gains steam as we move through the season. In large formats, he’ll be worth rostering at some point. We’ll be monitoring his snaps. 

Chris Polk, RB, Eagles - Owned in 1% of leagues.

If LeSean McCoy gets banged up, Polk will have a role and any back with a role in Chip Kelly’s offense is worth owning. He’s a player to know about, especially for McCoy and Bryce Brown owners.  Polk got a few carries in Week 4 and he found the zone once.  He also did the little things that coaches like to see.  Polk is a player to know about.

Marquise Goodwin, WR, Bills - Owned in 1% of leagues.

Goodwin is on his way back from a broken hand and he has the ability to do great things of Buffalo can get the offense going.  This kid can absolutely fly and he's more than just a track star.  The man they call Flash Goodwin scored in his first game back and that was with Thad Lewis at QB.  He deserved more than a 1% bump in ownership.

Brian Quick, WR, Rams - Owned in 1% of leagues.

He has serious upside if he ever gets significant snaps.  Quick has a lot of ability as an outside option.  It's s shame that the Rams have too much talent at receiver and not enough on the offensive line.  Keep an eye on Quick.

Jermaine Kearse, Seahawks - Owned in 1% of leagues.

He's been flashing since preseason and he'd probably be worth something if they didn't rotate receivers the way they do in Seattle.  One injury is all it will take to make Kearse a big name on the waiver wire.  Keep an eye on him.

Stedman Bailey, WR, Rams - Owned in 1% of leagues.

As with Quick, he is a serious talent buried on a deep roster, but his day is coming--perhaps in 2014, but it's coming.  If Bailey was on the Ravens, he'd be a WR3 right now.  He's got the hands, routes and instincts to be very very good despite his lack of ideal measurables.  If he ever starts, you definitely want him.

Mike Gillislee, Dophins - Owned in 1% of leagues.

How long can Daniel Thomas continue to play ahead of this kid?  Maybe not that much longer.  Keep an eye on Gillislee is they start activating him on game days.  He's a complete player.

Alex Green, RB, Jets - Owned in 0% of leagues.

Green is a player we really like, but the key is for him to get all the way back from his ACL surgery.  He's not a guy to roster right now outside of long term leagues, but if positive news starts to leak about him, he be a guy to add in large formats.  He is a very good fit for the Jets new offense.  Probably the best fit on the roster and now that Mike Goodson is finished for 2013, Green is one step closer to viability.

Ladarius Green, TE, Chargers - Owned in 0% of leagues.

He has one grab today and he could be a major fantasy force if anything happens to Antonio Gates.  Huge upside if he can get enough snaps due to his size, speed and red zone potential.  Green had a sweet 25-yard grab last week.

Brice Butler, WR, Raiders - Owned in 0% of leagues.

Denarius Moore's play has improved in recent weeks.  That puts a damper on Butler's short term appeal, but he's still a guy to keep an eye on.  Butler is a guy we liked before the draft. We hoped that he’d land in a place like Green Bay, but he’s shown well since landing in Oakland and he’s playing significant snaps.  All it takes is a single injury.

Cierre Wood, RB, Texans - Owned in 0% of leagues.

All it takes is one injury and Wood will be rostered in most leagues. If there is an injury to either Arian Foster or to Ben Tate, you should be running to the wire to add this kid.

Theo Riddick, RB, Lions - Owned in 0% of leagues.

With the injuries to Reggie Bush and with the fall of Mikel Leshoure, Riddick is a player to know about. He’s extremely versatile and sound fundamentally. This kid could post serious numbers in the Lions’ offense if he was getting the snaps. Just remember the name if there are more injuries in Detroit.  Of course, right now, Riddick is injured himself.  He's still feeling the effects of  Week 5 consussion.

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