Trade Targets 11/6

Trade Targets 11/6

Updated trade targets
By: Pete Davidson : November 07, 2013 4:41am

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Here’s a brief update on last week’s trade targets article for those looking for some ripe targets or some guys to get rid of. I removed Tom Brady, Aaron Dobson, Chris Johnson and C.J. Spiller from the list as their price tags have obviously gone up. Kudos to those of you who made moves on those players.  I'll be adding a few more names to this list tomorrow morning, so check back.

Next week is the week that most leagues have deadlines and I will be breaking out a big trade article for that.

If you missed the updated Watch List, you should check it out. I also did a breakdown of the remaining schedule earlier today, and I included downloads if you want a print out or if you want to make a work-sheet for your own needs. As always, I’ll be back tomorrow with the preliminary Week 10 rankings.


Vincent Jackson, WR, Buccaneers

If his owner is nervous after last week’s dud, you should try to pounce. Jackson has excellent potential down the stretch as a clear cut #1 receiver in both real life and in fantasy football.  His schedule is friendly overall.

Week 10 - Dolphins
Week 11 - Falcons
Week 12 - @Lions
Week 13 - @Panthers
Week 14 - Bills
Week 15 - 49ers
Week 16 - @Rams 

Shane Vereen, RB, Patriots

For all the reasons I mentioned last week, Vereen is worth even more this week, because you'll be able to use him in Week 11 as a flex option. As I have been saying, he has RB1 upside by the time the fantasy playoffs roll around. I like the closing matchups for Vereen more so than for Stevan Ridley.

Week 10 - BYE
Week 11 - @Panthers
Week 12 - Broncos
Week 13 - @Texans
Week 14 - Browns
Week 15 - @Dolphins
Week 16 - @Ravens


Rueben Randle, WR, Giants

This goes for all of the Giants' receivers really, but Randle might be the best bargain of the group right now as he’s the 3rd man in the pecking order and he’s coming off of a bad game. The Giants are going to get a good look at Randle down the stretch as they near the breaking point with Nicks and his contract situation. He could also see an huge increase in value if Victor Cruz’s neck becomes a serious issue. I’m liking Randle a lot as a throw-in player in deals in large formats. The Giants have a very nice closing schedule against the pass.

Week 10 - Raiders
Week 11 - Packers
Week 12 - Cowboys
Week 13 - @Redskins
Week 14 - @Chargers
Week 15 - Seahawks
Week 16 - @Lions


Martellus Bennett, TE, Bears

As I said last week, this guy is really flying under the radar. He had a down game against the Packers, but he was involved and just missed a few big plays. Use the poor Week 9 output to your advantage in a deal. Bennett has a solid closing schedule and is a TE1 the rest of the way in all leagues in our view.

Week 10 - Lions
Week 11 - Ravens
Week 12 - @Rams
Week 13 - @Vikings
Week 14 - Cowboys
Week 15 - @Browns
Week 16 - @Eagles


Ray Rice, RB, Ravens

This is a tricky one. Rice is obviously about as low as he is going to get without getting hurt. The hip injury is not an issue from what we can see on film. The big problem is that the Ravens aren’t using Rice as they used to and they aren’t using him nearly enough. The one thing we’d really like to see the Ravens do is get back to the power running scheme with FB Vontae Leach leading the way. Leach only played 7 snaps last week and was used as a lead blocker on only a few of them. Then there’s the Ravens’ schedule.

Week 10 - Bengals
Week 11 - @Bears
Week 12 - Jets
Week 13 - Steelers
Week 14 - Vikings
Week 15 - @Lions
Week 16 - Patriots

It’s not horrible. There are a few solid matchups in there. If we make the assumption that the Ravens are going to get their best offensive player more involved, I think we can count on at least a mild return to form--enough so to get him back into the RB2 discussion. I know this is a weak endorsement, but I think Rice’s market value has dipped well below what his value will likely be the rest of the way. If you can get a good deal, he’s a guy to target while he’s down.  Just make sure you don't overpay and keep the expectations reasonable.




The Chiefs Defense

The idea is to sell high. They are at their peak right now and you can use them as leverage in a multi-player deal. The KC defense is legit, but you’d be blind not to realize that they have played a beneficial schedule. Here’s how they close things out.

Week 10 - BYE
Week 11 - @Broncos
Week 12 - Chargers
Week 13 - Broncos
Week 14 - @Redskins
Week 15 - @Raiders
Week 16 - Colts

There are no gimmes there and you get Peyton twice, plus a bye this week. If you can get something solid for them and maybe get a good defense back in the deal, you can make some hay here. The Chiefs are not going to be the best fantasy defense over the next seven weeks.


Stevan Ridley, RB, Patriots

He’s on a nice run, and he is playing pretty well, but the return of Shane Vereen is going to cost Ridley a lot of opportunities. Both players will have significant roles, but I think moving Ridley off of his last four games is a solid move if you are bringing back good talent in return. I don’t see RB1 numbers the rest of the way and that’s what he’s been the last month. The Patriots play a pretty tough schedule for the run.

Week 10 - BYE
Week 11 - @Panthers
Week 12 - Broncos
Week 13 - @Texans
Week 14 - Browns
Week 15 - @Dolphins
Week 16 - @Ravens