Wide Receiver Rankings Week 3

Wide Receiver Rankings Week 3

A look at the Week 3 WRs with DK pricing (updated Saturday)
By: Pete Davidson : September 21, 2017 7:05pm

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Welcome to the Week 3 Wide Receiver Rankings. I’ll be back in a little bit with the tight ends.

There are no byes this week so there are quite simply tons of receivers you could potentially use--depending on the size of your league. As I have been saying for months, the depth at flex level receiver is at an all-time high.

You should have no trouble finding a playable option on most waiver wires this week with all 32 teams playing. I’ll keep grinding these rankings until Saturday, so you can make the best streaming pickups possible if you are in need.

These rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.

1 Julio Jones ATL 9300 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 14.7 He’s going to crush them.
2 Antonio Brown PIT 9000 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 21.7 He should bounce back.
3 A.J. Green CIN 8100 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 12.05 Sweet spot for him. Should be trailing and no Effect so he’s the red zone option.
4 Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 8600 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 7.6 He looked close to ready last week and should have a solid outing here. Philly has nobody who can cover him.
5 Jordy Nelson GB 7800 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 10.45 Expected to play (quad) but check his stats just to be sure.
6 Keenan Allen LAC 7200 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 18.25 He’s looking good and Rivers targets him almost reflexively.
7 Michael Thomas NO 7000 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 11.7 Looked pretty good last week despite medium production.
8 Mike Evans TB 7500 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 22.3 Looked very good last week, but Xavier Rhodes is a good defender and I suspect that the Nikes will let him shadow Evans. Factor him into your projection.
9 Michael Crabtree OAK 7400 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 23.15 In the zone right now, quite literally.
10 Kelvin Benjamin CAR 6700 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 8.6 Looked better in Week 2 and targets are coming for sure with no Greg Olsen.
11 Brandin Cooks NE 7300 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 9.05 The Texans have issues (Johnathan Joseph & Kevin Johnson both hurt) at corner right now and this could lead to Cooks first big game.
12 Amari Cooper OAK 7100 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 12.25 Not sure if he gets shadowed. Norman could easily spend half of his time on Crabtree, Plenty of upside here.
13 Dez Bryant DAL 6800 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 12.6 Tough matchup, but I think he’s proven that you don’t pull him. They are throwing at him a ton.
14 Tyreek Hill KC 6600 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 19.35 Still looks dangerous, but he’s living off of that one broken coverage TD (Week 1) right now. It’s early, but they need to get him going. The Chargers are having some CB issues right now, so this could be a good spot for him.
15 Emmanuel Sanders DEN 5800 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 14.9 He ripped it up last week and seems to be establishing a solid connection with Siemian. No reason to doubt him at Buffalo, but they may not have to throw much in the second half, so do not expect a repeat of last week’s heroics.
16 Golden Tate DET 6900 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 15.45 Give him a bump in full PPR, but Atlanta has some very good corners and can put Trufant on Tate if he starts to heat up like he did in Week 1. Tate has been outsnapped in both games by Marvin Jones—probably because he’s been nursing a sore finger.
17 Doug Baldwin SEA 6400 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 10.2 Not getting as many good looks as we are used to seeing but this is an offense-wide issue for Seattle right now. The Titans could be a bit of a get-well game, at least for the offense.
18 Davante Adams GB 5600 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 15.8 Has a good shot here as the healthiest receiver in Green Bay. Led the receivers in snaps last week after Nelson went down.
19 Alshon Jeffery PHI 5900 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 15.5 Tough matchup coming with Janoris Jenkins, but he looked good last week and can always make a big play.
20 Demaryius Thomas DEN 5900 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 12.4 Nursing a sore hamstring but should be ready to go by Sunday.
21 Martavis Bryant PIT 5700 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 11.1 Has a chance to go off, but they struggle at times on the road, so we shall see.
22 Stefon Diggs MIN 6500 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 16.4 Like him here, but be ready to downgrade of we get bad news on Bradford.
23 DeVante Parker MIA 6300 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 12.5 The Jets can’t cover him.
24 Terrelle Pryor Sr. WAS 5900 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 8.85 Could erupt here. Has been close a lot but needs to break through. Has already dropped an easy TD this year.
25 Jarvis Landry MIA 6800 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 20.1 He will eat the Jets for lunch to the extent that he sees the ball.
26 DeAndre Hopkins HOU 6200 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 16.4 Will be targeted but the Pats will lean of him and force him towards the middle where the help is.
27 T.Y. Hilton IND 5200 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 8.3 Could easily make a few big plays in this one.
28 Chris Hogan NE 6100 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 11.15
29 DeSean Jackson TB 4600 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 6.9
30 Jermaine Kearse NYJ 4600 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 17.65
31 Adam Thielen MIN 5700 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 18.05 Will downgrade him if Keenum starts again, which is still possible.
32 Jamison Crowder WAS 4900 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 6.05 Great matchup, but he’s been light so far and not getting as many snaps as we’d hoped.
33 Tyler Lockett SEA 4300 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 7.1
34 Marqise Lee JAX 4400 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 7.3
35 Tyrell Williams LAC 4600 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 9.9
36 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 6400 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 9.25 Just not doing anything right now. He’s playing and seeing some targets so things could turn around. That said, Father Time calls on us all. Just a question of when.
37 J.J. Nelson ARI 5300 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 20.65 Has a hamstring issue, so be on top of that if you plan on using him.
38 Marvin Jones Jr. DET 4200 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 10.7
39 Jeremy Maclin BAL 5200 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 13.35 Tough matchup.
40 Allen Hurns JAX 4600 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 13.7
41 Kenny Stills MIA 4400 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 11.7
42 Eric Decker TEN 4000 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 5.1
43 Sterling Shepard NYG 4700 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 8.5
44 Cole Beasley DAL 4700 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 6.75
45 Kenny Golladay DET 4600 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 12.35
46 Danny Amendola NE 5400 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 19 They should rest him another game, but who knows. He’s a viable PPR option if he is active.
47 Rishard Matthews TEN 4200 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 9.7
48 Devin Funchess CAR 4200 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 7.4
49 Paul Richardson SEA 4100 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 9.9
50 Mohamed Sanu ATL 4500 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 12.1
51 Mike Wallace BAL 3700 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 1.75
52 Donte Moncrief IND 3800 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 4.9
53 Nelson Agholor PHI 4200 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 14.25
54 Kendall Wright CHI 4300 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 10.15
55 Brandon Marshall NYG 5000 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 2.35 Really disappointing so far, but it’s too early to count him out. Should see a steady diet of second corners (and single coverage) now that OBJ is back.
56 Ted Ginn Jr. NO 4100 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 7.6
57 Rashard Higgins CLE 4000 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 16.9
58 Robby Anderson NYJ 3400 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 5.5 Has a sore knee, but expected to play. Is now running behind Kearse, because the Jets are the Jets.
59 Brandon Coleman NO 3900 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 10.75
60 Kenny Britt CLE 4100 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 1.75
61 Jordan Matthews BUF 3500 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 7.05
62 Brandon LaFell CIN 3700 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 6.2
63 Geronimo Allison GB 3000 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 5.4 Has some legit upside at this price in GPPs.
64 Chris Conley KC 3200 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 7.9
65 Phillip Dorsett NE 4000 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 5.25
66 Taylor Gabriel ATL 4000 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 5.35
67 Zay Jones BUF 3100 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 3.45
68 Jaron Brown ARI 3700 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 5.65
69 Ricardo Louis CLE 3000 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 4.95
70 Travis Benjamin LAC 3500 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 7.7
71 Torrey Smith PHI 3600 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 7.3 Could have the matchup this week. He makes and interesting dart throw.
72 Kamar Aiken IND 3300 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 3.7
73 Taywan Taylor TEN 3600 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 5.1 Will see more snaps this week with Corey Davis out. Taywan has looked very good so far
74 Terrance Williams DAL 3600 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 9.25
75 Breshad Perriman BAL 3000 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 0.75
76 Deonte Thompson CHI 3500 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 9.1
77 Seth Roberts OAK 3400 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 4.45
78 Bruce Ellington HOU 3300 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 0
79 Braxton Miller HOU 3100 HOU@NE 01:00PM ET 1.5
80 Ryan Grant WAS 3500 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 9.1
81 Josh Doctson WAS 3500 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 0
82 Chad Williams ARI 3000 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 2.5
83 Andre Holmes BUF 3000 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 5.45
84 Curtis Samuel CAR 3200 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 1.35
85 Russell Shepard CAR 3500 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 7.45
86 Josh Bellamy CHI 3300 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 7.4
87 Keelan Cole JAX 3000 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 1.65
88 Laquon Treadwell MIN 3300 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 4
89 Tommylee Lewis NO 3100 NO@CAR 01:00PM ET 4.9
90 Markus Wheaton CHI 3500 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 0 Could return this week.
91 Adam Humphries TB 3100 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 3.8
92 ArDarius Stewart NYJ 3100 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 1.5
93 Jeremy Kerley NYJ 3600 MIA@NYJ 01:00PM ET 4.4
94 Brice Butler DAL 3000 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 3.4
95 Albert Wilson KC 3100 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 6.65
96 Roger Lewis NYG 3300 NYG@PHI 01:00PM ET 6.35
97 Eli Rogers PIT 3600 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 5.7
98 Tyler Boyd CIN 3300 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 2.1
99 Alex Erickson CIN 3100 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 5.2
100 Bennie Fowler DEN 3000 DEN@BUF 01:00PM ET 9.45
101 Justin Hardy ATL 3000 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 1.45
102 Michael Campanaro BAL 3100 BAL@JAX 09:30AM ET 0.35
103 Chris Godwin TB 3000 TB@MIN 01:00PM ET 0
104 Dontrelle Inman LAC 3400 KC@LAC 04:25PM ET 0
105 Sammie Coates CLE 3100 CLE@IND 01:00PM ET 0
106 JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT 3000 PIT@CHI 01:00PM ET 5.3
107 TJ Jones DET 3000 ATL@DET 01:00PM ET 2.6
108 Amara Darboh SEA 3000 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 1.3
109 Cordarrelle Patterson OAK 3000 OAK@WAS 08:30PM ET 7.5
110 Corey Davis TEN 3900 SEA@TEN 04:05PM ET 7.15 OUT
111 Sammy Watkins LAR 5500 ALREADY PLAYED 7.9 I’m still a big believer. He should get more and more involved as he learns the new offense and its in-tune with his new QB. He’s heathy. That is always the big issue for Watkins.
112 Pierre Garcon SF 5300 ALREADY PLAYED 9.85 He’ll see plenty of targets.
113 Cooper Kupp LAR 4700 ALREADY PLAYED 11.95
114 Robert Woods LAR 3300 ALREADY PLAYED 5.05
115 Marquise Goodwin SF 3500 ALREADY PLAYED 5.35
116 Tavon Austin LAR 3400 ALREADY PLAYED 1.8
117 Trent Taylor SF 3000 ALREADY PLAYED 2.2
118 Josh Reynolds LAR 3000 ALREADY PLAYED 1.9
119 Aldrick Robinson SF 3000 ALREADY PLAYED 0.85
120 Randall Cobb GB 6000 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 15.25 Ruled out
121 John Brown ARI 5100 DAL@ARI 08:30PM ET 8.2 OUT
122 John Ross CIN 3300 CIN@GB 04:25PM ET 0.2 Ruled out